Dharana - holding, mantaining


dhāraā [p= 515,2] [L=100975]
(cf. °a , col.1) the act of holding , bearing , wearing , supporting , maintaining MBh. R.

Kat2hUp. Gr2S. MBh. BhP.

Mn. MBh. Sus3r. Ka1v. Pur. &c

MWB. 239 (°ā-dh , to exercise concentration Ya1jn5. ; °ā gata , having composed one's self R. )

Ya1jn5. iii , 73


Mn. MBh.

the 8th to the 11th day in the light half of month jyaiṣṭha Var.

(H2) f.
[L=100976]retaining , keeping back (also in remembrance) , a good memory
[L=100977]collection or concentration of the mind (joined with the retention of breath)
[L=100979]understanding , intellect
[L=100980]firmness , steadfastness , righteousness
[L=100981]fixed preceptor settled rule , certainty
dharā [p= 510,1] [L=99757]
" bearer , supporter " , the earth Mn. MBh. Ka1v. &c
dharā [p= 510,2] [L=99842]
of °ra q.v.
(H1B) f.
(H2) f.