Rudrashakti- The intimate embrace of Rudra and his Shakti

rudraśaktisamāveśas tat kṣetram bhāvanā parā |
anyathā tasya tattvasya kā pūjā kāś ca tṛpyati || 151 ||

The Yoga of delight, wonder, and astonishment: a translation of ... - Google Books Result
Jaideva Singh - 1991 - Health & Fitness - 173 pages
The text of Vijnanabhairava claims to be the
quintessence of Rudrayamala Tantra which means union of Rudra with His Sakti (Spiritual Energy). ...

The Yoga of delight, wonder, and astonishment: a translation of ... - Page xix
- 1991 - 173 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Therefore, the phoneme H, the visarga, or Emissional Power is termed the Rudra- ydmala, the Rudra-dyad, ... The text arises out of the samghatta or union of Siva and Shakti. It sings of the extraordinary reality which dances hidden at ...
Jaideva Singh

Kashmir Shaivism: under siege - Page 106
- 2002 - 353 pages - Preview
That master who has received this particular intensity of grace which is known as Rudra Shakti-samavesah is called Rudra shakti-samavistah because he has completely entered into the trance of Rudra Shakti, the energy of Shiva. ...
M. G. Chitkara

Dictionary of Ancient Deities - Page 148
, Charles Russell Coulter - 2001 - 608 pages - Preview
... Minakshi (Fish-Eyed), Minakshidevi, Mridani, Nairriti (Southwestern), Parbati, Parvati (The Mountaineer), Parwati, Pur- butty, Rudrani (Wife of Rudra) Shakti, Sarasvati, Sarvaman- gala (Universally Auspicious), Sarvani, Sarvavasini , ...
Patricia Turner

Play of Consciousness: A Spiritual Autobiography
- 2000 - 368 pages - Snippet view
... causes His own divine power of grace to enter into the disciple. To effect this entry is what is called shaktipat initiation, the true kriya yoga, or Guru's grace. Guru's grace is the infusion of the Rudra Shakti into the disciple . ...
Swami Muktananda