Samshaya or saṃśaya - lying down to rest or sleep, doubts

adyāpi na nivṛtto me saṃśayaḥ parameśvara |
kiṃ rūpaṃ tattvato deva śabdarāśikalāmayam || 2 |

Christopher Chapple points out in Yoga and the luminous: Patañjali's spiritual path to freedom , Page 153, that saṃśaya is sam (together) + saya (lying, sleeping). So, “Let’s sleep together” appears to be a pun within the word, and śaya has the additional meaning of “a bed, couch.”

This is one of the first things Devi says to her beloved, Shiva, and already she is hinting, why don’t we lie down together and you can tell me all about it.

sa-śaya [p= 1117,2] [L=226555]
» sa-śī.
sa-śaya [p= 1117,3] [L=226571]
(ifc. f(ā).) lying down to rest or sleep L.

loc. , acc. with prati , or comp ; saśaya , with Pot. , " there is doubt whether " ; na s°,*sti s°,*tra s°,na hi s°,*sty atra-s° &c , " there is no doubt " , " without doubt ") A1s3vS3r. Mn. MBh. &c


nyāya) doubt about the point to be discussed (one of the 16 categories) IW. 64

gen. loc. , or comp.) A1s3vGr2. MBh. &c
(H1) &c
(H2) m.
[L=226572]uncertainty , irresolution , hesitation , doubt in or of (
[L=226573]a doubtful matter
[L=226575]difficulty , danger , risk of or in or to (


Westergaard Dhatupatha links: 24.60

śaya [p= 1055,3] [L=213348]
(ā)n. (fr. √1. śī) lying , sleeping , resting , abiding (ifc. after adv. or subst. in loc. case or sense ; » adha° , kuśe-ś , giri-ś° &c )
śaya [L=213349]
sleep , sleeping Dha1tup. xxiv , 60 (cf. divā-ś°)
śaya [L=213350]
a bed , couch (» vīra-ś°)
śaya [L=213351]
a snake (accord. to some , the boa constrictor) L.
śaya [L=213352]
a lizard , chameleon L.
śaya [L=213353]
the hand (= hasta , also as a measure of length) VarBr2S. Naish. Ka1tyS3r. Sch.
śaya [L=213354]
= paa L.
śaya [L=213355]
abuse , imprecation L. (prob. w.r. for śapa)
śaya [L=213356]
pl. N. of a people MBh.


(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.

Samshaya as Lying Down

Yoga and the luminous: Patañjali's spiritual path to freedom - Page 153
Christopher Key Chapple, Patañjali - 2008 - 301 pages - Google eBook - Preview
dullness, thickness, rigidity; from ^Istya (stiffen) samsaya (m.) doubt, hesitation, uncertainty; sam (together) + saya (lying, sleeping), from ViT (rest , lie) pramdda (m.) carelessness, negligence; intoxication, madness; pra (before , ...
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The science of language: founded on lectures delivered at the ...: Volume 2 - Page 439
Friedrich Max Müller - 1891 - Free Google eBook - Read
In Sanskrit doubt is expressed by samsaya, ie lying together, or sandeha, sticking together. ... This is belief in its truest sense, though it dwindles down in the course of time to mean no more 1 See Biographies of Words, p. 65. ...
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Samshaya Usage

Yoga-sūtras of Patañjali with the Exposition of Vyāsa: Sādhana-pāda - Page xv
- 2001 - 860 pages - Preview
Lack of discernment, on the other hand, leads to confusion (moha) and doubt ( samshaya), which are major obstacles on the yogic path. While not all Yoga practitioners have the disposition (svabhava) of a scholar, everyone can benefit ...

Yoga: the ultimate spiritual path - Page 38
Swami Veda Bharati
Rājarshi (Muni.) - 2001 - 184 pages - Preview
The nyaya system recognizes padarthas or predicables involved in seeking knowledge in a logical way. These predicables are: (i) pra- mana (proof), (ii) prameya (object of knowledge), (iii) samshaya (doubt), (iv) prayojana ...

Dictionary of world philosophy - Page 486
A. Pablo Iannone - 2001 - 554 pages - Google eBook - Preview
... the Mīmāmsā School holds that, though quite vague and indefinite, our perception of simple entities is actual and not a mere supposition.) The Nyāya- Vaiśeṣika School also includes samshaya, ie “doubt,” as one of its categories. ...

The analysis of jnana and ajnana in the light of Nyaya and Advaita ...
C. D. Bijalwan - 1982 - 37 pages - Snippet view
Sureshvaracharya emphatically states that the revealation of knowledge in the from of tatvamasi etc. is capable of uprooting avidya altogether: 9. The Logical Forms of Ajnana Samshaya (doubts), Viparyaya (error) and Tarka (hypothetical ...

Encyclopaedia of Jainism: Volume 1 - Page 4731
Narendra Singh - 2001 - 8330 pages - Preview
Under Abhinibesh. a man, 'though vanquished will argue still '. (iv) Samshaya — is that detrimental influence which induces a jiva to entertain a doubt as to the truth, and consistency of the teachings ...

The big fish: consciousness as structure, body and space - Page 41
Anna J. Bonshek, Corrina Bonshek, Lee C. Fergusson - 2007 - 396 pages - Preview
Nyaya is also divided into sixteen categories generally known as: 1) Pramana, means of valid knowledge, 2) Prameya, object of valid knowledge, 3) Samshaya, doubt, 4) Prayojana, purpose, 5) Drishtanta, example, 6) Siddhanta, ...

Indian psychology: perception - Page 270
- 1999 - 400 pages - Preview
So anadhyavasaya is different from samsaya. In samsaya the mind wavers between two conflicting alternatives such as, ... Samsaya and anadhyavasaya both are indefinite knowledge. They give rise to a desire for further knowledge. ...
Jadunath Sinha

A glossary of Indian figures of speech - Page 312
- 1971 - 348 pages - Preview
(5) Rudrata names this figure samsaya, departing from tradition slightly (the word also means 'doubt'), perhaps because he enlarges the scope of ... Dandin ( 2.358) mentions the figure only to assert its identity with his samsaya upamd. ...
Edwin Gerow

Doubt-words in Sanskrit

sa-śaya---kara [L=226576]
(ī)n. causing doubt or risk , dangerous to (comp.) S3is3.
(H3) mf
sa-śaya---ccheda [L=226579]
the solution of doubt (°dya mfn. relating to it) Ragh.
(H3) m.
sa-śaya---cchedin [L=226580]
clearing all doubt , decisive S3ak.
(H3) mfn.
sa-śa° * kepa [L=226585]
" removal of doubt " , a partic. figure of speech Ka1vya7d. ii , 163 ; 164
(H3) m.
sa-śa° * tmaka [L=226586]
consisting of doubt , dubious , uncertain Pan5cat.
(H3) mfn.
sa-śa° * panna [L=226589]
beset with doubt , dubious (-mānasa mfn. irresolute in mind) W.
(H3) mfn.
sa-śa° yo* pamā [L=226592]
a comparison expressed in the form of a doubt Ka1vya7d. ii , 26
(H3) f.
sa-° śayālu [L=226594]
disposed to doubt , doubtful or sceptical about (loc.) Naish.
(H3) mfn.
sa-° śayita [L=226595]
irresolute , doubtful about (comp.) Ka1tyS3r. R.

MBh. Ka1m.
sa-° śayita [L=226597]
doubt , uncertainty MBh.
(H3) mfn.
[L=226596]subject to doubt , uncertain , dubious , questionable
(H3B) n.
sa-° śayitavya [L=226598]
to be called in doubt , dubious , problematical S3am2k.
(H3) mfn.
sa-śīti [L=226601]
= sa-śaya , doubt , uncertainty Ka1d. Hcar.
(H2) f.
sa- √ chid [p= 1132,3] [p= 1132,2] [L=229211]
-chinatti , -chintte , to cut to pieces , cut through , pierce , split , destroy AV. &c  ; 
to remove , resolve (a doubt)
Bhag.  ; 
to decide , settle (a question)
BhP. : Pass. -chidyate , to be cut to pieces &c MBh.
(H1) P. A1.