Bandha - Bond, capture, connection, intercourse, contracting

ānande mahati prāpte dṛṣṭe vā bāndhave cirāt |
ānandam udgataṃ dhyātvā tallayas tanmanā bhavet || 71 ||

bāndhave = relatives


bandhá [p= 720,3] [L=142631]
binding , tying , a bond , tie , chain , fetter RV. &c



Mn. MBh. &c

comp.) Pan5cat. BhP. (ifc. = connected with , conducive to MBh. )

MBh. Ka1v. &c


°dhe-sthā = to remain deposited) Campak.


esp. of the hands and feet) Ragh. Kum.

partic. mode of sexual union (there are said to be 16 , 18 , 36 , or even 84 L. ) , Caur. ??

&c ) MBh. Ra1jat.



&c ) Cat.


ifc.) conceiving , cherishing , feeling , betraying Hariv. Ka1lid.




phil.) mundane bondage , attachment to this world S3vetUp. Bhag. &c (opp. to mukti , moka , " final emancipation " , and regarded in the khya as threefold , viz. prakti- , vaikārika- , and dakiā-b°)

rhet.) , construction or arrangement of words Ka1vya7d. Prata1p.

partic. shape Kpr.



ifc. with numerals) a part (cf. pañca- , daśa-b°).

(H2) m.
[L=142632]a ligature , bandage
[L=142633]damming up (a river)
[L=142634]capture , arrest , imprisonment , custody
[L=142635]connection or intercourse with (
[L=142636]putting together , uniting , contracting , combining , forming , producing
[L=142637]joining (the hollowed hands)
[L=142638]anything deposited (
[L=142639]a deposit , pledge
[L=142640]any configuration or position of the body (
[L=142642]constructing , building (of a bridge
[L=142643]bridging over (the sea)
[L=142644]knitting (the brows)
[L=142645]fixing , directing (mind , eyes ,
[L=142646]assumption , obtainment (of a body)
[L=142648]a border , framework , inclosure , receptacle
[L=142649]a sinew , tendon
[L=142650]the body
[L=142652]combination of sounds (in
[L=142653]arrangement of a stanza in a
[L=142654]arrangement of musical sounds , composition
[L=142655]a disease which prevents the eyelids from quite closing

bāndhava--jana [p= 728,2] [L=144394]
relatives , kinsmen (collectively) Mr2icch. Pan5cat.
(H3) m.

(H2) sam-bandha [p= 1177,3] [L=236761]
m. (ifc. f(ā).) binding or joining together , close connection or union or association , conjunction , inherence , connection with or relation to (instr. with or without saha , or comp. ; in phil. relation or connexion is said to be of three kinds , viz samavā*ya , sayoga , and sva-rūpa q.v.) S3rS. S3am2k. Sarvad. : personal connection (by marriage) , relationship , fellowship , friendship , intimacy with (instr. with and without saha loc. , or comp.) Pa1rGr2. Mn. MBh. &c
a relation , relative , kinsman , fellow , friend , ally A1past. MBh. BhP.
a collection , volume , book S3ukas.
a partic. kind of calamity VarBr2S.
prosperity , success L.
fitness , propriety L.
the application of authority to prove a theological doctrine W.
(H2B) sam-bandha [L=236768]
mfn. able , capable L.
(H2B) sam-bandha [L=236769]
mfn. fit , right , proper L.
(H2B) sam-bandha [L=236770]
mfn. (ifc.) often w.r. for sam-baddha (q.v.)