Bhranta - Wandering

bhrāntvā bhrāntvā śarīreṇa tvaritam bhuvi pātanāt |
kṣobhaśaktivirāmeṇa parā saṃjāyate daśā || 111 ||

bhrānta [p= 770,1] [L=153623]
wandering or roaming about MBh. Ka1v. &c

acc.) Katha1s.

n. impers. with instr. , " it has been wandering about by ") S3a1rn3gP. Katha1s.

MBh. Ka1v.

bhrānta [L=153628]
an elephant in rut L.
bhrānta [L=153629]
a species of thorn-apple L.
bhrānta [L=153630]
roaming about , moving to and fro Ka1v. Pan5cat. Sus3r.
bhrānta [L=153631]
a partic. mode of fighting Hariv.
bhrānta [L=153632]
error , mistake Ca1n2.
bhrānta [p= 770,3] [L=153760]

,bhrāma &c » under √bhram , col.1.

Bhrantva usage:

(H2) mfn.
[L=153624]having wandered about or through (with
[L=153625]wandered about or through (
[L=153626]moving about unsteadily , rolling , reeling , whirling
[L=153627]perplexed , confused , being in doubt or error
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H1) bhrānti

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymological and philologically ... - Page 769
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&c. ; ind. p. bhramitva, bhrantva, -bhriimya, ib.), to wander or roam about, rove, ramble ;with deiam, to wander through or over a country; with bhikshdm, go about beggingX MBh.; Kav. ike.; to fly about (as bees), Kiv. ; Var.; ...
Monier Monier-Williams

Mediaeval archaeology
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The language of this work is chaste Sanskrit, but the phrases "Bhrantva Bhrantva Suptmyesu" (72.20) has the use of Bhrantva in the sense of wandering Though very well supported by Sanskrit lexicons, it seems to have been used owing to ...
Ramanlal Nagarji Mehta

The Yoga of delight, wonder, and astonishment: a translation of ... - Page 99
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[Dharana 87] VERSE 111 *jTR3T ^srrJWT *irtr«i wfai wfw iT«mkj i Bhrantva bhrantva sarirena tvaritam bhuvi patanat / Ksobhasaktiviramena para samjayate daSa //111 TRANSLATION When one whirls his body round and round and falls down ...
Jaideva Singh

The Journal of the Bihar Research Society: Volumes 63-64
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... mukayan vadi-sindhQn manye-jetavya-^unye bhuvana iha vrtha bhrantir = ity = aka-layya-bhrantva ksonim = aseshaii ... that it was useless wandering when this world had no other structure to be conquered ( surpassed ), stands aloft, ...
Bihar Research Society

Nalopakhyanam - Page 121
... babhrania, (pi. babhramus, and bhremus ;) bhrannta ; bhramisyati; abhramit; bhra- mitva, and bhrantva; bhran- ta : wander. vibhranta, pPp- confused, disturbed. sambhranta, id. bhraj, 1. m. bhrajate; babhraje, and bhreje; bhrajita ; ...

bhrāntā* kulita-cetana [p= 770,1] [L=153635]
one whose mind is troubled by doubt or error R.

(H3) mfn.
bhrānti [L=153636]
wandering or roaming about , moving to and fro , driving (of clouds) , quivering (of lightning) , staggering , reeling Ka1v. Ka1m.


ifc.) moving round , circumambulating Ratna7v.

ifc. , false impression of , mistaking something for , supposing anything to be or to exist) Ka1v. Katha1s. Pur. &c
(H2) f.
[L=153637]turning round , rolling (of wheels)
[L=153639]perplexity , confusion , doubt , error , false opinion (