Asya-Of This

Isavasya Upanishad - Page 14
, A.C. Thirlwall, Srisa Chandra Vasu - 1902 - 41 pages - Free Google eBook - Read
3^ (yat) That (form of Brahman which is other than thy conditioned self), ssrwi (asya) Of this (Brahman in ... (asya), Of this (Unconditioned Brahman, above Time, Space and Causation). (tvam) Thou (art bet one of the- many condi- ...
Īśā upaniṣad

The Essence of Bhagavad Gita - Page 25
- 2002 - 501 pages - Preview
Commentary : avyayasya asya : of this immutable (Supreme Soul). In this verse, the true nature of the individual soul (jiva-atma) and the Supreme Spirit (param -atma, Brahman) is described. What is the soul or spirit? ...

Braja Dulal Mookherjee
A Vedic reader for students: containing thirty hymns of the ... - Page 211
Who shall vocat, jiere declare, whence it has been kiita ajata, kuta iyam visrstih ? produced, whence is this creation ? arvag deva asya visarjanena : By the creation of this (universe) atha k6 veda yata ababhuva ? the gods (come) ...
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