Chinmatra-Consciousness, mere consciousness, consciousness alone

svatantrānandacinmātrasāraḥ svātmā hi sarvataḥ |
āveśanaṃ tatsvarūpe svātmanaḥ snānam īritam || 152 ||

“Chinmatra cinmatra (Sanskrit) (from chit thought + matra elementary thought, intelligence) Essential thought, mind per se; used in Vedanta”

“Chinmatra cinmatra (Sanskrit) (from chit thought + matra elementary thought, intelligence). Essential thought, mind per se; used in Vedanta philosophy, particularly the Advaita, for the germ of cosmic ideation existing at every geometrical point of the infinite chidakasa (field of cosmic ideation). Not to be confused with collateral Vedantic terms mulaprakriti (undifferentiated elemental cosmic matter) or chidakasa. These three are considered from a subjective standpoint as aspects of parabrahman. In the human constitution it is the seventh principle or atman.

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cint [p= 398,1] [L=74105]
cf. √4. cit) cl.10. °tayati (cl.1. °tati Dha1tup. xxxii , 2 ; metrically also °tayate » also °tayāna) to think , have a thought or idea , reflect , consider MBh. R. &c  ; 
to think about , reflect upon , direct the thoughts towards , care for (
acc. ; exceptionally dat. or loc. or prati) Mn. iv , vii f. Ya1jn5. i MBh. &c  ; 
to find out
R. i , 63 , 27 Hit.  ; 
to take into consideration , treat of.
Sa1m2khyak. 69  ; 
to consider as or that , tax (with double
acc. or acc. and iti) Hariv. 14675 R. v , 67 , 7 Ma1lav. Pa1n2. 2-3 , 17 Ka1s3.
(H1) (
cintana [L=74110]
thinking , thinking of. reflecting upon

Mn. xii , 5 MBh. Katha1s. Ra1jat. v , 205 Sa1h.

Sarvad. x;xii , 6ff.
(H2) n.
[L=74111]anxious thought

mātra [p= 804,2] [L=161708]
a Brahman of the lowest order i.e. only by birth Hcat.
mātra [L=161710]
an element , elementary matter BhP.
mātra [p= 804,3] [p= 804,2] [L=161711]
(ifc.) measure , quantity , sum , size , duration , measure of any kind (whether of height , depth , breadth , length , distance , time or number e.g. agula-mātram , a finger's breadth Pan5cat. ; artha-mātram , a certain sum of money ib. ; krośa. mātre , at the distance of a Kos Hit. ; māsa-mātre , in a month La1t2y. ; śata-mātram , a hundred in number Katha1s. )
mātra [L=161712]
the full or simple measure of anything , the whole or totality , the one thing and no more , often = nothing but , entirely , only (e.g. rāja-mātram , the whole class of kings S3a1n3khS3r. ; bhaya-m° , all that may be called danger , any danger VarBr2S. ; rati-m° , nothing but sensuality Mn. ; śabda-mātrea , only by a sound S3ak. )
mātra [L=161713]
(ā and ī)n. (ifc.) having the measure of i.e. as large or high or long or broad or deep or far or much or many (cf. aguṣṭha- , tāla- , bāhu- , yava- , tavan- , etavan many)
mātra [L=161714]
(ā and ī)n. Possessing (only) as much as or no more than (cf. prā*a-yāsrika-m°)
mātra [L=161715]
(ā and ī)n. amounting (only) to (pleonastically after numerals ; cf. tri-m°)
mātra [L=161716]
(ā and ī)n. being nothing but , simply or merely (cf. padāti- , manuya-m° ; after a pp. = scarcely , as soon as , merely , just e.g. jāta-m° , scarcely or just born Mn. ; kṛṣṭa-m° , merely ploughed Ka1tyS3r. ; bhukta-mātre , immediately after eating Mn. )
mātra [p= 808,1] [L=162446]
traka &c » p.804 , cols. 2 , 3.
(H2) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) mf
(H2B) mf
(H2B) mf
(H2B) mf
(H1) °

Kashmir Śaivism
- 1969 - 187 pages - Snippet view
Brahman is indeterminate (Nirvikalpa). Therefore thinking that admission of self consciousness would mean admission of determinacy, the advaitin holds Brahman to be self shining only- Chin-matra. Kashmir-saiva holds that the absolute ...
J. Rudrappa

Ten upanishads: with notes and commentary
- 1973 - 296 pages - Snippet view
This signifies that the balance or residue left, ie, 'Chinmatra — Pure Consciousness alone' is Atman. The method of negation is the only right method. When the superimpositions such as 'I am a man' etc., are all negated as in 'Not that ...
Sivananda (Swami.)

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Upanisads: Volume 3 - Page 782
- 2000 - 979 pages - Full view
essence is Chinmatra. All the past, present, and future are Chinmatra. Substance and time are Chinmatra. Knowledge and the knowable are Chinmatra. The knower is Chinmatra. Everything is Chinmatra. Every speech is Chinmatra. ...
Swami Parmeshwaranand

Thirty Minor Upanishads - Page 83
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All the partless and non-dual essenco should be regarded as Chinmatra. Chinmatra alone is the Absolute Consciousness ; and this partless non-dual essence alone is the (real) essence. All having consciousness alone except those having ...

Prajñā-pāramitā-ratna-guna-Samcaya-gāthā: Sanskrit Recension A - Page 9
- 2010 - 288 pages - Preview
1; V em. anu- matra na bhonti is more acceptable: Tib. В rdul team yod ma yin ( vl yod- pa min), Chin. ^ШШАЯ&ШЕп ; Tio.A rdul team mi i-fted-pasuggests anu-ma. tr' a-labhonti (or prob, a-labhanti) . ^c К 180 8arva-l; Tc -dharmaathito (for ...
Akira Yuyama