pūjā nāma na puṣpādyair yā matiḥ kriyate dṛḍhā |
nirvikalpe mahāvyomni sā pūjā hy ādarāl layaḥ || 147 ||

pūjā [L=127387]
honour , worship , respect , reverence , veneration , homage to superiors or adoration of the gods Gr2S. Mn. MBh. &c
(H2) f.

Westergaard Dhatupatha links: 32.100
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pūj [p= 641,1] [L=127377]
, ( Dha1tup. xxxii , 100) pūjayati (ep. also A1. °te and cl.1 P. pūjati ; pf. pupūjire MBh. ; aor. apūpujat Gr. ; ind.p. pūjayitvā Mn. &c ; pūjya MBh. ) , to honour , worship , revere , respect , regard A1s3vGr2. Mn. MBh. &c  ; 
to honour or present with (
instr.) Mn. vii , 203  ; 
to initiate , consecrate
(H1) cl.10 P.
pūjana [L=127379]
reverencing , honouring , worship , respect , attention , hospitable reception ib. (-mālikā f. N. of wk.)

Pa1n2. 8-1 , 67

(H3) n.
[L=127380]an object of reverence
[L=127382]a hen-sparrow

pūjā--gha [p= 641,2] [L=127393]
" house of worship " , a temple Dhu1rtan.
(H3) n.
pūjā--sambhāra [L=127408]
( Ma1lati1m. ) the requisites for the worship or adoration of a god.
(H3) m.
° jo* pakaraa [L=127409]
( Ratna1v. ) the requisites for the worship or adoration of a god.
(H3) n.

Puja Usage

Sri Manasa Puja
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Worship involves the act of worship (puja) done with a worshipful attitude ( pujya bhava). A mere mechanical act without the exalted feeling and right attitude is joyless and meaningless. Also feelings unexpressed in words or action too ...
Swami Tejomayananda

Kali Puja:
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Kali Puja is presented in the original Samskrta, a Romanized phonetic translation, and a complete English translation. This is the first time that many of these mantras have been translated from their original language.
Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Religions of India: A User Friendly and Brief Introduction to ... - Page 26
- 2002 - 116 pages - Preview
Puja Now let's discuss a concept and ritual practice intimately connected to bhakti, ie puja : puja—“Honor;” refers to acts of worship performed before the deity in its shrine (either at home by the eldest married male in the household ...
Jack Sikora

Play Of The Gods: Locality, Ideology, Structure, And Time In The ... - Page 171
- 2004 - 273 pages - Preview
The collectivity of men in a particular locality may mount a puja in honor of one or another aspect of the goddess. In this case the more recent phenomenon of community pujas includes all people, just as the king's puja includes all ...
Ákos Östör

Darśan: seeing the divine image in India - Page 47
- 1998 - 115 pages - Preview
In summary, Hindu worship reveals not only an attitude of honor but also an attitude of affection in the range of ritual act and gesture utilized in the treatment of the image. The general term for rites of worship and honor is puja. ...
Diana L. Eck