Kha - the sun, vacuity , empty space, air , ether , sky, organ of sense

Also the openings in the body, and an organ of sense

kha 1 [p= 334,1] [L=60669]
MSS. and Inscr. confounded with a).
kha 2 [p= 334,2] [L=60671]
the sun L.
khá 3 [p= 334,2] [L=60672]
( √khan) a cavity , hollow , cave , cavern , aperture RV.
334,2] [L=60673]
AV. xiv , 2 , 1 and 6 Pra1t. Kat2hUp. Gaut. Mn. &c
334,2] [L=60674]
BhP. viii , 3 , 23
334,2] [L=60675]
anat.) the glottis W.
334,2] [L=60676]
Mn. ix , 43
334,2] [L=60677]
RV. S3Br. xiv
334,2] [L=60678]
S3Br. xiv Pras3nUp. Mn. xii , 120 &c
334,2] [L=60679]
334,2] [L=60680]
(the Supreme Spirit) W.
334,2] [L=60681]
arithm.) a cypher Su1ryas. Sa1h.
334,2] [L=60682]
anusvāra represented by a circle (bindu) L.
334,2] [L=60683]
of the tenth astrological mansion VarBr2.
334,2] [L=60684]
334,2] [L=60685]
334,2] [L=60686]
334,2] [L=60687]
su-kha , du-kha) L.
334,2] [L=60688]
334,2] [L=60689]
kha [p= 1325,3] [L=329580]
(H1) the second consonant of the alphabet (being the aspirate of the preceding consonant ; often in
(H1) m.
(H1) n.
[p= an aperture of the human body (of which there are nine , viz. the mouth , the two ears , the two eyes , the two nostrils , and the organs of excretion and generation)
[p= (hence) an organ of sense
[p= (in
[p= " the hole made by an arrow " , wound
[p= the hole in the nave of a wheel through which the axis runs
[p= vacuity , empty space , air , ether , sky
[p= heaven
[p= brahma
[p= (in
[p= the
[p= N.
[p= talc
[p= a city
[p= a field
[p= happiness (a meaning derived fr.
[p= action
[p= understanding
(H2) (in