Samplu-Stream Together

What a marvelous word: to stream together, melt into, go down with the ship.
lehanāmanthanākoṭaiḥ strīsukhasya bharāt smṛteḥ |
śaktyabhāve 'pi deveśi bhaved ānanda
samplavaḥ || 70 ||

sam- √ plu [L=236727]
-plavate , to flow or stream together , meet (as waters) MBh.  ; 
to be heaped or massed together (as clouds)
ChUp.  ; 
to founder , go down (as a ship)
GopBr.  ; 
to fluctuate , waver (as the mind)
Uttarar. : Caus. -plāvayati to cause to flow or mass together (as clouds) TS. S3Br.  ; 
to melt into , mingle or merge with (
instr.) AgP.  ; 
to float over , inundate , submerge
MBh. R.
(H1) A1.

related words

sam-upa- √ vah [p= 1169,2] [L=235654]
-vahati , to bear or carry along with , flow with MBh. : Pass. -upo*hyate , to be borne near , approach Hariv.
(H1) P.
sam-pari- √ plu [p= 1172,2] [L=236094]
-plavate , to flow quite over , overflow (» p.p.)
(H1) A1.
sam-prameha [p= 1175,3] [L=236505]
morbid flow of urine Car.
(H1) m.
sam-pra- √ sic [p= 1176,3] [L=236621]
-sicyate , to flow out , issue Hariv. Sus3r.
(H1) Pass.
sam-pra- √ sru [L=236642]
-sravati , to flow forth together , issue from (abl.) Up. R. : Caus. srāvayati , to cause to run together , mix , mingle TBr.
(H1) P.
sam-pre* [p= 1177,2] [L=236700]
-pra-  5 i) P. -prai*ti to go forth together , flow together RV. AV.
(H1) (


sam-ud- √ vt [p= 1168,3] [L=235544]
-vartayati , to cause to rise or swell R.