To Worship and Adore


Definition: honoring, glorification
  • Synonyms - adoration, adulation, awe, beatification, benediction, chapel, church service, deification, devotion, exaltation, genuflection, glory, homage, honor, idolatry, idolization, invocation, laudation, love, offering, praise, prayer, prostration, regard, respect, reverence, rite, ritual, service, supplication, veneration, vespers
  • Synonyms - admire, adore, adulate, bow down to, canonize, celebrate, chant, deify, dote on, esteem, exalt, extol, idolize, laud, love, magnify, offer prayers to, pay homage to, praise, pray to, put on a pedestal, respect, revere, reverence, sanctify, sing, sing praises to, venerate

There is a kind of spontaneous adoration that happens sometimes if we are lucky. When we are in the presence of something great, and we know it and give in to it. This is a quality of love. Informally, we call this reverence, adoration, even worship. We are perceiving the life force, the mystery of life, right there before us, in the flesh. One situation where this takes place is in sex. Sex can feel reverent and be the most holy encounter possible. We all long to be treated with adoration, and giving or receiving, it’s magic.

In great sex, we welcome the other person into their own body, and sometimes into our bodies as well. We invite their soul to enter their body more fully – to incarnate, to become fully, radiantly, vibrantly present. This is what we all crave. We welcome their soul to incarnate more completely into the temple of the body and become living, trembling flesh. Lust always has this possibility in it. The greater the intensity of the sexual energy, the greater the possible ride into awakening.

Great sex feels like worship. Sexual energy is the life force at play. We know it is greater than we are. We crave to melt into it, give in, let it flow through our bodies, within our bodies, around us, and toward another, toward the Beloved. We adore the flow of the life energies through our body, and we know we are in the presence of the mystery.