parāparāyāḥ sakalam aparāyāś ca vā punaḥ |
parāyā yadi tadvat syāt paratvaṃ tad virudhyate || 5 ||


sa--kala 1 [p= 1123,3] [L=227645]
(for 2. » s.v.) having a soft or low sound MW.
sa-kala 2 [p= 1124,2] [L=227738]
(ā)n. (fr. 7. sa kalā ; for 1. sa-kala » [p= 1123,3]) consisting of parts , divisible , material (opp. to a- and ni-k°) MaitrUp. MBh.

pratijñā sakalā-k , " to fulfil one's promise " ; m. [sometimes with api] " everybody " ; n. " everything " or " one's whole property ") Ka1tyS3r. Mn. MBh. &c

opp. to vi-kala) Ni1lak.

śaivas applied to a soul which has not advanced beyond the lowest stage of progress) Sarvad.

(H3) mfn.
(H1) mf
[L=227739]possessing all its component parts , complete , entire , whole , all (
[L=227740]whole = wholesome , sound (
[L=227741]affected by the elements of the material world (with
[L=227742]paying interest

also here

gūhanīyatamam bhadre tathāpi kathayāmi te |
sakalaṃ rūpaṃ bhairavasya prakīrtitam || 8 ||

The Hindu temple: Volume 1 - Page 59
, Raymond Burnier - 1946 - 466 pages - Preview
The first plot, though without parts, is Sakala, complete in itself. In the second type, four kinds of evil spirits are fenced in, for appeasement or worship. With this purpose is combined the worship of Siva, on the same field. ...
Stella Kramrisch

Myths and symbols in Indian art and civilization - Page 204
, Joseph Campbell - 1972 - 248 pages - Preview
The digits of the moon are sixteen in number: sakala is the moon possessed of all its digits, "whole, entire, complete, all"— the Full Moon. The opposite of sakala is nifkala, "devoid of digits or of constituent parts"; the New Moon, ...
Heinrich Robert Zimmer

Nalarayadavadanticarita (Adventures of King Nala and Davadanti): A ... - Page 366
Skt. samyoga] sakala 'all, complete' adj., obi. pi. msc; sakala nom. pi. f.; sakala S.; [Skt. sakala] sakalatu [H] 'with his wife' adj., nom. sg. msc; [cf. Skt. saka- latra] sakalatta 'with his wife' adj., ... -
Ernest Bende - 2008 - 372 pages - Google eBook -

The language of the Harappans: from Akkadian to Sanskrit - Page 237
- 1997 - 314 pages - Preview
125. sakala, complete, whole, possessing all its parts; consisting of parts, divisible, material (Maitr, VP, MBh), possessing all its parts, whole, complete etc., everybody (KatyaSr, Mn,MBh). Cp. Akk. sug/kullu(m), ...
Malati J. Shendge

Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme - Page 58
, Lakshman - 2007 - 176 pages - Preview
This is complete objectivity in the sakala state. This is the starting point in the fifteen-fold process of rising. It is from here that you must begin, little by little, to develop your awareness. While perceiving the pot, ...
John Hughes