Moha-Bewilderment, wonder, amazement

móha [p= 836,1] [L=168572]
( √1. muh ; ifc. f(ā). ) loss of consciousness , bewilderment , perplexity , distraction , infatuation , delusion , error , folly AV. &c (moham-brū , to say anything that leads to error ; moha- , to fall into error ; mohāt ind. through folly or ignorance)

MBh. Ka1v. &c

phil.) darkness or delusion of mind (preventing the discernment of truth and leading men to believe in the reality of worldly objects)

Dharmas. 139)

= mohana) Cat.


brahmā) VP.
moha [p= 1331,3] [L=338400]
(H1) m.
[L=168573]fainting , stupefaction , a swoon
[L=168575](with Buddhists) ignorance (one of the three roots of vice
[L=168576]a magical art employed to bewilder an enemy (
[L=168577]wonder , amazement
[L=168578]Infatuation personified (as the offspring of
(H2) (in


móha--jāla [L=168584]
net of illusion , mundane fascination Ya1jn5. MBh.



mohana [p= 836,1] [L=168603]
(ī)n. depriving of consciousness , bewildering , confusing , perplexing , leading astray , infatuating MBh. R. &c
mohana [L=168604]
the thorn-apple L.
mohana [L=168605]
N. of śiva R.
mohana [L=168606]
N. of one of the 5 arrows of the god of love Vet.
mohana [L=168607]
of various other authors and men Katha1s. S3ukas. Cat.
mohana [L=168609]
Trigonella Corniculata L.
mohana [L=168611]
a partic. illusion or delusion Sarvad.
mohana [L=168612]
a partic. incantation Katha1s.
mohana [L=168613]
N. of an apsaras Pan5car.
mohana [L=168614]
of a female demon (daughter of garbha-hant) Ma1rkP.
mohana [L=168615]
of one of the nine śaktis of viṣṇu L.
mohana [L=168616]
the being deluded or infatuated , delusion , infatuation , embarrassment , mistake Nir. Bhag. Gi1t.
mohana [L=168617]
stupor , being stupefied Sus3r.
mohana [L=168618]
sexual intercourse Ka1v. Sa1h.
mohana [L=168619]
the act of perplexing , puzzling , bewildering R. Gi1t. Ma1rkP.
mohana [L=168620]
any means employed for bewildering others Das3.
mohana [L=168621]
temptation , seduction W.
mohana [L=168622]
a magical charm used to bewilder an enemy
mohana [L=168623]
the formula used in that process (esp. the hymns AV. iii , 1 , 2) Kaus3.
mohana [L=168624]
N. of a town MBh.
(H2) mf
(H2B) m.
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(H2B) n.
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(H2B) n.


māyā́--yoga [L=163136]
the application or employment of illusion , employment of magical arts R. BhP.



Sanskrit words for “Illusion” or pertaining to it

1 amāyika (illusion) 2 avidyā (illusion) 3 āvaraṇaśakti (illusion) 4 indrajāla (illusion) 5 ūrmi (illusion) 6 kadalīskandha (illusion) 7 kūṭa (illusion) 8 cākacikya (illusion) 9 citrā (illusion) 10 jāla (illusion) 11 jālaka (illusion) 12 tamas (illusion) 13 durmada (illusion) 14 durmadāndha (illusion) 15 devamāyā (illusion) 16 nirmoha (illusion) 17 nirvyājīkṛta (illusion) 18 parikriyā (illusion) 19 parikalpa (illusion) 20 pratibhāsa (illusion) 21 bhūtasṛṣṭi (illusion) 22 mativiparyaya (illusion) 23 manoratha (illusion) 24 mahāmāya (illusion) 25 mahāmāyā (illusion) 26 māyā (illusion) 27 māyākāra (illusion) 28 māyākṛt (illusion) 29 māyācāra (illusion) 30 māyājīvin (illusion) 31 māyātmaka (illusion) 32 māyāda (illusion) 33 māyādhara (illusion) 34 māyānvita (illusion) 35 māyāpaṭu (illusion) 36 māyāpati (illusion) 37 māyāmaya (illusion) 38 māyāmoha (illusion) 39 māyāyantra (illusion) 40 māyāyoga (illusion) 41 māyāvasika (illusion) 42 māyāvāda (illusion) 43 māyāvin (illusion) 44 māyika (illusion) 45 māyin (illusion) 46 mithyātva (illusion) 47 mithyātvin (illusion) 48 mithyāpratyaya (illusion) 49 mohakalila (illusion) 50 mohajāla (illusion) 51 mohapāśa (illusion) 52 mohana (illusion) 53 mohanīya (illusion) 54 vañcana (illusion) 55 vāruṇya (illusion) 56 vimāya (illusion) 57 vibhrama (illusion) 58 viveka (illusion) 59 vivarta (illusion) 60 vivartavāda (illusion) 61 viṣṇumāyā (illusion) 62 vismāpana (illusion) 63 vītamoha (illusion) 64 śāmbarī (illusion) 65 saṃścat (illusion) 66 saṃsāra (illusion) 67 sammoha (illusion) 68 sammohamaulin (illusion) 69 sammohanī (illusion) 70 svapnamukhā (illusion) 71 svapnavasthā (illusion) 72 hera (illusion) 73 atimāya (illusion)


(H2) a-māyika [p= 81,2] [L=14065] mfn. without illusion or deceit , void of trick or guile Comm. on Kir.
[L=14066] not illusory , real Kap.

(H1B) á-vidyā [p= 108,3] [L=18827] f. ignorance , spiritual ignorance AV. xi , 8 , 23 VS. xl , 12-14 S3Br. xiv
(H1B) á-vidyā [L=18828] f. (in vedānta phil.) illusion (personified as māyā) ; ignorance together with non-existence Buddh.

(H3) ā-varaṇa--śakti [p= 156,1] [L=27184] f. the power of illusion (that which veils the real nature of things) Veda1ntas.

(H3) índra--jālá [p= 166,2] [L=28985] n. the net of indra AV. viii , 8 , 8
[L=28986] a weapon employed by arjuna MBh.
[L=28987] sham , illusion , delusion , magic , sorcery , juggle
[L=28988] the art of magic &c Katha1s. Ratna1v. Prab. Veda1ntas. Sa1h. &c

(H1) ūrmí [p= 222,3] [L=38296] mf. ( √ṛ Un2. iv , 44), a wave , billow RV. AV. VS. Ka1tyS3r. MBh. Ragh. &c
[L=38297] (figuratively) wave of pain or passion or grief &c R. Prab. &c
[L=38298] " the waves of existence " (six are enumerated , viz. cold and heat [of the body] , greediness and illusion [of the mind] , and hunger and thirst [of life] Subh. ; or according to others , hunger , thirst , decay , death , grief , illusion Comm. on VP. W. )
[L=38299] speed , velocity TBr. ii , 5 , 7 , 1 S3is3. v , 4
[L=38300] symbolical expression for the number six Ra1matUp.
[L=38301] a fold or plait in a garment L.
[L=38302] line , row L.
[L=38303] missing , regretting , desire L.
[L=38304] appearance , becoming manifest L. ; ([cf. Lith. vil-ni-s ; Old High Germ. wella ; Mod. Germ. Welle ; Eng. well.])

(H3) kadalī--skandha [p= 248,1] [L=42893] m. a particular form of illusion ( Buddh. ) L.

(H1) kū́ṭa [p= 299,2] [L=53812] n. the bone of the forehead with its projections or prominences , horn RV. x , 102 , 4 AV. S3Br. AitBr.
[L=53813] a kind of vessel or implement Kaus3. 16
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53814] mn. any prominence or projection (e.g. aṃsa-k° , akṣi-k° , qq. vv.)
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53815] mn. summit , peak or summit of a mountain MBh. &c
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53816] mn. summit , head i.e. the highest , most excellent , first BhP. ii , 9 , 19
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53817] mn. a heap , multitude (e.g. abhra-k° , a multitude of clouds) MBh. R. BhP.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53818] mn. part of a plough , ploughshare , body of a plough L.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53819] mn. an iron mallet MBh. xvi , 4 , 6
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53820] mn. a trap for catching deer , concealed weapon (as a dagger in a wooden case , sword-stick , &c ) R. Pan5cat.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53821] mn. (as L. ; am) illusion , fraud , trick , untruth , falsehood L.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53822] mn. a puzzling question , enigma BhP. vi , 5 , 10 and 29
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53823] m. a kind of hall (= maṇḍapa) Hcat.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53824] m. N. of a particular constellation VarBr2. xii , 8 and 16
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53825] m. a subdivision of graha-yuddha Su1ryas.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53826] m. a mystical N. of the letter kṣa Ra1matUp.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53827] m. N. of agastya (cf. kuṭaja) L.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53828] m. of an enemy of viṣṇu R. BhP. x
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53829] mn. uniform substance (as the etherial element , &c ) L.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53830] mn. a water-jar Hcar.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53831] mn. a kind of plant L.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53832] mf(ī). a house , dwelling (cf. kuṭa and kuṭī) L.
(H1B) kūṭá [L=53833] mf(ā́)n. not horned or cornuted (as an animal with incomplete continuations of the bone of the forehead) AV. xii , 4 , 3 TS. i Ka1t2h. &c
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53834] mn. false , untrue , deceitful Mn. Ya1jn5. Katha1s. &c
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53835] mn. base (as coins) Ya1jn5. ii , 241
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53836] m. an ox whose horns are broken L.
(H1B) kū́ṭa [L=53837] n. counterfeited objects (of a merchant) VarBr2. xiv , 3.
(H2) kūṭa [p= 1325,1] [L=328460] (in comp.)

(H2) cākacikya [p= 391,3] [L=72702] n. illusion Nya1yak.

(H2B) citrā́ [p= 396,1] [L=73656] f. Spica virginis , the 12th (in later reckoning the 14th) lunar mansion AV. xix , 7 , 3 TS. ii , iv , vii TBr. i S3Br. ii , &c
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73657] f. a kind of snake L.
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73658] f. N. of a plant (Salvinia cucullata L. ; Cucumis maderaspatanus L. ; a kind of cucumber L. ; Ricinus communis L. ; Croton polyandrum or Tiglium L. ; the Myrobalan tree L. ; Rubia Munjista L. ; the grass gaṇḍadūrvā L. ) Car. vii , 12 (= dravanti) Sus3r.
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73659] f. a metre of 4 x 16 syllabic instants
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73660] f. another of 4 x 15 syllables
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73661] f. another of 4 x 16 syllables
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73662] f. a kind of stringed instrument
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73663] f. a kind of mūrchanā (in music)
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73664] f. illusion , unreality L.
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73665] f. " born under the asterism citrā ( Pa1n2. 4-3 , 34 Va1rtt. 1) " , N. of arjuna's wife (sister of kṛṣṇa = subhadrā L. ) Hariv. 1952
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73666] f. N. of a daughter of gada (or kṛṣṇa v.l.) , 9194
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73667] f. N. of an apsaras L.
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73668] f. N. of a river DivyA7v. xxx
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73669] f. N. of a rock BhP. xii , 8 , 17
(H2B) citrā́ [L=73670] f. pl. the asterism citrā VarBr2S. xi , 57

(H1) jāla 1 [p= 419,3] [L=79045] mfn. watery MBh. iii , 11967
(H1) jāla 2 [L=79046] n. a net (for catching birds , fish &c ) AV. viii , x Ka1tyS3r. Pa1rGr2. &c
[L=79047] a hairnet A1p.
[L=79048] a net (fig.) , snare Ya1jn5. iii , 119 MBh. iii , 25 R. v Bhartr2. &c
[L=79049] (in anat.) the omentum Bhpr. ii , 310
[L=79050] a cob-web W.
[L=79051] any reticulated or woven texture , wire-net , mail-coat , wire-helmet MBh. v ff. Hariv. Kum. vii , 59
[L=79052] a lattice , eyelet. R. iii , 61 , 13 VarBr2S. lvi , 22
[L=79053] a lattice-window Mn. viii , 132 Ya1jn5. i , 361 Vikr. &c
[L=79054] " the web or membrane on the feet of water-birds " » -pāda the finger- and toe-membrane of divine beings and godlike personages S3ak. vii , 16
[L=79055] lion's mane Katha1s. lxxv
[L=79056] a bundle of buds W.
[L=79057] (chiefly ifc.) collection multitude MBh. &c
[L=79058] deception , illusion magic Das3. viii , 42 Katha1s. xxiv , 199
[L=79059] pride W.
[L=79060] for jāta , kind , species S3vetUp. v , 3 R. ii
(H1B) jāla 2 [L=79061] m. (g. jvalā*di) Nauclea Cadamba L.
(H1B) jāla 2 [L=79062] m. a small cucumber. L. Sch.
(H1B) jāla 2 [L=79064] m. cf. áyo- , indra- , giri- , bṛhaj-.
(H2) jāla [p= 1327,3] [L=331920] (in comp.)

(H2) jālaká [p= 420,1] [L=79098] n. a net , woven texture , web (also fig. , " a multitude " , e. g. of tears running down the cheeks &c ) S3Br. xiv , 6 , 11 , 3 R. Sus3r. S3ak. Ragh. R2itus.
[L=79099] (ifc.) Katha1s.
[L=79100] a lattice , eyelet Pan5cat. iii , 7 , 40
[L=79101] a lattice-window (m. L. ) S3is3. ix , 39
[L=79102] a bundle of buds Megh. Ma1lav. v , 4
[L=79103] " a kind of pearl-ornament " » -mālin
[L=79104] a nest L.
[L=79105] a plantain L.
[L=79106] illusion L.
[L=79107] pride L.
(H2B) jālaká [L=79108] m. N. of a tree BhP. viii , 2 , 18

(H2) támas [p= 438,1] [L=82894] n. darkness , gloom (also pl.) RV. (°maḥ , práṇīta , " led into darkness " , deprived of the eye's light or sight , i , 117 , 17) &c
[L=82895] the darkness of hell , hell or a particular division of hell Mn. iv , viii f. VP. ii , 6 , 4 Ma1rkP. xii , 10
[L=82896] the obscuration of the sun or moon in eclipses , attributed to rāhu (also m. L. ) R. VarBr2S. v , 44 VarBr2. ii VarYogay. Su1ryas.
[L=82897] mental darkness , ignorance , illusion , error (in sāṃkhya phil. one of the 5 forms of a-vidyā MBh. xiv , 1019 Sa1m2khyak. &c ; one of the 3 qualities or constituents of everything in creation [the cause of heaviness , ignorance , illusion , lust , anger , pride , sorrow , dulness , and stolidity ; sin L. ; sorrow Kir. iii ; » guṇa and cf. RTL. p. 45] Mn. xii , 24 f. and 38 Sa1m2khyak. &c ) RV. v.31 , 9 R. ii S3ak. Ra1jat. v , 144
[L=82898] N. of a son (of śravas MBh. xiii , 2002 ; of dakṣa i Sch. ; of pṛthu-śravas VP. iv , 12 , 2)
[L=82899] ([cf. timira ; Lat. temere &c ])
(H1) támas [p= 438,2] [L=83008] °sá , &c » col.1.

(H3) dur--mada [p= 486,2] [L=94163] m. mad conception or illusion , foolish pride or arrogance Pur.
(H3B) dur--máda [L=94164] mfn. drunken , fierce , mad , infatuated by (comp.) RV. MBh. &c
(H3B) dur--mada [L=94165] m. N. of a son of dhṛta-rāṣṭra MBh. i
(H3B) dur--mada [L=94166] m. of a son of dhṛta (father of pracetas)
(H3B) dur--mada [L=94167] m. of a son of bhadra-sena (father of dhanaka)
(H3B) dur--mada [L=94168] m. of a son of vasu-deva and rohiṇī or pauravī Pur.

(H4) dur--ma° dā* ndha [L=94170] mfn. " blinded by mad illusion " , besotted , v , 12 , 16

(H3B) devá--māyā [p= 494,1] [L=95906] f. divine illusion R. i , 1 , 26.

(H3) nir--moha [p= 541,3] [L=107221] mfn. " free from illusion " , N. of śiva S3ivag.
[L=107222] of a son of the fifth manu Hariv.
[p= 542,1] [L=107223] of one of the saptarṣis under the 13th manu ib. (cf. nir-moka , below) .

(H4) nir--vyā° jī-kṛta [p= 542,3] [L=107394] mfn. made plain , freed from deceit or illusion , S3a1ntis3.

(H3) pari-kriyā [p= 591,3] [L=117070] f. surrounding , inclosing , intrenching L.
[L=117071] attending to , care of (comp. ; cf. agni-parikriyā)
[L=117072] exercise , practice , enjoyment (cf. rājya-parik°)
[L=117073] (in dram.) illusion to future action (= parikara) Das3ar.
(H1) pari-kriyā [p= 592,1] [L=117119] » pari-kṛ.

(H1) pari-kalpa [p= 591,2] [L=117027] °pana &c » pari-kḷp , [p= 592,1].
(H3) pari-kalpa [p= 592,1] [L=117095] m. illusion Buddh.
[L=117096] w.r. for °kampa.

(H3) prati-° bhāsa [p= 668,3] [L=132816] m. appearance , look , similitude , vedāntas. Sa1h.
[L=132817] appearing or occurring to the mind Kpr. R. Sch.
[L=132818] illusion Lalit.

(H3) bhūtá--sṛṣṭi [p= 762,2] [L=151973] f. the creation of bhūtas MW.
[L=151974] the illusion effected by the power of the bhūtas ib.
[L=151975] the whole class of bhūtas collectively ib.

(H3) matí--viparyaya [p= 783,2] [L=156704] m. an erroneous opinion , illusion Vcar.

(H3) mano--ratha [p= 785,2] [L=157105] m. (ifc. f(ā).) " heart's joy " (» 2. ratha) , a wish , desire (also = desired object) MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=157106] fancy , illusion S3am2k.
[L=157107] (in dram.) a wish expressed in an indirect manner , hint Sa1h.
[L=157108] the heart compared to a car (» 1. ratha) R.
[L=157109] N. of a teacher Buddh.
[L=157110] of a poet Cat.
[L=157111] of various men Ra1jat.
(H3) mano--ratha [p= 1331,2] [L=337920.3] (accord. to some orig. Prakrit for mano'rtha, "heart-matter")

(H3) mahā́--māya [p= 798,3] [L=160383] mf(ā)n. having great deceit or illusion R.
[p= 799,1] [L=160384] practising great deceit or illusion very illusory R. Katha1s.
(H3B) mahā́--māya [L=160385] m. N. of viṣṇu Pan5car.
(H3B) mahā́--māya [L=160386] m. of śiva MBh. ( RTL. 106)
(H3B) mahā́--māya [L=160387] m. of an asura Katha1s.
(H3B) mahā́--māya [L=160388] m. of a vidyā-dhara ib.
(H3B) mahā́--māya [L=160390] m. N. of a wife of śuddhodana Buddh.

(H3B) mahā́--māyā [L=160389] f. great deceit or illusion , the divine power of illusion (which makes the universe appear as if really existing and renders it cognizable by the senses) , the illusory nature of worldly objects personified and identified with durgā Pur.

(H1B) māyā [p= 811,1] [L=163078] f. » below.
(H2) māyā́ [L=163081] f. art , wisdom , extraordinary or supernatural power (only in the earlier language)
[L=163082] illusion , unreality , deception , fraud , trick , sorcery , witchcraft magic RV. &c
[L=163083] an unreal or illusory image , phantom , apparition ib. (esp. ibc. = false , unreal , illusory ; cf. comp.)
[L=163084] duplicity (with Buddhists one of the 24 minor evil passions) Dharmas. 69 (in phil.) Illusion (identified in the sāṃkhya with prakṛti or pradhāna and in that system , as well as in the vedā*nta , regarded as the source of the visible universe) IW. 83 ; 108
[L=163085] (with śaivas) one of the 4 pāśas or snares which entangle the soul Sarvad. MW.
[L=163086] (with vaiṣṇavas) one of the 9 śaktis or energies of viṣṇu L.
[L=163087] Illusion personified (sometimes identified with durgā , sometimes regarded as a daughter of anṛta and nirṛti or nikṛti and mother of mṛtyu , or as a daughter of adharma) Pur.
[L=163088] compassion , sympathy L.
[L=163089] Convolvulus Turpethum L.
[L=163090] N. of the mother of gautama buddha MWB. 24
[L=163091] of lakṣmī W.
[L=163092] of a city Cat.
[L=163093] of 2 metres Col.
[L=163094] du. (māye indrasya) N. of 2 sāmans A1rshBr.

(H3) māyā́--kāra [L=163096] m. " illusion-maker " , a conjurer , juggler L.

(H3) māyā́--kṛt [L=163097] m. " illusion-maker " , a conjurer , juggler L.

(H3) māyā* --° cāra [L=163101] mfn. (māyā*c°) practising illusion or , deceit Subh.
[L=163101.1] acting deceitfully MBh.

(H3) māyā́--jīvin [L=163104] m. " living by illusion " , a conjurer , juggler L.

(H3) māyā́--° tmaka [L=163106] (māyā*tm°) mf(ikā)n. consisting of illusion , essentially illusory W.

(H3) māyā́--da [L=163107] m. " giving or causing illusion " , an alligator , crocodile L.

(H3) māyā́--dhara [L=163112] mfn. possessing illusion , skilled in magic R.
(H3B) māyā́--dhara [L=163113] m. N. of a king of the asuras Katha1s.

(H3) māyā́--° nvita [L=163115] (māyā*nv°) mfn. possessing illusion , deceitful MW.

(H3) māyā́--paṭu [L=163116] mfn. skilled in illusion or magical arts Var.

(H3) māyā́--pati [L=163117] m. " lord of illusion " , N. of viṣṇu Pan5car.

(H3) māyā́--maya [L=163129] mf(ī)n. consisting of illusion , formed , illusive , unreal , magical Up. MBh. R. &c
(H3B) māyā́--maya [L=163130] m. N. of a rākṣasa Ba1lar.

(H3) māyā́--moha [L=163134] m. " illusion , bewilderment " , N. of a jina or buddha VP.

(H3) māyā́--yantra [L=163135] n. " instrument of illusion " , enchantment (ibc. = enchanted , magical , e.g. °tra-vimāna mn. an enchanted chariot , magical car) Katha1s.

(H3) māyā́--yoga [L=163136] m. the application or employment of illusion , employment of magical arts R. BhP.

(H3) māyā́--vasika [p= 811,2] [L=163145] mfn. = para-pratāraka L. (prob. w.r for -rasika " fond of illusion or deceit ") .

(H3) māyā́--vāda [L=163146] m. the doctrine affirming the world to be illusion (applied to the doctrine of the vedānta and of Buddhism) Cat.

(H3) māyā́--vín [L=163150] mfn. possessing illusion or magical powers , employing deceit , deluding or deceiving others (°vi-tā f.) RV. MBh. R. &c
[L=163151] illusory , creating illusions Ni1lak.
(H3B) māyā́--vín [L=163152] m. a magician , conjurer , juggler MBh. BhP.
(H3B) māyā́--vín [L=163153] m. a cat L.
(H3B) māyā́--vín [L=163154] m. N. of a son of maya R.
(H3B) māyā́--vín [L=163155] n. a gall. nut MW.

(H2) māyika [L=163168] mfn. illusory , creating illusion Pan5car.
[L=163169] practising deceit , deceiving others L.
(H2B) māyika [L=163170] m. a conjurer , juggler L.
(H2B) māyika [L=163171] n. or f(ā). a gall-nut L.

(H2) māyín [L=163173] mfn. artful , skilled in art or enchantment , cunning , deceptive , illusory (°yi-tā f.) RV. AV. S3vetUp. &c
[L=163174] subject to illusion BhP.
(H2B) māyín [L=163175] m. a conjurer , juggler , magician Katha1s.
(H2B) māyín [L=163176] m. a cheat , deceiver W.
(H2B) māyín [L=163177] m. N. of brahmā L.
(H2B) māyín [L=163178] m. of śiva L.
(H2B) māyín [L=163179] m. of agni L.
(H2B) māyín [L=163180] m. of kāma L.
(H2B) māyín [L=163181] n. magic , magical art BhP. (cf. durm°)
(H2B) māyín [L=163182] n. a gall-nut L.

(H3) mithyā́--tva [p= 817,1] [L=164369] n. falsity , unreality Kap. Sch.
[L=164370] (with jainas) perversion (as one of the 18 faults) or illusion (as the lowest of the 14 steps which lead to final emancipation) Sarvad.

(H4) mithyā́--° tvin [L=164373] mfn. being in a state of illusion S3atr.

(H3) mithyā́--pratyaya [L=164385] m. false conception , error , illusion , sāṃkhyas. Sch.

(H3) móha--kalila [p= 836,1] [L=168579] n. thicket or snare of illusion Bhag.
[L=168580] spirituous liquor L.

(H3) móha--jāla [L=168584] n. net of illusion , mundane fascination Ya1jn5. MBh.

(H3) móha--pāśa [L=168588] m. the snare of (worldly) illusion MW.

(H2) mohana [L=168603] mf(ī)n. depriving of consciousness , bewildering , confusing , perplexing , leading astray , infatuating MBh. R. &c
(H2B) mohana [L=168604] m. the thorn-apple L.
(H2B) mohana [L=168605] m. N. of śiva R.
(H2B) mohana [L=168606] m. N. of one of the 5 arrows of the god of love Vet.
(H2B) mohana [L=168607] m. of various other authors and men Katha1s. S3ukas. Cat.
(H2B) mohana [L=168609] m. Trigonella Corniculata L.
(H2B) mohana [L=168611] m. a partic. illusion or delusion Sarvad.
(H2B) mohana [L=168612] m. a partic. incantation Katha1s.
(H2B) mohana [L=168613] m. N. of an apsaras Pan5car.
(H2B) mohana [L=168614] m. of a female demon (daughter of garbha-hantṛ) Ma1rkP.
(H2B) mohana [L=168615] m. of one of the nine śaktis of viṣṇu L.
(H2B) mohana [L=168616] n. the being deluded or infatuated , delusion , infatuation , embarrassment , mistake Nir. Bhag. Gi1t.
(H2B) mohana [L=168617] n. stupor , being stupefied Sus3r.
(H2B) mohana [L=168618] n. sexual intercourse Ka1v. Sa1h.
(H2B) mohana [L=168619] n. the act of perplexing , puzzling , bewildering R. Gi1t. Ma1rkP.
(H2B) mohana [L=168620] n. any means employed for bewildering others Das3.
(H2B) mohana [L=168621] n. temptation , seduction W.
(H2B) mohana [L=168622] n. a magical charm used to bewilder an enemy
(H2B) mohana [L=168623] n. the formula used in that process (esp. the hymns AV. iii , 1 , 2) Kaus3.
(H2B) mohana [L=168624] n. N. of a town MBh.

(H2) mohanīya [p= 836,2] [L=168638] mfn. " to be deluded " , resulting from illusion or error or infatuation MBh.
[L=168639] producing delusion , bewildering , puzzling ib. Sarvad.

(H2) vañcana [p= 914,2] [L=185139] nf(ā). (fr. Caus.) cheating , deception , fraud MBh. Ka1v. &c (°naṃ or °nāṃ √ kṛ , to practise fraud , cheat , take in ; °nāṃ- √labh or pra- √āp , to be deceived)
[L=185140] illusion , delusion , hallucination MW.

(H2) vāruṇya [p= 944,3] [L=191819] mfn. relating to varuṇa
(H2B) vāruṇya [L=191820] n. illusion MW.

(H3) ví--māya [p= 951,3] [L=193379] (ví-) mfn. devoid of magic , free from illusion RV. 1.

(H2) vi-bhrama [p= 979,2] [L=198568] m. (ifc. f(ā).) moving to and fro , rolling or whirling about , restlessness , unsteadiness Ka1v. VarBr2S. Ra1jat.
[L=198569] violence , excess , intensity , high degree (also pl.) Ka1v. Katha1s. &c
[L=198570] hurry , rapture , agitation , disturbance , perturbation , confusion , flurry MBh. Ka1v. &c
[L=198571] doubt , error , mistake , blunder (with daṇḍasya , " erroneous application of punishment ") Mn. MBh. &c
[L=198572] illusion , illusive appearance or mere semblance of anything Ka1v. Katha1s. &c (cf. -bhāṣita)
[L=198573] beauty , grace Ka1lid. Ma1lati1m.
[L=198574] feminine coquetry , amorous gestures or action of any kind (esp. play of the eyes) , perturbation , flurry (as when a woman in her confusion puts her ornaments in the wrong places) Bhar. Das3ar. Sa1h.
[L=198575] caprice , whim MW.

(H2) vi-veka [p= 987,3] [L=200139] m. discrimination , distinction Mn. Sarvad. Sus3r.
[L=200140] consideration , discussion , investigation Gi1t. Ma1rkP. Sarvad.
[L=200141] true knowledge , discretion , right judgement , the faculty of distinguishing and classifying things according to their real properties ChUp. Kap. &c
[L=200142] (in vedā*nta) the power of separating the invisible Spirit from the visible world (or spirit from matter , truth from untruth , reality from mere semblance or illusion)
[p= 988,1] [L=200143] a water trough (= jala-droṇī) L.
[L=200144] N. of wk.
(H1) vi-veka [p= 989,1] [L=200360] &c » under vi- √vic.

(H1) vi-varta [p= 987,1] [L=199995] vi-vartana &c » under vi- √vṛt , p.988.
(H2) vi-vartá [p= 988,3] [L=200282] m. " the revolving one " , N. of the sky VS. TS.
[L=200283] a whirlpool SV.
[L=200284] turning round , rolling onwards , moving about Mcar.
[L=200285] turning away L.
[L=200286] dance L.
[L=200287] changing from one state to another , modification , alteration , transformation , altered form or condition Ka1v. Katha1s.
[L=200288] (in vedā*nta) error , illusion , an apparent or illusory form , unreality (caused by a-vidyā , " ignorance " , and removed by vidyā , " true knowledge " ) Veda7ntas.
[L=200289] collection , multitude L.
[L=200290] (with atreḥ) N. of two sāmans A1rshBr.

(H3) vi-vartá---vāda [L=200292] m. a method of asserting the vedānta doctrine (maintaining the development of the Universe from brahma as the sole real entity , the phenomenal world being held to be a mere illusion or māyā ; cf. pariṇāma-vādā) Madhus.

(H3) víṣṇu--māyā [p= 1000,1] [L=202561] f. " viṣṇu's illusion " , a form of durgā Ka1lP.

(H3) vi-° smāpana [p= 1002,2] [L=202999] mf(ī)n. id. MBh. VarBr2S. BhP.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203000] m. a juggler , conjurer L.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203001] m. illusion , deceit L.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203002] m. = gandharva-nagara (q.v.) L.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203003] m. the god of love L.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203004] n. the act of astonishing or surprising Hariv.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203005] n. a means of surprising Car. Bhpr.
(H3B) vi-° smāpana [L=203006] n. a surprising or miraculous sign or phenomenon VarBr2S.

(H3) vī* ta--moha [p= 1004,2] [L=203370] mfn. freed from illusion MW.

(H1B) śāmbarī́ [p= 1065,3] [L=215603] f. jugglery , sorcery , illusion (as practised by the daitya śambara) Naish.
(H1B) śāmbarī́ [L=215604] f. a sorceress W.

(H1) saṃ-ś-cat [p= 1118,1] [L=226662] m. (prob. fr. √ cat) a juggler , rogue (= kuhaka) Un2. ii , 85 Sch. (v.l. saṃ-śvat)
(H1B) saṃ-ś-cat [L=226663] n. deceit , trick , illusion , juggling W.

(H1) saṃ-sāra [p= 1119,2] [L=226809] &c » saṃ- √sṛ below.
(H2) saṃ-sāra [L=226857] m. going or wandering through , undergoing transmigration MaitrUp.
[p= 1119,3] [L=226858] course , passage , passing through a succession of states , circuit of mundane existence , transmigration , metempsychosis , the world , secular life , worldly illusion (ā saṃsārāt , " from the beginning of the world ") Up. Mn. MBh. &c
[L=226859] w.r. for saṃ-cāra Bhartr2.

(H2) sam-mohá [p= 1181,1] [L=237245] m. stupefaction , bewilderment , confusion , insensibility , unconsciousness , ignorance , folly , illusion of mind (also with manasaḥ ; manaḥ-,mati-,citta-s° &c ) S3Br. &c
[L=237246] tumult , battle (= saṃgrāna) Naigh. ii , 17
[L=237247] (in astrol.) a partic. conjunction of planets VarBr2S.
(H1) sam-moha [p= 1181,2] [L=237295] °haka,°hana &c » col.1.

(H3) sam-mohá---maulin [p= 1181,1] [L=237249] mfn. having illusion for stupefying , infatuating , bewitching , fascinating MBh.

(H3B) sam-° mohanī [L=237252] f. a kind of fascination or illusion (māyā) Hariv.

(H3) svápna--mukhā [p= 1280,3] [L=258995] (svápna-) f. (prob.) phantom or illusion of a dream AV. Ka1tyS3r.

(H3) svapnávasthā [L=259022] f. a state of dreaming (applied to life as an illusion) W.

(H1) hera [p= 1305,1] [L=264354] n. (of unknown derivation) a sort of crown or tiara L.
[L=264355] turmeric L.
[L=264356] demoniacal illusion L.

(H1) ati-māya [p= 15,1] [L=3133] mfn. emancipated from māyā or Illusion , finally liberated.
(H2) ati-māya [p= 1309,3] [L=302210] mfn. past illusion, Kir.