púrua [p= 637,1] [L=126438]
(mc. also pū́r° ; prob. fr. √ p and connected with puru , pūru ifc. f(ā). , rarely f(ī). ; cf. Pa1n2. 4-i , 24) a man , male , human being (pl. people , mankind) RV. &c

pumān purua , a male person S3a1n3khGr2. Mn. ; daṇḍap° , punishment personified Mn. ; esp. grammatical pers. ; with prathama , madhyama , uttama = the 3rd , 2nd , 1st pers. Nir. Pa1n2. ), an officer , functionary , attendant , servant Mn. MBh. &c (cf. tat-p°)


khya Philosophy (?) L.

TS. Br. Mn. &c

aratnis = 120 agulas) S3Br. S3ulbas. Var.


nārāyaa) the primaeval man as the soul and original source of the universe (described in the purua-sūkta q.v.) RV. S3Br. &c

AV. &c

para , parama , or uttama ; also identified with brahmā , viṣṇu , śiva and durgā) VS. S3Br. &c

khya) the Spirit as passive and a spectator of the prakti or creative force IW. 82 &c

RV. x , 51 , 8

sapta) N. of the divine or active principles from the minute portions of which the universe was formed Mn. i , 19

of a pāda in the mahā-nāmnī verses La1t2y.


manu cākua BhP.


men , people (cf. above )

of the Brahmans of krauñca-dvīpa BhP.

pañca) N. of 5 princely personages or miraculous persons born under partic. constellations , Var

Tinctoria L.

púrua [L=126461]
= puruaka m. n. S3is3. v , 56 Sch.
púrua [L=126462]
(!) N. of mount meru L.
(H1) m.
[L=126439]a person , (
[L=126440]a friend
[L=126441]a follower of the
[L=126442]a member or representative of a race or generation
[L=126443]the height or measure of a man (= 5
[L=126444]the pupil of the eye
[L=126445](also with
[L=126446]the personal and animating principle in men and other beings , the soul or spirit
[L=126447]the Supreme Being or Soul of the universe (sometimes with
[L=126449]the , " spirit " or fragrant exhalation of plants
[L=126452]of the Ist , 3rd , 5th , 7th , 9th and 11th signs of the zodiac
[L=126453]of a son of
[L=126454]of one of the 18 attendants of the sun
[L=126459]Clerodendrum Phlomoides
(H1B) mn.
(H1B) n.
púrua--jana [L=126479]
sg. men , people Pan5cad.
(H3) m.
púrua--dhaureyaka [p= 637,2] [L=126499]
a man superior to other people Hcat.
(H3) m.
púrua--nāya [L=126500]
man superior to other people Hcat.
púrua--nāya [L=126501]
" man-leader " , a prince ChUp.
(H3) m.
(H3) m.