Vibhu-arise, pervade, mighty, Lord

vi- √ bhū [p= 978,2] [L=198394]
-bhavati , to arise , be developed or manifested , expand , appear RV. TS. Mun2d2Up.  ; 
to suffice , be adequate or equal to or a match for (
dat. or acc.) S3Br.  ; 
to pervade , fill
Pan5cavBr.  ; 
to be able to or capable of (
inf.) BhP.  ; 
to exist (in
a-vibhavat , " not existing ") Ka1tyS3r. : Caus. -bhāvayati , to cause to arise or appear , develop , manifest , reveal , show forth , display S3a1n3khBr. MBh. &c  ; 
to pretend , feign
Kull. on Mn. viii , 362  ; 
to divide , separate
BhP.  ; 
to perceive distinctly , find out , discover , ascertain , know , acknowledge , recognise as (
acc.) MBh. Ka1v. &c  ; 
to regard or consider as , take for (two
acc.) Kuval.  ; 
to suppose , fancy , imagine
BhP. Pan5car.  ; 
to think , reflect
Katha1s. Pan5cat.  ; 
to suppose anything of or about (
loc.) BhP.  ; 
to make clear , establish , prove , decide
Mn. Ya1jn5.  ; 
to convict , convince
Ya1jn5. Das3. : Pass. of Caus. -bhāvyate , to be considered or regarded as , appear , seem (nom.) MBh. Ka1v. &c : Desid. » -bubhūā: Intens. » -bobhuvat.
vi-bhū́ [p= 978,3] [L=198439]
(ū́ or vī́)n. (Ved.) being everywhere , far-extending , all-pervading , omnipresent , eternal RV. VS. Up. MBh. &c

RV. VS. Br.

inf.) RV. &c

vi-bhū́ [L=198443]
a lord , ruler , sovereign , king (also applied to brahmā , viṣṇu , and śiva) MBh. Ka1v. &c
vi-bhū́ [L=198444]
(ifc.) chief of or among VarBr2S.
vi-bhū́ [L=198445]
a servant L.
vi-bhū́ [L=198446]
the sun L.
vi-bhū́ [L=198447]
the moon L.
vi-bhū́ [L=198448]
N. of kubera L. ( W. also " ether ; space ; time ; the soul ")
vi-bhū́ [L=198449]
N. of a god (son of veda-śiras and tuitā) BhP.
vi-bhū́ [L=198450]
of a class of gods under manu sāvari Ma1rkP.
vi-bhū́ [L=198451]
of indra under manu raivata and under the 7th manu ib. BhP.
vi-bhū́ [L=198452]
of a son of viṣṇu and dakiā BhP.
vi-bhū́ [L=198453]
of a son of bhaga and siddhi ib.
vi-bhū́ [L=198454]
of buddha L.
vi-bhū́ [L=198455]
of a brother of śakuni MBh.
vi-bhū́ [L=198456]
of a son of śambara Hariv.
vi-bhū́ [L=198457]
of a son of satya-ketu and father of su-vibhu VP.
vi-bhū́ [L=198458]
of a son of dharma-ketu and father of su-kumāra ib.
vi-bhū́ [L=198459]
of a son of vara-ketu or satya-ketu and father of ānarta Hariv.
vi-bhū́ [L=198460]
of a son of prastāva and niyutsā BhP.
vi-bhū́ [L=198461]
of a son of bhgu MW.
vi-bhū́ [L=198462]
N. of the bhus RV.
vi-bhū [L=198473]
comp. for vi-bhu
(H1) P.
(H3) mf
[L=198440]abundant , plentiful
[L=198441]mighty , powerful , excellent , great , strong , effective , able to or capable of (
[L=198442]firm , solid , hard
(H3B) m.
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(H3B) m. pl.
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