svatantrānandacinmātrasāraḥ svātmā hi sarvataḥ |
āveśanaṃ tatsvarūpe svātmanaḥ snānam īritam || 152 ||

svá--tantra [L=257888]
self-dependence , independence , self-will , freedom Pan5cat. Hit.



Buddh. ) a partic. doctrine of free-will or independence Buddh.

of wk. (also called °tra-tantra)
svá--tantra [L=257893]
(ā)n. self-dependent , self-willed , independent , free , uncontrolled (with pada n. " an independent word ") La1t2y. Up. Mn. &c
svá--tantra [L=257894]
(ā)n. of age , full grown W.
svá--tantra [L=257895]
N. of a cakra-vāka Hariv.
sva-tantra [p= 1279,2] [L=258786]
&c » [p= 1275,3].
(H3) n.
[L=257889]one's own system or school
[L=257890]one's own army
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) m.
(H1) sva-tavas

check this out for contrast - a word laden with history: svairin, going where one likes , free , independent , unrestrained (esp. said of unchaste women). You’ve come a long way, baby.

svai* rin [p= 1279,1] [L=258729]
going where one likes , free , independent , unrestrained (esp. said of unchaste women) ChUp. MBh. &c
(H2) mfn.

and also --

svá--tejas [L=257912]
one's own splendour Bhag.
(H3) n.
svá--te° jo-raśmi-mālin [L=257913]
surrounded with a garland of rays of one's own splendour R.
(H4) mfn.

The critique of Svatantra reasoning by Candrakīrti and ... - Page 47
- 1999 - 199 pages - Preview
The present work investigates the critique of the so-called "autonomous proofs" (svatantra) by two major exponents of the Prasangika sub-school of the Madhyamaka in India and Tibet, Candrakirti (ca. 600-665) and Tsong kha pa (1357-1419).
Kodo Yotsuya

Sitār technique in nibaddh forms - Page 18
- 1987 - 232 pages - Preview
2.3.3 Svatantra period (c. 1900-1986) The styles of music played on the sitar today are derived from the following sources: ( 1 ) the alap — jof alap dhrupad arig (Sk. Mimb') of the binkars, (2) the Masitkhani and Razakhani bajs, ...
Stephen Slawek

he treasury of knowledge: book six, part three : Frameworks of ... - Page 378
, Koṅ-sprul Blo-gros-mthaʼ-yas - 2007 - 476 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Although Candrakirti does not give a definition of the term svatantra (rang rgyud), his usage can be more clearly elucidated. In Candrakirti's critique of svatantra-reasoning (in its wider sense) the term svatantra connotes that a ...
Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Tayé

The Svātantrika-Prāsaṅgika distinction: what difference does a ... - Page 220
, Sara L. McClintock - 2003 - 402 pages - Preview
In the first case, the ascertainment of the nonexistence of the pervaded through ascertaining that the pervading property does not exist is a svatantra argumentation; in the second case, any discursive development not pervaded by the ...
Georges B. J. Dreyfus

Living liberation in Hindu thought - Page 98
, Patricia Y. Mumme - 1996 - 278 pages - Google eBook - Preview
For Madhva only Brahman is svatantra, independent or Self-existent. All other realities, although on- tologically different from God, and precisely by being different from God, are dependent (paratantra) upon God for their reality and ...
Andrew O. Fort

and also: a political party in India

Eastern economist: Volume 52

The issue has really created problems for two political parties — the Congress and the Swatantra parties. ... The Swatantra Party initiated the idea of such a ban. As early as 1957, Mr C. Rajagopalachari suggested that political parties ...

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1969 - Snippet view

The Hindu Nationalist Movement in India - Page 182
- 1998 - 536 pages - Preview
13fl The Swatantra Party also recruited veteran Hindu Sabhaites like NC Chatterjee together with more 'legitimate' ... All the same, the Swatantra Party appeared to be fully 'legitimate' in so far as its identity lay essentially in its ...

Christophe Jaffrelot
Divine enterprise: Gurus and the Hindu Nationalist Movement - Page 35
- 1996 - 361 pages - Preview
Swatantra spokesman MR Masani advocated secularist policies, the party consistently represented secularism in terms ... Howard Erdman's study of the Swatantra Party and its relation to the Congress argues that, in post- independence ...
Lise McKean