Kim - What? How?

kím [p= 282,3] [L=50293]
(fr. 1. ki , originally nom. and acc. sg. n. of 2. q.v.) , what? how? whence? wherefore? why?
kim [L=50294]
Lat. num , an , sometimes translatable by " whether? " but oftener serving only like a note of interrogation to mark a question (e.g. ki vyādhā vane 'smin sacaranti , " do hunters roam about in this wood? " In an interrogation the verb , if uncompounded with a preposition , generally retains its accent after kim Pa1n2. 8-1 , 44) . To this sense may be referred the kim expressing inferiority , deficiency , &c at the beginning of compounds (e.g. ki-rājan , what sort of king? i.e. a bad king Pa1n2. 2-1 , 64 ; v , 4 , 70)
kim [L=50294.1]
kim prefixed to verbs with a similar meaning (e.g. kim-adhī*te , he reads badly Pa1n2. 8-1 , 44 Ka1s3. ) kim-uta , or kim-uta-vā or kim-athavā-uta , whether-or-or R. S3ak. Bhartr2. &c (cf. utá.)
kim [L=50295]
kím a , wherefore then? RV.

» átha

, somewhat , to a considerable extent , rather , much more , still further S3ak. Megh. &c

, why? S3ak. Kum. Pan5cat. &c

, what for? S3is3. xvi , 31

or kím-utá how much more? how much less? RV. S3Br. MBh. &c

kila , what a pity! (expressing dissatisfaction) Pa1n2. 3-3 , 146

-ca , moreover , further Pan5cat. Katha1s. &c


-cana (originally -ca na , negative = " in no way ") , to a certain degree , a little Katha1s.

MBh. i , 6132

-cid , somewhat , a little MBh. R. &c

tarhi , how then? but , however Pa1n2. 2-2 , 4 Pat. 4-1 , 163 , Kas3. ??

-tu , but , however , nevertheless (bearing the same relation to tu that ki-ca bears to ca) MBh. R. &c

-nu , whether indeed? (a stronger interrogative than kim alone) MBh. R. &c

Bhag. i , 35

nu khalu , how possibly? (a still stronger interrogative) S3ak.

, how much more? how much less? R. Bhag. ix , 33 &c



, whether? or whether? S3ak. Pan5cat. &c

svid , why? Katha1s. xxvi , 75

kim alone RV. MBh. Katha1s.
kim [p= 283,2] [L=50419]
kim [p= 1324,3] [L=327950]
(H1) ind.
(H2) is much used as a particle of interrogation like the
(H2) also the
(H2) is very frequently connected with other particles , as follows:
[L=50295.04]atha kim
[L=50295.08]kim api
[L=50295.12]kim iti
[L=50295.32]what more (expressing impatience)
[L=50295.40](with a negation) in no way , not at all
[L=50295.60]how much more? how much less?
[L=50295.68]kim punar
[L=50295.84]or (often a mere particle of interrogation)
[L=50295.92]a stronger interrogative than
(H2) (in
(H2) (in