Vyapadesa- Representation, information

śrī devy uvāca |
devadeva triśūlāṅka kapālakṛtabhūṣaṇa |
digdeśakālaśūnyā ca
vyapadeśavivarjitā || 22 ||

vy-apadeśa [p= 1031,3] [L=208734]
representation , designation , information , statement RPra1t. S3rS. &c
1031,3] [L=208735]
1031,3] [L=208736]
1031,3] [L=208737]
1031,3] [L=208738]
gen.) Pan5cat.
1031,3] [L=208739]
MBh. iii , 8665 ( Ni1lak. )
1031,3] [L=208740]
partic. form of speech MW.
1031,3] [L=208741]
» comp.)
1031,3] [L=208742]
ena , under pretext or excuse [also -tas] ifc. = under the pretext of) MBh. Ka1v. &c

(H2) m.
[p= a name , title
[p= a family , race
[p= summons (of an army)
[p= appeal to (
[p= talk , speech
[p= a
[p= fame , renown (
[p= fraud , stratagem , pretext , excuse (

Kaṇāda's doctrine of the padārthas, i.e. the categories
Veena Gajendragadkar, Kaṇāda - 1988 - 398 pages - Snippet view
The category of substance serves as a basis for the pointer name (vyapadesa), but does not hold any priviledged position as ... Hence whatever stands affirmed in terms of kriyd-guna-vyapadesa, taken either singly or as a complex, ...

Srimad Bhagavatam: with the original Sanskrit text, its Roman ...: Volumes 11-12
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda, Abhay C. Bhaktivedanta - 1988 - 922 pages - Snippet view
TEXT 21 na yat purastdd uta yan na pascan madhye ca tan na vyapadesa-mdtram bhutam prasiddham ca parena yad yat tad eva tat ... na — does not exist; vyapadesa-mdtram — merely a designation; bhutam — created; prasiddham — made known; ...

Journal of Indian philosophy: Volume 34
2006 - Snippet view
Dharmakirti says: "In the case of expressions such as empty and impermanent, expressions perform their semantic function (vyapadesa) by [first] imposing in cognition an image that is intended in accord with [the interlocutor's] concepts ...

The Saṃbandha-samuddeśa (chapter on relation) and Bhartṛhari's ...
Jan E. M. Houben, Helārāja, Bhartr̥hari - 1995 - 460 pages - Snippet view
Anticipating this, he says: 55 rupanavyapadesdbhydrh laukike vartmani sthitau \ jnanarh praty abhilapam ca sadrsau bdlapanditau \ \ When they are in the course of everyday life and perceive (rupana) or speak about (vyapadesa) something, ...
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