Bhuta- Become, been, gone, past, actually happened, true, real, purified, a spirit, ghost, imp, goblin, one of 5 Elements, subtle element

mahāśūnyālaye vahnau bhūtākṣaviṣayādikam |
hūyate manasā sārdhaṃ sa homaś cetanāsrucā || 149 ||

bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151778]
(ā)n. become , been , gone , past (n. the past) RV. &c
761,3] [L=151779]
Ya1jn5. R. &c
761,3] [L=151780]
761,3] [L=151781]
ifc.) being or being like anything , consisting of , mixed or joined with Pra1t. Up. Mn. &c (also to form adj. out of adv. , e.g. ittham- , evam- , tathā-bh°)
761,3] [L=151782]
761,3] [L=151783]
761,3] [L=151784]
761,3] [L=151785]
w.r. for bhta
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151786]
a son , child L.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151787]
a great devotee or ascetic L.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151788]
(pl.) N. of an heretical sect (with jainas , a class of the vyantaras) L.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151789]
N. of śiva L.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151790]
of a priest of the gods L.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151791]
of a son of vasu-deva and pauravī BhP.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151792]
of a son-in-law of daka and father of numerous rudras ib.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151793]
of a yaka Cat.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151794]
(f(ā).) the 14th day of the dark half of the lunar month SkandaP. ( L. also m.)
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151795]
N. of a woman HParis3.
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151796]
(cf. above ) that which is or exists , any living being (divine , human , animal , and even vegetable) , the world (in these senses also m.) RV. &c
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151797]
a spirit (good or evil) , the ghost of a deceased person , a demon , imp , goblin (also m.) Gr2S. Up. Mn. &c (cf. RTL. 241)
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151798]
an element , one of the 5 elements (esp. a gross element = mahā-bh° q.v. ; but also a subtle element = tan-mātra q.v. ; with Buddhists there are only 4 element) Up. Sa1m2khyak. Veda7ntas. &c
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151799]
N. of the number " five " (cf. mahā-bh° and pāñcabhautika)
bhūtá [p= 761,3] [L=151800]
well-being , welfare , prosperity VS. TS. AitBr.
(H2) mf
[p= actually happened , true , real (n. an actual occurrence , fact , matter of fact , reality)
[p= existing , present
[p= (
[p= purified
[p= obtained
[p= fit , proper
[p= often
(H2B) m.
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