Tiksna-Sharp, hot, pungent, fiery, acid, rough, zealous, vehement, self-abandoning, black pepper

kiṃcid aṅgaṃ vibhidyādau tīkṣṇasūcyādinā tataḥ |
tatraiva cetanāṃ yuktvā bhairave nirmalā gatiḥ || 93 ||

tīkṣṇá [p= 448,3] [L=85392]
(ā́)n. ( √ tij) sharp , hot , pungent , fiery , acid RV. x , 87 , 9 AV. &c

Mn. vii , 140 MBh. R. VarBr2S.

S3is3. ii , 109 Pa1n2. 5-2 , 76 Ka1s3.



gati , " a planet's course " , or nakatra " asterism ") inauspicious VarBr2S. vii , 8 and 10

(asterisms mūla , ārdrā , jyeṣṭ , ā-śleā)
tīkṣṇá [L=85399]
nitre L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85400]
= -taṇḍulā Npr.
tīkṣṇá [L=85401]
black pepper ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85402]
black mustard ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85403]
= -gandhaka ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85404]
= -sārā ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85405]
marjoram ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85406]
white kuśa or darbha grass ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85407]
the resin of Boswellia thurifera ib.
tīkṣṇá [L=85408]
an ascetic L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85409]
(g. aśvā*di) N. of a man Ra1jat. viii , 1742 f.
tīkṣṇá [L=85410]
of a nāga Buddh. L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85411]
pl. sharp language R. ii , 35 , 33 Ma1rkP. xxxiv , 46
tīkṣṇá [L=85412]
sg. steel (cf. -varman) Npr.
tīkṣṇá [L=85413]
iron L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85414]
any weapon L. Sch.
tīkṣṇá [L=85415]
sea-salt L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85416]
nitre L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85417]
Galmei Npr.
tīkṣṇá [L=85418]
poison L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85419]
Bignonia suaveolens L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85420]
Piper Chaba L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85421]
Asa foetida Npr.
tīkṣṇá [L=85422]
battle L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85423]
pestilence L.
tīkṣṇá [L=85424]
death L. Sch.
tīkṣṇá [L=85425]
heat , pungency W.
tīkṣṇá [L=85426]
haste W.
tīkṣṇa [p= 1328,2] [L=332840]
(H1) mf
[L=85393]harsh , rough , rude
[L=85394]sharp , keen
[L=85395]zealous , vehement
[L=85398]iic , 7
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H2) (in

Tiksna Usage

Google Books

Āyurveda: the divine science of life - Page 16
Todd Caldecott, Michael Tierra - 2006 - 351 pages - Preview
Pitta is also laghu ('light') and tiks.na ('sharp') in nature, characterised by the catabolic action of tejas and va ... Thus the us.na, tiks.na and drava qualities of pitta suggest conditions such as burning sensations and diarrhoea; ...

Materia Medica of Ayurveda - Page 307
Vaidya Bhagwan Dash - 2002 - 780 pages - Preview
Attribute : Tiksna (sharp). Potency : Hot. Specific action : Alleviates kapha. Therapeutic usage : Cures meha (obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes) and visa (poisoning) [VI. 106] : 1 1 107 1 1 108 Amrataka (Spondias pinnata) ...

The wealth of Susruta
K. H. Krishnamurthy, K. H. Krishnamurthy - 1991 - 582 pages - Snippet view
These are named also by the same terms as mrdu-tiksna etc. This criterion however holds good if one considers the total ... Out of the eight viryas, mrdu, (soft) and tiksna (severe) are limited to the perception of taste by the tongue. ...

Classical Muhurta - Page 59
Ernst Wilhelm - Preview
Tiksna “sharp/hot” Nakshatras Ardra, Aslesha, Jyeshtha, Mula Tiksna Nakshatras are also known as Daruna, ... Some painful things can be beneficial in the long run, like surgery, which is well done in Tiksna Nakshatras. ...

Studies on Indian medical history - Page 7
Gerrit Jan Meulenbeld, D. Wujastyk - 2001 - 243 pages - Preview
514—525ab); his list, also differing in some other respects from that found in Caraka and Vagbhata, consists of guru and laghu, sita and usna, snigdha and ruksa, mrdu (instead of manda) and tiksna, ...

Saṅgītaśiromaṇi: a medieval handbook of Indian music - Page 519
Emmie te Nijenhuis - 1992 - 620 pages - Preview
instrumental technique (yantra); vocal sound (s'abda) with fluency (dhdla); acuteness (tiksna) with agility (prerita); fluency (dhdla) with portamento ( vahani); vocal sound (sabda) with instrumental technique (yantra). 185. ...

Encyclopaedic dictionary of Vedic terms: Volume 1 - Page 231
Parmeshwaranand (Swami.) - 2000 - 694 pages - Full view
Now, Brahmanaspati, one of the Vedic epithetssof Ganesa (Ganapati), is also described as "Tiksna-srnga," This verse, therefore, also identifies Brahmanaspati-Ganapati with Danti (Tiksna-srnga) with grat authenticity. ...

The Ramayana of Valmiki: An Epic of Ancient India, Volume V: ... - Page 473
Robert P. Goldman, Sally Sutherland Goldman - 1996 - 576 pages - Preview
Cg, Cm, who read sitah, attempt to distinguish its meaning from that of tiksna. Cg understands lUvsna as "cruel" and fits as "sharp." Cm interprets tiksna as " piercing vital organs" and fits as "sharp. ...

Aspects of indological studies: classical literature, ...
Mukund Lalji Wadekar, Mukund Lalji Wadekar - 2001 - 319 pages - Snippet view
But the above statement requires consideration, his main argument being regarding the separate mention of the word 'Tiksna'. Many scholars have also interpreted the word "Tiksiia ' in the sense of pungent, as done by him : but it is ...

Other Tiksna Words

tīkṣṇá--kaṇṭaka [p= 448,3] [L=85431]
" sharp-thorn " , Capparis aphylla Sus3r. i , 8 , 2


Catappa L.


tortilis ib.

varvūra L.
(H3) m.
[L=85434]Acacia arabica
tīkṣṇá--karman [L=85440]
a clever work L.
tīkṣṇá--karman [L=85441]
" sharp in action " , a sword L.
(H3) n.
(H3B) m.
tīkṣṇá--tuṇḍa [L=85454]
(ā)n. sharp-beaked Sus3r. vi , 30 , 8.
(H3) mf
tīkṣṇá--daṃṣṭ [L=85459]
having sharp teeth or tusks TA1r. x , 1 , 6 MBh.

sa-) VarBr2S.
tīkṣṇá--daṃṣṭ [L=85461]
a tiger L.
tīkṣṇá--daṃṣṭ [L=85462]
N. of a man Katha1s. cix , 55.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
tīkṣṇá--daṇḍa [L=85464]
directing sharp punishment Mudr. i , 22÷23.
(H3) mfn.
tīkṣṇá--dhāra [L=85465]
sharp-edged MBh. R.
tīkṣṇá--dhāra [L=85466]
a sword MBh. xii , 6203.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
tīkṣṇá--buddhi [p= 449,1] [L=85479]
(H3) mfn.
tīkṣṇá--loha [L=85490]
" sharp iron " , steel Bhpr. v , 175.
(H3) n.
tīkṣṇá--vaktra [L=85491]
sharp-pointed (arrow) MBh. vii , 123 , 30.
(H3) mfn.
tīkṣṇá--śūka [L=85500]
" sharp-awned " , barley L.
(H3) m.
tīkṣṇá--śṛṅga [L=85501]
(°á-) sharp-horned AV. xix , 50 , 2
(H3) mfn.
tīkṣṇé* u [L=85520]
having sharp arrows AV. iii , 19 , 7 ; v , 18 , 9 VS. xvi , 36.
(H3) mfn.