abhyantara - on intimate terms

yatra yatra mano yāti bāhye vābhyantare 'pi vā |
tatra tatra śivāvāsthā vyāpakatvāt kva yāsyati || 116 ||

abhy-antara [p= 75,3] [L=13209]
(ā)n. interior , being inside of , included in (loc. ; gen. or in comp. [cf. gaā*bhyantara]) MBh. ii , 2282 , &c

loc.) R. Megh.

abhy-antara [L=13212]
inner part , interior , inside , middle S3a1k. &c
abhy-antara [L=13213]
(generally loc. ; ifc.) interval , space of time Mr2icch. Pan5cat. Hit.
abhy-antara [p= 1315,2] [L=312660]
"on intimate terms", a lover, Divya7v.

Some Sanskrit Words for Inside

(H1) mf
[L=13210]initiated in , conversant with (
[L=13211]next , nearly related , intimate
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H2) m.

antá--paridhi [p= 43,1] [L=7996]
in the inside of the pieces of wood forming the paridhi Ka1tyS3r.
(H3) ind.

antá--pratiṣṭhita [L=8025]
residing inside.
(H3) mfn.

antá--śalya [p= 43,2] [L=8029]
antá-) mfn. having a pin or extraneous body sticking inside S3Br.
(H3) (

antar--ādhāna [L=8065]
antár-) mfn. " having a bit inside " , bridled TBr.
(H3) (

antar--āpaa [L=8066]
a market inside (a town) R.
(H3) m.

antar--goṣṭha [L=8086]
(antár-) being inside of the stable MaitrS.
antar--goṣṭha [L=8086.1]
inside of a stable Ma1nGr2.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.

antar--mudra [p= 43,3] [L=8134]
" sealed inside " , N. of a form of devotion.
(H3) m.

ántara--sthá [p= 44,1] [L=8212]
interposed , internal , situated inside , inward

separate , apart.
(H3) mfn.

ántara--sthāyin [L=8214]
interposed , internal , situated inside , inward

separate , apart.
(H3) mfn.

ántara--sthita [L=8216]
interposed , internal , situated inside , inward

(H3) mfn.
[L=8217]separate , apart.

antarā́ [L=8220]
in the middle , inside , within , among , between

acc. and loc.) between , during , without.
antarā [p= 1313,1] [L=308290]
antarā ca - antarā ca, with two accusatives of places = "between -and-", Divya7v. )
(H2) ind.
[L=8220.1]on the way , by the way
[L=8220.2]near , nearly , almost
[L=8220.3]in the meantime , now and then
[L=8220.4]for some time
(H2) (add,

antár- √ yam [p= 44,2] [L=8310]
sg. -yaccha) to hinder , stop RV. x , 102 , 3 VS. TS.  ; 
-yacchatu) to keep inside A1s3vGr2.
(H1) (Imper. 2.

antar- √ vas 5 [L=8311]
S3is3.  ; 
to stop in the midst of
MBh. (cf. antar-uya s.v. antár.)
(H1) to dwell inside , abide in the interior

antás--toya [L=8319]
containing water inside Megh.
(H3) mfn.

apa-stamba [p= 53,2] [L=9868]
a vessel inside or on one side of the chest containing vital air Bhpr.
(H1) m.