kapālāntar mano nyasya tiṣṭhan mīlitalocanaḥ |
krameṇa manaso dārḍhyāt lakṣayet laṣyam uttamam || 34 ||

mīlita [p= 819,1] [L=164718]
one who has closed his eyes , sleepy (only compar. °tá-tara) S3Br.

opp. to mukta) Pan5cavBr.

&c ) Ka1v. Pur.



rhet.) an implied simile (in which the similarity between two objects is only implied , as in the example: " women clothed in white are invisible in the moonlight , therefore they are as bright as moonlight ") Kpr. Kuval
(H2) mfn.
[L=164719]closed , obstructed (
[L=164720]closed , unblown , partly opened (as eyes , blossoms
[L=164721]disappeared , ceased to be
[L=164722]met , assembled , gathered together