Vishva-Entire, All-pervading, Universal

tad vapus tattvato jñeyaṃ vimalaṃ viśvapūraṇam |
evaṃvidhe pare tattve kaḥ pūjyaḥ kaś ca tṛpyati || 16 ||

víśva [p= 992,2] [L=200987]
(ā)n. (prob. fr. √1. viś , to pervade cf. Un2. i , 151 ; declined as a pron. like sarva , by which it is superseded in the brāhmaas and later language) all , every , every one

RV. &c

viṣṇu-kṛṣṇa , the soul , intellect &c ) Up. MBh. &c
víśva [L=200990]
(in phil.) the intellectual faculty or (accord. to some) the faculty which perceives individuality or the individual underlying the gross body (sthūla-śarīra-vyaṣṭy-upahita) Veda7ntas.
víśva [L=200991]
N. of a class of gods cf. below
víśva [L=200992]
N. of the number " thirteen " Gol.
víśva [L=200993]
of a class of deceased ancestors Ma1rkP.
víśva [L=200994]
of a king MBh.
víśva [L=200995]
of a well-known dictionary = viśva-prakāśa
víśva [L=200996]
pl. (víśve , with or scil. devā́s cf. viśve-deva , p.995) " all the gods collectively " or the " All-gods " (a partic. class of gods , forming one of the 9 gaas enumerated under gaadevatā q.v. ; accord. to the viṣṇu and other purāas they were sons of viśvā , daughter of daka , and their names are as follow , 1. vasu , 2. satya , 3. kratu , 4. daka , 5. kāla , 6. kāma , 7. dhti , 8. kuru , 9. purū-ravas , 10. mādravas [?] ; two others are added by some , viz. 11. rocaka or locana , 12. dhvani [or dhūri ; or this may make 13]: they are particularly worshipped at śrāddhas and at the vaiśvadeva ceremony [ RTL. 416] ; moreover accord. to manu [iii , 90 , 121] , offerings should be made to them daily - these privileges having been bestowed on them by brahmā and the pits , as a reward for severe austerities they had performed on the himā*laya: sometimes it is difficult to decide whether the expression viśve devā refers to all the gods or to the particular troop of deities described above ) RV. &c
víśva [p= 992,3] [L=200997]
víśva [L=201007]
the whole world , universe AV. &c &c
víśva [L=201008]
dry ginger Sus3r.
víśva [L=201009]
myrrh L.
víśva [L=201010]
a mystical N. of the sound o Up.
viśva [p= 1332,2] [L=339470]
(H1) mf
[L=200988]whole , entire , universal
[L=200989]all-pervading or all-containing , omnipresent (applied to
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H2) (in

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 993
- 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
nathiya, mfn. composed by Visva-natha, Cat.; n. N. 01 'wk. — nabha, m. N. of Vishnu, Cat. ..... &c; f. N. of Aditi, MW. -vyapaka, mfn, all-pervading, everywhere diffused, W. — vya- pin,mm filling the universe, all-diffused, RaniatUp. ...
Sir Monier Monier-Williams

The song of Ribhu: the English translation of the Tamil Ribhu gita - Page 754
, Nome - 2000 - 760 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Gaudapada states in the Mandukya Upanisad Karika, "Visva experiences the external things and is all- pervading." (1:1) and "Visva ever enjoys the gross" (1:5). Virat is the all-pervading cosmic experiencer and is used to indicate the ...
H. Ramamoorthy

Aṣṭadaḷa Yogamālā: Articles, lectures, messages: - Page 261
- Preview
The prapic energy, when charged with cosmic energy (viSva prana 6akti) pervades the space, and expresses itself as awareness. The willpower makes this pranic energy reach the space in the body. Then it is real freedom. ...
B. K. S. Iyengar

The origins of Oṃ maṇipadme hūṃ: a study of the Kāraṇḍavyūha sūtra - Page 39
- 2002 - 222 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Visnu's visva-rupa, or "all-pervading form," which the god manifests in order to make his three enormous strides, is often shown to produce different parts of the created order from different parts of the god's body. ...
Alexander Studholme

A history of early Vedānta philosophy: Volume 2 - Page 319
- 1983 - 842 pages - Preview
In the same way the four states of All-pervading (viSva) etc. are successively swallowed up by the succeeding one. Accordingly, a succeeding state is the substratum of the preceding one. And since the Absolute symbolically is one with ...
Hajime Nakamura