Vritti - Rolling, business, livelihood

vtti [p= 1010,1] [L=204501]
rolling , rolling down (of tears) S3ak. iv , 5 ; 14

esp.) moral conduct , kind or respectful behaviour or treatment (also v.l. for vtta) Gr2S3rS. Mn. MBh. &c


ib. Ka1v.


loc. or comp.) La1t2y. Hariv. Ka1v. &c

ifc. " employed about " , " engaged in " , " practising ") MBh. Ka1v. &c

ifc. ; cf. uñcha-v° ; vtti-k or √ kp [Caus.] with instr. , " to live on or by " ; with gen. , " to get or procure a maintenance for " ; only certain means of subsistence are allowed to a Brahman » Mn. iv , 4-6) S3rS. Mn. MBh. &c

Pan5cav. ??

MaitrUp. Kap. Veda7ntas. &c


partic. sense (loc.) , its function or force Pa1n2. Sa1h. Sch. on Ka1tyS3r. &c

vilambitā , madhyamā , and drutā q.v.) Pra1t.

e.g. any word formed with kt or taddhita affixes , any compound and even duals and plurals which are regarded as dvadva compounds , of which only one member is left , and all derivative verbs such as desideratives &c )

esp. dram. style , said to be of four kinds , viz. 1. kaiśikī , 2. bhāratī 3. sātvatī , 4. ārabhaī , qq.vv. ; the first three are described as suited to the śṛṅgāra , vīra , and raudra rasas respectively , the last as common to all) Bhar. Das3ar. &c

rhet.) alliteration , frequent repetition of the same consonant (five kinds enumerated , scil. madhurā , prau* , puruā , lalitā , and bhadrā) Das3ar. , Introd.

v.l. for vtta q.v.)

esp. on a sūtra)

of the wife of a rudra BhP.
(H2) f.
[L=204502]mode of life or conduct , course of action , behaviour , (
[L=204503]general usage , common practice , rule
[L=204504]mode of being , nature , kind , character , disposition
[L=204505]state , condition
[L=204506]being , existing , occurring or appearing in (
[L=204507]practice , business , devotion or addiction to , occupation with (often
[L=204508]profession , maintenance , subsistence , livelihood (often
[L=204509]wages , hire ,
[L=204510]working , activity , function
[L=204511]mood (of the mind)
[L=204512]the use or occurrence of a word in a
[L=204513]mode or measure of pronunciation and recitation (said to be threefold , viz.
[L=204514](in gram.) a complex formation which requires explanation or separation into its parts (as distinguished from a simple or uncompounded form
[L=204515]style of composition (
[L=204517]final rhythm of a verse (= or
[L=204518]a commentary , comment , gloss , explanation (
vtti--mat [L=204540]
following the practice of (ifc.) BhP.

partic. matter or has a partic. way of thinking S3am2kar.

ifc. = " living on or by ") Mn. MBh. BhP.
1010,2] [p= 1010,1] [L=204543]
partic. function , active (ifc. having anything as its function) Sarvad. Kap. Sch.
(H3) mfn.
[L=204541]one who is engaged in a
[L=204542]having a means of subsistence (
[p= exercising a