ádhara [p= 19,3] [L=3971]
(connected with adhás) , lower , inferior , tending downwards
19,3] [L=3972]
19,3] [L=3973]
ádhara [p= 19,3] [L=3974]
the lower lip , the lip
ádha° rā́t [p= 19,3] [L=3974.1]
abl. » s.v. below
ádharasmāt [p= 19,3] [L=3975]
abl. below L.
ádharā [p= 19,3] [L=3976]
the lower region , nadir
ádhara [p= 19,3] [L=3977]
the lower part , a reply , pudendum muliebre L. [Lat. inferus].
adhara [p= 1310,2] [L=303230]
(H1) mfn.
[p= low , vile
[p= worsted , silenced
(H1) m.
(H1C) ind.
(H1C) ind.
(H1B) f.
(H1B) n.
(H2) (in

Utkalaśrīmañjūṣā: proceedings of the National Seminar on Sri ...
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Narayana is the Adhara (Base) and the abode of energy. The word Narayana is derived from the root 'Nara', meaning water or Jnana (knowledge) and Ayana' means abode. So the word Narayana means one whose abode is in water or one

Bioenergy Economy - Page 237
MD Farzad Goli - 2010 - 282 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Adhara means 'base' or `Substratum'. There are sixteen specific centres in the body called adharas which refer to the major and minor chakras. Jalandhara bandha may also be defined as the practice that locks the pranic network of the ...