Yogayukta - Deep meditation


yóga--yukta [p= 857,1] [L=172480]
immersed in deep meditation , absorbed in yoga MBh. Pan5cat. &c
(H3) mfn.

yóga--yukti [L=172481]
the being absorbed in yoga Ka1s3i1Kh.
(H3) f.

yóga--śāyin [p= 857,2] [L=172542]
half asleep and half absorbed in meditation Ra1jat.
(H3) mfn.

yóga--stha [L=172572]
absorbed in Yoga Bhag.
(H3) mfn.

yogā* ha [p= 857,3] [L=172615]
absorbed in profound or abstract meditation Nr2isUp.

Yogayukta Usage

(H3) mfn.

Sinister yogis - Page 61
David Gordon White - 2009 - 352 pages - Google eBook - Preview
86 What is the meaning of the term yogayukta as a modifier of a warrior, and what is significant about piercing the disk of ... is termed the “difficult ascent” in the Brāhmaṇas, which divide it into two movements: ascent and descent . ...

Sinister yogis - Page 68
- 2009 - 352 pages - Google eBook - Preview
One concerns a chariot warrior who has refused to fight (Balarāma): while he is yogayukta, a great serpent emerges from ... Like the yogayukta chariot warriors who pierce the otherwise impermeable barrier of the sun, these epic yogis ...

The aphorisms of Śiva: the ŚivaSūtra with Bhāskara's commentary, ... - Page 94
David Gordon White
Vasugupta, Mark S. G. Dyczkowski, Bhāskarabhaṭṭa - 1992 - 247 pages - Google eBook - Preview
While, on the contrary, the Mantras, etc., of one who is intent on the practise of Yoga (yukta) and possesses Siva's unique qualities can, for this reason, make any phenomenon manifest, however hard this may be. Exposition As the reader ...

Geeta For Children - Page 51
Swami Chinmayananda - 145 pages - Preview
Definition of a Yoga-Yukta: whom do we accept as one who had achieved this great Goal of all Yoga? When can we consider ourselves as ... A master of his senses, free from all the cravings of the flesh and mind, a Yoga Yukta, is one; ...

Studies in indian thought: collected papers of Prof. T. R. V. Murti - Page 312
T.R.V. Murti, Harold G. Coward - 1996 - 410 pages - Preview
Scores of times the words, Toga, yukta, yoga-yukta and the compounds, buddhi- yoga and karma-yoga, occur in the Gita. Arjuna is enjoined to become a yogin. Luckily, we are not left in doubt about the meaning of Yoga. ...

Journal of the American Oriental Society: Volume 22, Issue 2 - Page 378
American Oriental Society - 1901 - Free Google eBook - Read
Another, "a chaste Brahman woman," went to heaven on being yogayukta, 54. 6. These stories are merely to advertise bathing- resorts, each one of which must have a miracle. This book contains a clear reference to Yoga regulations and ...

Yoga-sūtras of Patañjali with the Exposition of Vyāsa: Sādhana-pāda - Page 10
Swami Veda Bharati - 2001 - 860 pages - Preview
Therefore, Vyasa says: To (explain) how even someone whose mind-field is involved with the world (vyutthita-chitta) may be joined in yoga (yoga- yukta), this (chapter) is introduced here. Having explained samadhi for those of highest ...

Classical Sāṃkhya and yoga: an Indian metaphysics of experience - Page 19
Mikel Burley - 2007 - 226 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Fixed in yoga (yoga-yukta), the sage goes to brahman in no time.' If saÅkhya is synonymous with saÅnyasa – as is implied in these verses – then we are faced with two incompatible statements: on the one hand both samkhya and yoga are ...

The Sanskrit epics - Page 310
J. L. Brockington - 1998 - 596 pages - Preview
It is also worth noting that there is quite a close parallel to the themes apparent in Drona's death in that of Bhurisravas, also described as yogayukta, earlier in the parvan (7.1 18.16-18), while in the Kamaparvan the dying Drona is ...

Woman as fire, woman as sage: sexual ideology in the Mahābhārata - Page 219
Arti Dhand - 2008 - 254 pages - Google eBook - Preview
54. atraiva brahmanl siddha kaumarabrahmacarim yogayukta divam yata tapahsiddha tapasvinJ (1X. 53 .6). 55. babhuva srlmatl rdjansdndilvasya mahatmanah suta ghrtavrata sadhvl niyata brahmacarim sa tu prapya param yogam gata ...

Poised for grace: annotations on the Bhagavad Gita from a Tantric view - Page 85
Douglas Renfrew Brooks - 2008 - 177 pages - Preview
Noteworthy Phrases and Interpretations • “sa brahma-yoga-yukta-atma sukham asks. ayam as'nute” ...

Life divine and spiritual values
Narayana Guru - 1977 - 260 pages - Snippet view
One who is united with the true self ( Yogayukta), of an entirely purified nature ( Visuddha- tma), ... The law of this ascent of consciousness vertically towards a direct grasp of reality, as different from its horizontal movement ...