Rupa - having the form or appearance or color of

rūpá [p= 886,1] [p= 885,3] [L=179062]
(perhaps connected with varpa , varpas ; ifc. f(ā). , rarely f(ī).) any outward appearance or phenomenon or colour (often pl.) , form , shape , figure RV. &c (rūpea ifc. in the form of ; rūpam-k or √ bhū , to assume a form ; often ifc. = " having the form or appearance or colour of " , " formed or composed of " , " consisting of " , " like to " ; sometimes used after an adj. or p.p. to emphasize its meaning or almost redundantly cf. ghora-r° ; or connected with a verb e.g. pacati-rūpam , he cooks very well cf. Pa1n2. 8-1 , 57)
886,1] [L=179063]
pl.) VS. S3Br.

RV. &c

VS. &c

Mn. Katha1s.

opp. to " time " and " place ") Mn. viii , 45

R. Sus3r.



VarBr2S. Gan2it.

partic. coin (prob. a rupee) VarBr2S.


alg.) the arithmetical unit

pl.) integer number

i.e. first syllable of rūpa) IW. 182

Pa1n2. 1-1 , 68 &c

phil.) the quality of colour (one of the 17 or 24 guas of the vaiśeikas) IW. 68

i.e. the organized body (as one of the 5 constituent elements or skandhas) Dharmas. 22 MWB. 109

dram.) a reflection or remark made under partic. circumstances when the action is at its height (garbhe) Bhar. Das3ar. &c

L. ) cattle

= granthā*vtti)
rūpá [L=179085]
a word of unknown meaning AV. xviii , 3 , 40
rūpá [L=179086]
(pl.) N. of a people MBh.
rūpá [L=179087]
or n. N. of a place (v.l. rūma) Cat.
(H2) n.
[p= dreamy or phantom shapes (
[L=179064]handsome form , loveliness , grace , beauty , splendour
[L=179065]nature , character , peculiarity , feature , mark , sign , symptom
[L=179066]likeness , image , reflection
[L=179067]circumstances (
[L=179068]sort , kind
[L=179069]mode , manner , way
[L=179070](ifc.) trace of.
[L=179071]a single specimen or exemplar (and therefore a term for the number " one ")
[L=179073]a show , play , drama
[L=179076]known or absolute number , a known quantity as having specific form (and expressed by
[L=179077](in gram.) any form of a noun or verb (as inflected by declension or conjugation)
[L=179079](with Buddhists) material form
[L=179082]a beast
[L=179083]a sound , word
[L=179084]rereading a book (
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.