Sanskrit words related to Spontaneous

svābhāvika [p= 1283,3] [L=259648]
(ī)n. (fr. svabhāva) belonging to or arising from one's own nature , natural , native , spontaneous , original , peculiar , inherent (-tva n.) Up. MBh. &c
svābhāvika [L=259649]
N. of a Buddhistic school (cf. Buddhac. ix , 48 ; 51) .
(H1) mf
(H1B) m. pl.

  • 1 acodas (spontaneous)
    2 ayatnakrita (spontaneous)
    3 ayatnaja (spontaneous)
    4 kāñjika (spontaneous)
    5 kāmakāra (spontaneous)
    6 kāmacāra (spontaneous)
    7 kulmāṣa (spontaneous)
    8 yadṛccha (spontaneous)
    9 yadṛcchasaṃvāda (spontaneous)
    10 yādṛcchika (spontaneous)
    11 raktapitta (spontaneous)
    12 rasollāsā (spontaneous)
    13 vivaśa (spontaneous)
    14 vyāghāghātima (spontaneous)
    15 śivarasa (spontaneous)
    16 svakṛta (spontaneous)
    17 svacchanda (spontaneous)
    18 svabhāvokti (spontaneous)
    19 svayaṃvedana (spontaneous)
    20 svayaṃkṛta (spontaneous)
    21 svayaṃguṇaparityāga (spontaneous)
    22 svayaṃgrāha (spontaneous)
    23 svayaṃdāna (spontaneous)
    24 svayamindriyamocana (spontaneous)
    25 svābhāvika (spontaneous)
    26 tārāmaitraka (spontaneous

a-codás [p= 9,1] [L=1857]
free from compulsion or external stimulus , spontaneous RV. ix , 79 , 1.
(H2) mfn.
a-yatna--krita [p= 84,3] [L=14716]
easily or readily produced ,. spontaneous L.
(H3) mfn.
a-yatna--ja [L=14717]
easily or readily produced ,. spontaneous L.
(H3) mfn.
kāñjika [p= 269,1] [L=47437]
sour gruel , water of boiled rice in a state of spontaneous fermentation Sus3r.
(H1) n.
kā́ma--kāra [p= 272,1] [L=47978]
fulfilling the desires of any one (gen.) R. vii , 63 , 8
kā́ma--kāra [L=47979]
the act of following one's own inclinations , spontaneous deed , voluntary action , acting of one's own free will , free will Mn. MBh. R. Bhag.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
kā́ma--cāra [L=48018]
(ā)n. moving freely , following one's own pleasure , unrestrained MBh.
kā́ma--cāra [L=48019]
free unrestrained motion , independent or spontaneous action
kā́ma--cāra [L=48020]
the following one's own desires , sensuality , selfishness S3Br. ChUp. Ya1jn5. ii , 162 Katha1s. Comm. on Pa1n2. 1-4 , 96 Ragh.
(H3) mf
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
kulmāa [p= 296,2] [L=53209]
(also ās m. pl.) sour gruel (prepared by the spontaneous fermentation of the juice of fruits or of boiled rice) Sus3r.

ChUp. BhP. v , 9 , 12 Bhpr.
kulmāa [L=53211]
a kind of disease L.
kulmāa [L=53212]
sour gruel L.
kulmāa [L=53213]
forced rice L.
kulmāa [L=53214]
a sort of Phaseolus (= rāja-māa) L.
kulmāa [L=53215]
a species of Dolichos (= yāvaka) L.
(H1) m.
[L=53210]an inferior kind of grain , half-ripe barley
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
yád--ccha [p= 844,3] [L=170160]
(ā)n. spontaneous , accidental A1pGr2.
(H3) mf
yád--ccha---savāda [L=170168]
accidental or spontaneous conversation Uttarar.
(H4) m.
yādcchika [p= 851,2] [L=171439]
(ī)n. (fr. yadcchā) spontaneous , accidental , unexpected MBh. Das3. &c

yādcchika [L=171441]
an officiating priest who does as he pleases W.
(H1) mf
[L=171440]having no particular object , acting at random
(H1B) m.
rakta--pitta [p= 861,3] [L=173498]
" bile-blood " , a partic. disturbance of the blood caused by bile , plethora , spontaneous hemorrhage from the mouth or nose Sus3r. &c
(H3) n.
raso* llāsā [p= 870,3] [L=175818]
(scil. siddhi) " spontaneous evolution of the fluids (or juices of the body , without nutriment from without) " , N. of one of the 8 siddhis or states of perfection VP.
(H3B) f.
ví--vaśa [p= 952,2] [L=193522]
(ā)n. deprived or destitute of will , powerless , helpless (" through " comp.) , unwilling , involuntary , spontaneous (ibc. " involuntarily ") Mn. &c

W. ) unrestrained

ví--vaśa [L=193528]
a town , suburb (?) Gal.
ví--vaśa [L=193529]
v.l. for viviśa below VP.
(H3) mf
[L=193526]apprehensive of death
[L=193527]desirous of death (as being free from worldly cares)
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m. pl.
vy-ā-gh° āghātima [p= 1036,2] [L=209539]
or n. (with jainas) spontaneous death by abstinence from food after a mortal injury , S3i1l.
(H3) m.
śivá--rasa [p= 1075,2] [L=217764]
the water of boiled rice or pulse three days old (undergoing spontaneous fermentation) L.

śiva " , N. of a ch. of the SkandaP. (also -khaṇḍa) and of a tantra wk.
(H3) m.
[L=217765]" secret doctrine of
svá--kta [p= 1275,2] [L=257808]
(ā)n. (svá-) done or performed or built or composed or created or fixed by one's self MBh. Hariv. R. &c

TS. S3Br.
svá--kta [L=257808.2]
a deed done by one's self MBh. R.
(H3) mf
(H3B) n.
svá--cchanda [L=257841]
one's own or free will , one's own choice of fancy (ibc. , °dāt , °dena , or °da-tas , " at one's own will or pleasure " , " spontaneously " , " independently " , " freely ") Up. MBh. Ka1v. &c

of wk.
svá--cchanda [L=257843]
(ā)n. following one's own will , acting at pleasure , independent , uncontrolled , spontaneous (am ind.) Ya1jn5. Ka1v. VarBr2S. &c
svá--cchanda [L=257844]
(ā)n. uncultivated , wild W.
svá--cchanda [L=257845]
N. of skanda AV. Paris3. ??
sva-cchanda [p= 1279,2] [L=258774]
» [p= 1275,2].
(H3) m.
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
(H3B) m.
(H1) &c
svá--bhā° vo* kti [p= 1276,2] [L=258058]
statement of the exact nature (of anything) , accurate description of the properties (of things) Ka1vya7d. Prata1p. &c

(H4) f.
[L=258059]spontaneous declaration
svaya--vedana [p= 1278,2] [L=258536]
spontaneous consciousness Sarvad.
(H3) n.
svaya--k [L=258554]
(ā́)n. (or svayá-k°) made or performed or effected or committed or composed by one's self , natural , spontaneous (with vigraha , " a war undertaken on one's own account ") TBr. &c

(H3) mf
svaya--gua-parityāga [L=258559]
spontaneous abandonment of " the thread " and of " virtue " Bhartr2.
(H3) m.
svaya--grāha [L=258564]
id. Ma1lati1m.
svaya--grāha [L=258565]
(ā)n. one who takes or seizes forcibly MBh.
svaya--grāha [L=258566]
(ā)n. spontaneous , voluntary (» comp.)
(H3) m.
(H3B) mf
(H3B) mf
svaya--dāna [L=258577]
spontaneous gift (of a daughter in marriage) Katha1s.
(H3) n.
svayám--indriya-mocana [p= 1278,3] [L=258598]
spontaneous emission of semen Gobh.
(H3) n.
svābhāvika [p= 1283,3] [L=259648]
(ī)n. (fr. svabhāva) belonging to or arising from one's own nature , natural , native , spontaneous , original , peculiar , inherent (-tva n.) Up. MBh. &c
svābhāvika [L=259649]
N. of a Buddhistic school (cf. Buddhac. ix , 48 ; 51) .
(H1) mf
(H1B) m. pl.
tārā--maitraka [p= 1328,1] [L=332690.2]
"star-friendship", spontaneous love, Ma1lati1m. ; Uttarar.
(H3) n.