Wonder-Adbhuta: extraordinary, supernatural, wonderful, marvelous


[p= 12,1]

mfn. extraordinary, supernatural , wonderful , marvellous
m. the marvellous (in style), m. surprise, N. of the indra of the ninth manvantara, n. a marvel , a wonder , a prodigy.

In forceful yoga, or suppressive meditation, the attempt is to repress the fluctuations of attention and thus make the mind blank.

In Instinctive Meditation, the mind goes silent in wonder at the beauty of the inner world, in rapture in awe of the marvelous energies that we call “life.”

The Spielberg Face

A wonderful article by Kevin B. Lee in FANDOR. Essential Viewing: The Spielberg Face

If there is one recurring image that defines the cinema of Steven Spielberg, it is The Spielberg Face. Eyes open, staring in wordless wonder in a moment where time stands still. But above all, a child-like surrender in the act of watching, both theirs and ours. It’s as if their total submission to what they are seeing mirrors our own.

“From the beginning, Spielberg seemed to understand the cinematic power of faces in punctuating key moments. But for the most part, these early attempts are conventional close-ups that fit into established practices for genre filmmaking: horror, suspense, drama, action.

The breakthrough came with Close Encounters of the Third Kind, a film about humans discovering alien lifeforms, but is really about Spielberg discovering the full power of the face and grounding it in a personal ethos, the perpetual wonder of seeing things new. The film has no less than 30 shots that qualify as “Spielberg Faces” – nearly twice the number of any other Spielberg film. Even one of the alien ambassadors gets one. One could call it a symphony of Spielberg Faces, in which case the orchestra members couldn’t have been better chosen: expressive open-faced, actors like Melinda Dillon, Richard Dreyfuss, and Cary Guffey, a four year old boy who, in this scene gives the face that amounts to a career revelation, a look of childlike awe that would inspire dozens more over the decades. Spielberg is so in love with Guffey’s expression that in one scene he even uses it twice in one minute, coupled with another critical ingredient: the dolly shot. With its kinetic force, the dolly shot underscores the revelatory sensation experienced by those wearing the Spielberg Face.” FANDOR. Essential Viewing: The Spielberg Face

[p= 12,1]
[p= 19,1] [L=3800]
([once adbhutá RV. i , 120 , 4]) (» 1. at) , supernatural , wonderful , marvellous
the marvellous (in style)
adbhuta [L=3800.2]
adbhuta [L=3800.3]
N. of the indra of the ninth manvantara
adbhuta [L=3800.4]
a marvel , a wonder , a prodigy.
adbhuta [p= 1310,1] [L=303050]

(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H2) (in

and 38 other words with “wonder” in the definition

1 atyadbhuta (wonder)
2 adbhuta (wonder)
3 adbhutatama (wonder)
4 adbhutasaṃkāsa (wonder)
5 adbhutopama (wonder)
6 āścarya (wonder)
7 āścaryatā (wonder)
8 āścaryatva (wonder)
9 iddha (wonder)
10 kiṃvṛtta (wonder)
11 kautuka (wonder)
12 camatkaraṇa (wonder)
13 citra (wonder)
14 citrakāra (wonder)
15 citraya (wonder)
16 codya (wonder)
17 jagaccitra (wonder)
18 nāntra (wonder)
19 pan (wonder)
20 parismāpana (wonder)
21 moha (wonder)
22 yatra (wonder)
23 rasa (wonder)
24 vapuṣya (wonder)
25 vapuṣyā (wonder)
26 vapus (wonder)
27 vicitra (wonder)
28 vicitraka (wonder)
29 viśalyakaraṇī (wonder)
30 vismi (wonder)
31 vismaya (wonder)
32 vismayākula (wonder)
33 vismayānvita (wonder)
34 vismayāviṣṭa (wonder)
35 vismayana (wonder)
36 vismiti (wonder)
37 vīkṣya (wonder)
38 smaya (wonder)
39 āgatavismaya (wonder)


(H3) aty-adbhuta [p= 13,1] [L=2864] mfn. very wonderful
(H3B) aty-adbhuta [L=2865] m. N. of the indra in the ninth manvantara VP.
(H3B) aty-adbhuta [L=2866] n. a great wonder.

(H3) ad-bhuta [p= 12,1] [L=2488] mfn. extraordinary
[L=2489] » s.v.
(H1) adbhuta [p= 19,1] [L=3800] mfn. ([once adbhutá RV. i , 120 , 4]) (» 1. at) , supernatural , wonderful , marvellous
(H1B) adbhuta [L=3800.1] m. the marvellous (in style)
(H1B) adbhuta [L=3800.2] m. surprise
(H1B) adbhuta [L=3800.3] m. N. of the indra of the ninth manvantara
(H1B) adbhuta [L=3800.4] n. a marvel , a wonder , a prodigy.
(H2) adbhuta [p= 1310,1] [L=303050] (in comp.)

(H3) adbhuta--tama [p= 19,1] [L=3804] n. an extraordinary wonder.

(H3) adbhuta--saṃkāsa [L=3814] mfn. resembling a wonder.

(H3) adbhuto* pama [L=3820] mfn. resembling a wonder.

(H1) āścarya 1 [p= 158,1] [L=27585] mfn. (said to be fr. √car with ā and a sibilant inserted Pa1n2. 6-1 , 147), appearing rarely , curious , marvellous , astonishing , wonderful , extraordinary Kat2hUp. Prab. S3ak. Ragh.
(H1B) āścarya 1 [L=27587] n. strange appearance
(H1B) āścarya 1 [L=27588] n. a wonder , miracle , marvel , prodigy
(H1B) āścarya 1 [L=27589] n. wonder , surprise , astonishment R. Bhag. S3ak. &c
(H2) āścarya 2 [L=27596] Nom. P. āścaryati , to be marvellous or strange L.
(H2) āścarya [p= 1320,2] [L=320540] (in comp.)

(H3) āścarya--tā [p= 158,1] [L=27590] f. wonderfulness , wonder , astonishment.

(H3) āścarya--tva [L=27591] n. wonderfulness , wonder , astonishment.

(H1) iddhá [p= 165,3] [L=28829] idhmá &c » √indh.
(H2) iddhá [p= 167,3] [L=29259] mfn. kindled , lighted , alight
[L=29260] shining , glowing , blazing RV. Mn. ChUp. Ratna1v. &c
[L=29261] clean , clear , bright
[L=29262] wonderful L.
(H2B) iddhá [L=29263] n. sunshine , light , heat
(H2B) iddhá [L=29264] n. a wonder L.
(H2) iddha [p= 1320,3] [L=321330] (also) vehement, fierce, Kir.

(H3) kiṃ--vṛtta [p= 282,3] [L=50316] m. who says " what is an event? " i.e. who does not wonder at any event (N. of the attendants of a lion) Pan5cat.
(H3B) kiṃ--vṛtta [L=50317] n. any form derived from the pron. ká Pa1n2. 3-3 , 6 and 144 ; viii , 1 , 48.

(H1) kautuka [p= 316,1] [L=57096] n. (fr. kut° ; g. yuvā*di) , curiosity , interest in anything , vehement desire for (loc. or in comp.) , eagerness , vehemence impatience Pan5cat. Katha1s. (ifc. f(ā).) &c
[L=57097] anything causing curiosity or admiration or interest , any singular or surprising object , wonder Pan5cat. Katha1s. Vet.
[L=57098] festivity , gaiety , festival , show , solemn ceremony (esp. the ceremony with the marriage-thread or necklace preceding a marriage) Kum. Das3. Bhartr2. BhP. &c
[L=57099] the marriage-thread or necklace Katha1s. li , 223
[L=57100] pleasure , happiness , prosperity BhP. i , 17 , 26
[L=57101] N. of nine particular substances Hcat. i , 110 , 19 ; ii , 49 , 10
[L=57102] sport , pastime L.
[L=57103] public diversion L.
[L=57104] song , dance , show , spectacle L.
[L=57105] season of enjoyment L.
[L=57106] kind or friendly greeting , civility L.
[L=57108] for amusement , as a relaxation W.
(H2) kautuka [p= 1325,2] [L=328970] (also) the place for a partic. nuptial cereniony, Ma1nGr2.

(H3) camat--karaṇa [p= 388,2] [L=72059] n. astonishment Sa1h. iii , 4 a÷b
[L=72060] producing wonder , causing surprise W.
[L=72061] spectacle , festival W.
[L=72062] high poetical composition W.

(H2) citrá [p= 396,1] [L=73633] mf(ā́)n. conspicuous , excellent , distinguished RV.
[L=73634] bright , clear , bright-coloured RV.
[L=73635] clear (a sound) RV.
[L=73636] variegated , spotted , speckled (with instr. or in comp.) Nal. iv , 8 R. Mr2icch. VarBr2S.
[L=73637] agitated (as the sea , opposed to sama) R. iii , 39 , 12
[L=73638] various , different , manifold Mn. ix , 248 Ya1jn5. i , 287 MBh. &c
[L=73639] (execution) having different varieties (of tortures) Mn. ix , 248 Das3. vii , 281
[L=73640] strange , wonderful Ra1jat. vi , 227
[L=73641] containing the word citrá S3Br. vii , 4 , 1 , 24 Ka1tyS3r. xvii
[L=73643] in different ways R. i , 9 , 14
[L=73644] mf(ā́)n. (to execute) with different tortures Das3. vii , 380
(H2B) citrá [L=73645] m. variety of colour L. Sch.
(H2B) citrá [L=73646] m. Plumbago zeylanica L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73647] m. Ricinus communis L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73648] m. Jonesia aśoka L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73649] m. a form of yama Tithya1d.
(H2B) citrá [L=73650] m. N. of a king RV. viii , 21 , 18 (cítra)
(H2B) citrá [L=73651] m. of a jābāla-gṛhapati (with the patr. gauśrāyaṇi), KaushBr. xxiii , 5
(H2B) citrá [L=73652] m. of a king (with the patr. gāṅgyāyani) KaushUp. i
(H2B) citrá [L=73653] m. of a son of dhṛtarāṣṭra MBh. i , vii
(H2B) citrá [L=73654] m. of a draviḍa king , PadmaP. v , 20 , 1 (v.l. °trā*kṣa)
(H2B) citrá [L=73655] m. of a gandharva Gal.
(H2B) citrá [L=73671] n. anything bright or coloured which strikes the eyes RV. VS. TS. S3Br. Ta1n2d2yaBr. xviii , 9
(H2B) citrá [L=73672] n. a brilliant ornament , ornament RV. i , 92 , 13 S3Br. ii , xiii
(H2B) citrá [L=73673] n. a bright or extraordinary appearance , wonder , ii S3ak. Pan5cat. Bhartr2. &c
(H2B) citrá [p= 396,2] [L=73674] n. (with yadi [ S3ak. iii , 9÷10] or yad [ Hariv. 9062 S3ak. Katha1s. xviii , 359] or fut. [ Pa1n2. 3-3 , 150 f. ]) strange , curious (e.g. citraṃ badhiro vyākaraṇam adhyeṣyate " it would be strange if a deaf man should learn grammar " Ka1s3. )
(H2B) citrá [L=73675] n. strange! Hariv. 15652 Katha1s. v , vii Ra1jat. i , iv
(H2B) citrá [L=73676] n. the ether , sky L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73677] n. a spot MBh. xiii , 2605
(H2B) citrá [L=73678] n. a sectarial mark on the forehead L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73679] n. = kuṣṭha L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73680] n. a picture , sketch , delineation MBh. Hariv. 4532 (sa-citra mfn. = -ga) R. S3ak. &c (ifc. f(ā). Megh. 64)
(H2B) citrá [L=73681] n. variety of colour L.
(H2B) citrá [L=73682] n. a forest (vana for dhana?) of variegated appearance Sch. on Ka1tyS3r. xxi , 3 , 23 and Shad2vBr. ii , 10
(H2B) citrá [L=73683] n. various modes of writing or arranging verses in the shape of mathematical or other fanciful figures (syllables which occur repeatedly being left out or words being represented in a shortened form) Sarasv. ii , 16 Kpr. ix , 8 Sa1h.
(H2B) citrá [L=73684] n. punning in the form of question and answer , facetious conversation , riddle , iv , 14÷v Prata1par. Kuval.
(H2B) citrá [L=73685] n. cf. a- and , su-citrá , dā́nu- , vi-
(H2B) citrá [L=73686] n. caitra.
(H1) citrá [p= 398,1] [L=74103] °traka,°traṭa , &c » √4. cit.
(H2) citra [p= 1327,1] [L=331230] (also) leaping to and fro, Ja1takam.

(H3) citrá--kāra [p= 396,2] [L=73705] m. = -kara MBh. v , 5025 R. (G) ii , 90 , 18 Sa1h.
[L=73706] " wonder " , astonishment Lalit. xviii , 134.

Westergaard Dhatupatha links: 35.63
(H2) citraya [p= 397,3] [L=73986]
Nom. °yati , " to make variegated " , decorate MBh. xii , 988 ;

to regard as a wonder Dha1tup. xxxv , 63 ( Vop. ) ;

to throw a momentary glance ib. ;

to look ib. ;

to be a wonder ib.


(H2) codya [p= 400,2] [L=74603] mfn. to be impelled or incited MBh. v , 1404 and 4600
[L=74604] (a- neg.) xiii , 4875
[L=74605] to be criticised Sarvad. xiii , 111
[L=74606] to be thrown W.
(H2B) codya [L=74607] n. raising questions , consideration MBh. v , 1653
(H2B) codya [L=74608] n. " to be urged or objected " , a difficult question raised to invite for controversy (pūrva-pakṣa , praśna L. ) Sarvad. xiii , 2 and 22
(H2B) codya [L=74609] n. astonishment , wonder S3is3. ix , 16.

(H3) jagac--citra [p= 407,3] [L=76208] n. a wonder of the universe R. vii , 34 , 9
[L=76209] the universe taken as a picture Sarvad. viii , 76.

(H1) nāntra [p= 535,2] [L=105601] n. ( √ nam) praise , eulogy Un2. iv , 159 Sch.
[L=105602] wonder L.
(H1B) nāntra [L=105603] m. a sage L.
(H1B) nāntra [L=105604] m. N. of śiva L.

Whitney Roots links: pan
(H2) pan 1 [p= 584,1] [L=115477] in comp. before nasals = 3. pad.
(H1) pan 2 [p= 585,2] [L=115833]
cl.1 A1. pánate (pf. -papana , papné aor. 3. sg. paniṣṭa) , to be worthy of admiration or to admire (acc.) RV. : Pass. panyáte ib. : Caus. panáyati , °te , to regard with surprise or wonder , to admire , praise , acknowledge RV. ;

(A1.) to rejoice at , be glad of (gen.) ib. (cf. √ paṇ ; paṇāya).


(H1) pari-smāpana [p= 604,2] [L=119098] n. ( √ smi , Caus.) causing wonder , surprising
[L=119099] (with dambhena) outwitting L.

(H1) móha [p= 836,1] [L=168572] m. ( √1. muh ; ifc. f(ā). ) loss of consciousness , bewilderment , perplexity , distraction , infatuation , delusion , error , folly AV. &c (moham- √brū , to say anything that leads to error ; mohaṃ- √yā , to fall into error ; mohāt ind. through folly or ignorance)
[L=168573] fainting , stupefaction , a swoon MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=168574] (in phil.) darkness or delusion of mind (preventing the discernment of truth and leading men to believe in the reality of worldly objects)
[L=168575] (with Buddhists) ignorance (one of the three roots of vice Dharmas. 139)
[L=168576] a magical art employed to bewilder an enemy (= mohana) Cat.
[L=168577] wonder , amazement L.
[L=168578] Infatuation personified (as the offspring of brahmā) VP.
(H2) moha [p= 1331,3] [L=338400] (in comp.)

(H2) yátra [p= 841,2] [L=169635] ind. (in veda also yátrā ; fr. 3. ya , correlative of tátra , and often used for the loc. of the relative pron.) in or to which place , where , wherein , wherever , whither RV. &c (yatra yatra , " wherever " , " whithersoever " ; yatra tatra or yatra tatrā*pi , " anywhere whatever " or = yasmiṃs tasmin , " in whatever " ; yatra tatra dine , " on any day whatever " ; yatra kutra , with or without cit or api , " everywhere " or = yasmin kasmin , " in whatever " ; yátra kvá ca or yatra kva cana , " wherever " , " in any place whatever " , " whithersoever " ; yatra kva ca , " anywhere whatever " ; yatra kvā*pi , " to any place " , " hither and thither " ; yatra vā , " or elsewhere ")
[L=169635.1] on which occasion , in which case , if , when , as RV. &c (yatra tatra , " on every occasion " , yatra kva ca , " whenever ")
[L=169635.2] in order that RV. iii , 32 , 14 ; ix , 29 , 5
[L=169635.3] that (with Pot. after " to doubt , wonder &c ") Pa1n2. 3-3 , 148
[L=169635.4] (with Pres.) Hit. i , 176 (v.l.)

(H2) rása [p= 869,2] [L=175486] m. (ifc. f(ā).) the sap or juice of plants , Juice of fruit , any liquid or fluid , the best or finest or prime part of anything , essence , marrow RV. &c
[L=175487] water , liquor , drink MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=175488] juice of the sugar-cane , syrup Sus3r.
[L=175489] any mixture , draught , elixir , potion R. BhP.
[L=175490] melted butter L.
[L=175491] (with or scil. gavām) milk MBh.
[p= 869,3] [L=175492] (with or scil. viṣasya) poison Das3. Ra1jat.
[L=175493] nectar L.
[L=175494] soup , broth L.
[L=175495] a constituent fluid or essential juice of the body , serum , (esp.) the primary juice called chyle (formed from the food and changed by the bile into blood) ib.
[L=175496] mercury , quicksilver (sometimes regarded as a kind of quintessence of the human body , else where as the seminal fluid of śiva) Sarvad.
[L=175497] semen virile RV. i , 105 , 2
[L=175498] myrrh L.
[L=175499] any mineral or metallic salt Cat.
[L=175500] a metal or mineral in a state of fusion (cf. upa- , mahā-r°)
[L=175501] gold L.
[L=175502] Vanguieria Spinosa L.
[L=175503] a species of amaranth L.
[L=175504] green onion L.
[L=175505] resin L.
[L=175506] = amṛta L.
[L=175507] taste , flavour (as the principal quality of fluids , of which there are 6 original kinds , viz. madhura , sweet ; amla , sour ; lavaṇa , salt ; kaṭuka , pungent ; tikta , bitter ; and kaṣāya , astringent ; sometimes 63 varieties are distinguished , viz. beside the 6 original ones , 15 mixtures of 2 , 20 of 3 , 15 of 4 , 6 of 5 , and 1 of 6 flavours) S3Br. &c
[L=175508] N. of the number " six " VarBr2S. S3rutab.
[L=175509] any object of taste , condiment , sauce , spice , seasoning MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=175510] the tongue (as the organ of taste) BhP.
[L=175511] taste or inclination or fondness for (loc. with or scil. upari , or comp.) , love , affection , desire MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=175512] charm pleasure , delight ib.
[L=175513] (in rhet.) the taste or character of a work , the feeling or sentiment prevailing in it (from 8 to 10 rasas are generally enumerated , viz. śṛṅgāra , love ; vīra , heroism ; bībhatsa , disgust ; raudra , anger or fury ; hāsya , mirth ; bhayānaka , terror ; karuṇa , pity ; adbhuta , wonder ; śānta , tranquillity or contentment ; vātsalya , paternal fondness ; the last or last two are sometimes omitted ; cf. under bhāva) Bhar. Das3ar. Ka1vya7d. &c
[L=175514] the prevailing sentiment in human character Uttarar. Ra1jat.
[L=175515] (with vaiṣṇavas) disposition of the heart or mind , religious sentiment (there are 5 rasas or ratis forming the 5 degrees of bhakti q.v. , viz. śānti , dāsya , sākhya , vātsalya , and mādhurya) W.
[L=175516] a kind of metre Pin3g.
[L=175517] N. of the sacred syllable , " Om , " S3a1n3khGr2.
[L=175518] the son of a niṣāda and a śanakī L.

(H2) vapuṣya 1 [p= 920,1] [L=186359] Nom. P. °yáti , to wonder be astonished RV.
(H2) vapuṣyá 2 [L=186360] mfn. wonderfully beautiful , wonderful RV.

(H2) vapuṣyā́ [L=186361] f. (the same form as instr.) wonder , astonishment RV.

(H2) vápus [L=186362] mfn. having form or a beautiful form , embodied , handsome , wonderful RV.
(H2B) vápus [L=186363] n. form , figure , (esp.) a beautiful form or figure , wonderful appearance , beauty (°puṣe ind. for beauty ; vápur dṛśáye , a wonder to see) RV. &c
(H2B) vápus [L=186364] n. nature , essence Mn. v , 96 ; x , 9 &c
(H2B) vápus [L=186365] n. (ifc. f(uṣī). ) the body Mn. MBh. &c
(H2B) vápus [L=186366] f. Beauty personified as a daughter of dakṣa and dharma VP. Ma1rkP.
(H2B) vápus [L=186367] f. N. of an apsaras VP.

(H3) ví--citra [p= 950,2] [L=192994] » s.v.
(H1) vi-citra [p= 959,1] [L=194817] mf(ā)n. variegated , many-coloured , motley , brilliant MBh. R. &c
[L=194818] manifold , various , diverse Mn. MBh. &c
[L=194819] strange , wonderful , surprising MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=194820] charming , lovely , beautiful R. R2itus.
[L=194821] amusing , entertaining (as a story) Katha1s.
[L=194822] painted , coloured W.
[L=194824] charmingly R.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194825] m. the aśoka tree L.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194826] m. N. of a king MBh.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194827] m. of a son of manu raucya or deva-sāvarṇi Hariv. Pur.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194828] m. of a heron Hit.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194830] m. colocynth L.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194831] m. (in music) a partic. mūrchanā Sam2gi1t.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194832] m. N. of a river VP.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194833] n. variegated colour , party-colour W.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194834] n. wonder , surprise Gi1t.
(H1B) vi-citra [L=194835] n. a figure of speech (implying apparently the reverse of the meaning intended) Kuval. Prata1p.

(H3) vi--citraka [L=194858] mfn. wonderful , surprising Pan5car.
[L=194859] (ifc.) connected with (?) Hcat.
(H3B) vi-citraka [L=194860] m. Betula Bhojpatra L.
(H3B) vi-citraka [L=194861] n. wonder , astonishment L.

(H3B) ví-śalya---karaṇī [p= 989,3] [L=200470] f. a partic. herb with wonder-working properties MBh. R. Katha1s.

(H1) vi- √ smi [p= 1002,2] [L=202985]
A1. -smayate (mc. also P.) , to wonder , be surprised or astonished at (instr. loc. , or abl.) S3Br. &c ;

to be proud of (instr.) Mn. iv , 236 : Caus. -smāyayati , or -smāpayati , °te (cf. Pa1n2. 1-3 , 68 ; vi , 1 , 57) , to astonish , surprise MBh. Ka1v. &c : Desid. of Caus. » vi-sismāpayiṣu.


(H3) ví--smaya [p= 953,1] [L=193712] mfn. (for 2. » vi- √smi) free from pride or arrogance BhP. S3is3.
(H2) vi-smaya 1 [p= 1002,2] [L=202986] m. (for 2. » [p= 953,1]) wonder , surprise , amazement , bewilderment , perplexity (in rhet. one of the sthāyi-bhāvas q.v.) MBh. Ka1v. Das3ar.
[L=202987] pride , arrogance Mn. BhP.
[L=202988] doubt , uncertainty W.

(H3) vi-sma° yā* kula 1 [L=202993] mfn. filled with astonishment or wonder MBh.

(H3) vi-sma° yā* nvita 1 [L=202993.1] mfn. filled with astonishment or wonder MBh.

(H3) vi-sma° yā* viṣṭa 1 [L=202993.2] mfn. filled with astonishment or wonder MBh.

(H3) vi-° smayana [L=202995] n. astonishment , wonder Cat.

(H3) vi-° smiti [L=203016] f. astonishment , wonder , surprise ib.

(H3) vī* kṣya [p= 1004,3] [L=203430] mfn. = vī*kṣaṇīya L.
[L=203431] astonishing , wonderful W.
(H3B) vī* kṣya [L=203432] m. a dancer , actor L.
(H3B) vī* kṣya [L=203433] m. a horse L.
(H3B) vī* kṣya [L=203434] n. wonder , surprise , wonderful object L.

(H1) smaya [p= 1271,2] [L=257072] &c » col.3.
(H2) smaya [p= 1271,3] [L=257076] m. (ifc. f(ā).) smiling at anything , wonder , surprise , astonishment MBh. Bhartr2. (v.l.)
[L=257077] arrogance , conceit , pride in or at (comp.) Ragh. Das3. BhP.
[L=257078] Pride (personified as the son of dharma and puṣṭi) BhP.

(H3) ā-gata--vismaya [p= 1319,1] [L=317910.1] mfn. filled with wonder, Bcar.