Samavesha - Entering Together

rudraśaktisamāveśas tat kṣetram bhāvanā parā |
anyathā tasya tattvasya kā pūjā kāś ca tṛpyati || 151 ||

sam-āveśa [p= 1162,3] [L=234616]
entering together or at once , entering Cat.

comp.) RPra1t. Hariv.

MBh. Das3ar.

Va1rtt. on Pa1n2. Ka1s3.

Un2. i , 108 Sch.

(H2) m.
[L=234617]meeting , penetration , absorption into (
[L=234618]simultaneous occurrence , co-existence
[L=234619](in gram.) applying together , common applicability of a term
[L=234620]agreeing with , agreement

Pratyabhijna karika of Utpaldeva: basic text on Pratyabhijna ...: Volume 1
- 1975 - Snippet view
Abhinavagupta was himself a born Yogin (Yoginibhu) who constantly practised Shaiva-samavesha in his life. ... For this reason even the value of Shaiva Yoga (Shaiva Samavesha) dealt with briefly in the Pratyabhijna Shastra cannot be ...
R. K. Kaw

Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
- 2010 - 408 pages - Google eBook - Preview
... again, samadhi, the state of complete absorption; or samavesha (literally, “ sameness with divine Presence”), the state of merging into your own Consciousness. Of course, there are several levels of ...
Sally Kempton

Hindu culture and personality: a psycho-analytic study

The various disciplines taught to aspirants of different levels all end in the same way: ". . .the individual will be able to see the world with a higher vision and will get the samavesha (merging) of the supreme consciousness. ...
Philip Spratt - 1966 - 400 pages - Snippet view

Secrets of kuṇḍalinī in Panchastavi
- 1978 - 245 pages - Snippet view
31 The state of perennial union with universal consciousness is described in the commentary on Pratyabhijna Hridayam thus: —"On the attainment of the bliss of consciousness, ie on the attainment of 'Samavesha' (contemplative experience ...
Gopi Krishna

Yoga Journal - Mar 2008 - Page 96
Full view
Easton is also teaming up with her husband, Scott Blossom, and a group of experts in the Tantric tradition to teach Samavesha Yoga, an approach that blends asana with philosophy, mantra, pranayama, and meditation. ...
No. 209 - 152 pages - Magazine -

sam-° āveśana [L=234621]
entering , taking possession Sam2ska1rak.

A1PGr2. ??
(H3) n.
[L=234622]consummation of marriage ,
sam-praveśa [p= 1176,2] [L=236570]
entering into together , complete entrance , going into (loc. or comp.) Ka1tyS3r. MBh. R.

gen.) MBh.

(H2) m.
[L=236571]place of entrance , place entered by (
sa-° véśana [p= 1116,1] [L=226296]
(ī)n. causing to lie down TA1r.
sa-° véśana [L=226297]
lying down RV. Gr2S3rS. BhP.
sa-° véśana [L=226298]
entering , going in S3am2k.
sa-° véśana [L=226299]
sexual union , coition Ka1tyS3r.
sa-° véśana [L=226300]
a seat , bench L.

(H3) mf
(H3B) n.
(H3B) n.
(H3B) n.
(H3B) n.
sa-niveśa [p= 1147,2] [L=232112]
entering or sitting down together , entrance into , settlement (acc. with √ k or vi-dhā , " to take up a position , settle down ") Ka1v. Sus3r.

ifc. " situated in or on ") Sus3r. Ka1lid. Va1s.

Ka1v. Katha1s.







» lakaa-s°)


Ka1v. Pur. Sa1h.

tvaṣṭṛ and racanā) BhP.

Ragh. Uttarar. BhP.

(H2) m.
[L=232113]seat , position , situation (
[L=232114]station , encampment , abode , place
[L=232116]an open place or play-ground in or near a town (where people assemble for recreation)
[L=232117]assembling together , assembly , crowd
[L=232118]causing to enter , putting down together
[L=232119]insertion , inclusion
[L=232120]attachment to any pursuit
[L=232121]impression (of a mark ;
[L=232122]foundation (of a town)
[L=232123]putting together , fabrication , construction , composition , arrangement
[L=232124]Construction personified (as son of
[L=232125]form , figure , appearance
[L=232126]form of an asterism