Mukha-Face, mouth, countenance, snout, opening, nipple . . .

mukha [p= 819,3] [L=164836]
(m. g. ardharcā*di ; ifc. f(ā , or ī). cf. Pa1n2. iv , 1 , 54 , 58) the mouth , face , countenance RV. &c , &c

Gr2S. Mn. MBh. &c

esp. ifc. cf. di-m° ; mfn. turning or turned towards , facing cf. adho-m° also ind(am). cf. prān-mukham)


gen. or comp.) MBh. Ka1v. &c


TBr. MBh.

VS. Br. MBh. &c (also mfn. in comp. cf. payo-m° )



A1ryabh. Sch.

ifc. = having any one or anything as chief &c ) S3Br. MBh. &c

ifc. = beginning with ; also -mukhā*di cf. the use of ādi) Br. MBh. Ka1v. &c

gen. or comp.) MBh.

°khena ind. by means of) S3am2k.

dram.) the original cause or source of the action Das3ar. Prata1p.

alg.) the first term or initial quantity of a progression Col.

geom.) the side opposite to the base , the summit ib.

veda L.


mukha [L=164857]
Artocarpus Locuchs L.
mukha [p= 1331,3] [L=338280]
(H1) n.
[L=164837]the beak of a bird , snout or muzzle of an animal
[L=164838]a direction , quarter (
[L=164839]the mouth or spout of a vessel
[L=164840]opening aperture , entrance into or egress out of (
[L=164841]the mouth or embouchure (of a river)
[L=164842]the fore part , front , van (of an army)
[L=164843]the upper part , head , top , tip or point of anything
[L=164844]the edge (of an axe)
[L=164845]the nipple (of a breast)
[L=164846]the surface , upper side
[L=164847]the chief , principal , best (
[L=164848]introduction , commencement , beginning (
[L=164849]source , cause , occasion of (
[L=164850]a means (
[L=164855]rock salt
(H1B) m.
(H2) (incomp.)