Rudrayamala- aTantra

śrutaṃ deva mayā sarvaṃ rudrayāmalasambhavam |
trikabhedam aśeṣeṇa sārāt sāravibhāgaśaḥ || 1 ||

rudrá--yāmala [p= 883,3] [L=178631]
N. of a tantra wk. in the form of a dialogue between bhairava and bhairavī
(H3) n.

Lalita Sahasranama - Page 100
- 2010 - 646 pages - Preview
This is explained in Rudrayāmala, an ancient scripture, as told by Śiva Himself to Śaktī. This nāma means that She likes samayācāra worship. This worship can be done only mentally. Initiation from a Guru is the first step in this ...

A history of Indian literature: Volume 2, Part 2 - Page 47
Sanjukta Gupta - 1981 - 245 pages - Preview
The Rudrayamala is perhaps the most mysterious of all Yamalas. It is encountered everywhere, yet always vanishes after ... It is even uncertain if an original Rudrayamala ever existed, despite the fact that the title figures in all old ...
Jan Gonda,

The Alchemical Body: Siddha Traditions in Medieval India - Page 145
- 1998 - 614 pages - Preview
... are works of Kaula inspiration, which implicitly follow the doctrines promulgated in such texts as the KJ1iN of Matsyendra, the KM, and the Kularnava Tantra, as well as the old Yamaha texts (Rudrayamala, Brahmayamala, etc.). ...
David Gordon White

Gorakhnāth and the Kānphaṭa Yogīs - Page 174
Rudra Yamala, which corresponds to Ward's description. And Aitkinson1 remarks that the descriptions given by Ward and Wilson fairly represent the practices in the mountains. And he adds that each step in the service is accompanied by ...
George Weston Briggs - 1938 - 380 pages -

The Yoga of delight, wonder, and astonishment: a translation of ... - Page xxvi
- 1991 - 173 pages - Google eBook - Preview
The text of Vijnanabhairava claims to be the quintessence of Rudrayamala Tantra which means union of Rudra with His Sakti ... The authentic text of Rudrayamala Tantra is not available. So it is not possible to say how far the text of ...
Jaideva Singh

Auspicious wisdom: the texts and traditions of Śrīvidyā Śākta ... - Page 212
- 1992 - 301 pages - Google eBook - Preview
In Tantric literature the case of the often quoted Rudrayamala provides another example of verses (or a text) ... Texts bearing this title in manuscript do not contain the many verses attributed to the Rudrayamala by Tantric authors. ...
Douglas Renfrew Brooks

The serpent power: being the Ṣaṭ-cakra-nirūpana and ... - Page 94
, Sir John George Woodroffe, Pūrṇānanda - 1974 - 529 pages - Preview
The ritual explanation, as given in the Rudra-yamala (xiv. 73, xv. 2, xvi. 1, 2) is that the petal Va is Brahma (Rajo- guna), and is the Bija ... See Rudra- yamala XVII, where priority is given to Atharva as dealing with Acara of Sakti. ...
Arthur Avalon

Śaivāgamas: a study in the socio-economic ideas and institutions ... - Page 38
- 1990 - 304 pages - Preview
Originally supposed to be a part of the Rudrayamala Tantra26 the Vijnana- bhairava provided a condensed manual for the ... The complete text of the Rudrayamala though not extant, is claimed to be the source of the present Agama and ...
V. N. Drabu

Encyclopaedia of Tantra: Volume 2
- 1999 - Snippet view
Tantra has accepted the importance of mental disposition (Bhava) in sahana to be extent that — as Rudra yamala declares deity does not reside in a tone or clay, but it abides in a mental disposition or Bhava.16 The purpose of sadhana ...
Sadhu Santidev

Renowned goddess of desire: women, sex, and speech in Tantra - Page 176
- 2007 - 300 pages - Google eBook - Preview
There is no need for further consideration here'' (2.31).98 In a further quote, again unnamed, but which can be found in the extant version of the Rudrayamala Uttara Tantra, he describes the qualities of a woman who is fit to be a guru. ...
Loriliai Biernacki

The triadic Heart of Śiva: Kaula tantricism of Abhinavagupta in ... - Page 42
- 1989 - 330 pages - Google eBook - Preview
The list of eleven tantra-s usually includes the Svacchanda, the Vijnana- bhairava, the Ucchusma-bhairava, the Ananda-bhairava, the Mrgendra, Matanga, Netra, NaUvasa, Svayam- bhuva, and Rudra-yamala. The so-called Paratrimsika verses ...
Paul Eduardo Muller-Ortega

A catalogue of Sanskrit and Prakrit manuscripts in the Rajasthan ...
- 1963 - No preview

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Rājasthāna Prācyavidyā Pratishṭhāna

yamala [p= 846,3] [L=170552]
(ā)n. twin , paired , doubled Sus3r.
yamala [p= 846,3] [L=170553]
a singer in a duet Sam2gi1t.
yamala [p= 847,1] [L=170554]
N. of the number " two " Su1ryas.
yamala [p= 847,1] [L=170555]
du. twins , a pair , couple , brace MBh. Ka1v. &c
yamalā [p= 847,1] [L=170556]
a kind of hiccough Sus3r.
yamalā [p= 847,1] [L=170557]
N. of a tantra deity Cat.
yamalā [p= 847,1] [L=170558]
of a river S3atr.
yamalā [p= 847,1] [L=170559]
a sort of dress (consisting of body and petticoat) W. (also f(ī) DivyA7v. )
yamala [p= 847,1] [L=170560]
a pair L.
yamala [p= 847,1] [L=170610]
[p= 846,3].
(H2) mf
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) n.
(H1) »

rudrá--yāmala---tantra [p= 883,3] [L=178632]
id. (cf. IW. 525)
(H4) n.

see also:
rudrá--yāma° līya-cikitsā [p= 883,3] [L=178633.1]
N. of wk.
(H4) f.

rudrá--loka [p= 883,3] [L=178640]
rudra's world Hariv. VP.
(H3) m.

rudrá--yajña [p= 883,3] [L=178630]
an oblation or sacrifice offered to rudra Katha1s.
(H3) m.