Grahaka-Perceiver, seizer, purchaser,

grāhyagrāhakasaṃvittiḥ sāmānyā sarvadehinām |
yogināṃ tu viśeṣo =B9sti sambandhe sāvadhānatā || 106 ||

grāhaka [p= 372,3] [L=68765]
(ikā)n. one who seizes or takes captive Ya1jn5. ii , 266

Su1ryas. iv , vi

Hcat. i , 7

Pan5cat. Katha1s. lxi Tantras.

Sa1h. Sch. on RPra1t. and KapS. i , 40

phil.) subject MBh. iii , 13932 KapS. v , 98 and vi , 4 Sa1m2khyak. 27 Sch. Sarvad.

MBh. xii , 4202 R.
grāhaka [L=68772]
a hawk , falcon (catching snakes) L.
grāhaka [L=68773]
Marsilea quadrifolia L.
grāhaka [L=68774]
N. of a demon causing diseases Hariv. 9561
grāhaka [p= 373,1] [L=68776]
ifc. the taking hold of Das3. vii , 193 (v.l. grah°).
(H2) mf
[L=68766]one who seizes (the sun or moon) , who eclipses
[L=68767]one who receives or accepts
[L=68768]a purchaser
[L=68769]containing , including
[L=68770]perceiving , perceiver , (in
[L=68771]captivating , persuading
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) mfn.

Between certainty and finitude: a study of Laṅkāvatārasūtra ... - Page 33
- 2006 - 253 pages - Preview
That the distinction grahya-grahaka is itself a manifestion of citta is implied in S16b ... 121: citta-matram idam sarvam dvidha cittam pravartate I grahya- grahaka-bhavena atmatmiyam na vidyate II; and in: N272.3-4, vs. 58; N285.3-4, ...
Aucke Forsten

Siva Sutras: The Yoga of Supreme Identity - Page 204
- 1988 - 278 pages - Preview
Grahaka or limited subject refers to Maya-pramata, not to the metempirical subject. 8. If there is no pleasure or pain etc. in that Reality, it does not mean that it is devoid of sentiency. It is the Absolute consciousness in itself. ...
Jaideva Singh

The Stanzas on vibration: the Spandakārikā with four commentaries ... - Page 197
, Mark S. G. Dyczkowski - 1992 - 427 pages - Google eBook - Preview
So we have the subject (grahaka) which Rajanaka Rama calls, as does the Pratya- bhijna, the illusory (mayiya) subject, and the real (tattvika) subject. With this same distinction in mind, Ksemaraja quotes this Stanza in his commentary ...

The philosophy of sādhanā: with special reference to the Trika ... - Page 150
- 1990 - 196 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Thus, the firm realization of the identity of grdhya, the object of experience, and the grahaka, the sadhaka's self, ... In the next step, the sadhaka is enjoined to meditate on the identity of subject (grahaka) and the object (grahya ) ...
Debabrata Sen Sharma

A Buddhist doctrine of experience: a new translation and ...
, Vasubandhu - 1982 - 287 pages - Snippet view
Evam-asya grahya-grahaka-vinirmuktim laksapam paridipitam bhavati. MVKBT 1.2 2. ... samsara-anurupaS-citta-caitta aviSefena-abhuta-parikalpah. ViSeseria tu grahya-grahaka-vikalpah. Tatra grahya-vikalpo' arthasattva-pratibhasam. ...
Thomas A. Kochumuttom

Fundamentals of the philosophy of tantras
- 1986 - 667 pages - Snippet view
Be it in the divine or mundane, aharhkara works as grahaka. Purnaham is beyond the reach of grahaka, ... The state of purnaham is one and full, there is nothing to reveal It. Aham as grahaka is relative to grahya for if there be nothing ...
Manoranjan Basu
The concept of knowledge: Indian theories
- 1984 - 296 pages - Snippet view
Self-luminosity cannot be predicated of knowledge, even if grahaka and grahya ( subject and object; knowledge and known), are supposed to belong essentially to knowledge. Assuming that both belong to knowledge and that there is nothing ...
Debabrata Sen

Ch'eng wei-shih lun: the doctrine of mere-consciousness
Vasubandhu - 1973 - 818 pages - Snippet view
Grahya and Grahaka Object and Subject of Knowledge 1 . Object and subject of knowledge The dharmas conceived by the Tirthikas (Non-Buddhist Schools) or the Hinayana Schools as distinct from mind and its attributes have not the nature of ...

Perceptual error: the Indian theories - Page 55
- 1998 - 150 pages - Preview
We have already seen that for the Vijnanavadin the consciousness in which the duality of the perceived object (grahya ) and the perceiving subject (grahaka) does not exist is the ultimate reality. "The form etc. are the grahya', ...
Srinivasa Rao