dhyānaṃ hi niścalā buddhir nirākārā nirāśrayā |
na tu dhyānaṃ śarīrākṣimukhahastādikalpanā || 146 |

nir--āśraya [L=106807]
shelterless R.

MBh. Ka1v. &c

v.l. °śaya) , lying open Sus3r.
(H3) mfn.
[L=106808]supportless , having or offering no prop or stay , destitute , alone
[L=106809]not deep (

Nirashraya Usage:

Lalita Sahasranama - Page 134
- 2010 - 646 pages - Preview
Nirāśrayā ननयािमा (147) Āśraya means dependence (that to which anything is annexed or with which anything is closely connected or on which anything depends or rests). Taittirīya Upaniṣad (II.7) uses the word 'anilayane' meaning ...

Stories of Indian saints: - Page 11
- 1933 - Preview
Nirashraya ( the unsheltered ) Brahmachari sa\d to the king, 'The Lord of Vaikunth (heaven), the Enemy of Mura, the Dweller at Mathura, Shri Krishna, is the witness. 50. I place as witness Him by whose mere wish infinite universes are ...

The Scriptural Commentaries of Yogiraj Sri Sri Shyama Charan ...: Volume 1 - Page 192
- 2005 - 324 pages - Preview
... nirashraya” [without shelter/recourse], which is the reason that It is called “alakshya” [imperceptible]. But it is nothing actually; this is experienced in the Void-Form. One can perceive the sixteen parts of the moon; ... -
Yoga Niketan