vi-rāma [L=199151]
cessation , termination , end S3a1n3khGr2. Mn. &c (acc. with √ or pra- , to come to an end , rest)

ifc. = ending with) , APra1t. Pa1n2. &c

pāda S3rutab.

N. of a small oblique stroke placed under a consonant to denote that it is quiescent i.e. that it has no vowel inherent or otherwise pronounced after it (this mark is sometimes used in the middle of conjunctions of consonants ; but its proper use , according to native grammarians , is only as a stop at the end of a sentence ending in a consonant)

Ka1s3. Vop.


of viṣṇu MBh.

śiva S3ivag.


[L=199152]end of a word or sentence , stop , pause (
[L=199153]end of or caesura with in a
[L=199154](in gram.) " the stop " ,
[L=199155]desistence , abstention
[L=199156]exhaustion , languor


vi-rāma---tā [L=199159]
cessation , abatement Pan5car.