Sthira - Firm, strong, constant, persevering

sthirá [p= 1264,3] [L=255708]
(ā́)n. firm , hard , solid , compact , strong RV. &c

S3Br. MBh. &c

R. VarBr2S.

RV. &c


manas or hdaya sthira-k , " to steel one's heart , take courage " R. Katha1s. )


Ya1jn5. MBh. &c

inf.) MBh.

Mn. MBh. &c
sthirá [L=255718]
a partic. spell recited over weapons R.
sthirá [L=255719]
a kind of metre VarBr2S.
sthirá [L=255720]
N. of śiva MBh.
sthirá [L=255721]
of one of skanda's attendants ib.
sthirá [L=255722]
N. of a partic. astrol. yoga MW.
sthirá [L=255723]
of certain zodiacal signs (viz. Taurus , Leo , Scorpio , Aquarius ; so called because any work done under these signs is supposed to be lasting) ib. ( L. also " a tree ; Grislea Tomentosa ; a mountain ; a bull ; a god ; the planet Saturn ; final emancipation ")
sthirá [L=255725]
the earth L.
sthirá [L=255726]
Desmodium Gangeticum L.
sthirá [L=255727]
Salmalia Malabarica L.
sthirá [L=255728]
= -kākolī L.
sthirá [L=255729]
N. of the sound j Up.
sthirá [L=255730]
steadfastness , stubbornness , resistance (acc. with ava-tan P. " to loosen the resistance of [gen.] " ; A1. " to relax one's own resistance , yield " ; with ā-tan A1. " to offer resistance ") RV.
sthira [p= 1265,2] [L=255902]
» [p= 1264,3].

(H2) mf
[L=255709]fixed , immovable , motionless , still , calm
[L=255710]firm , not wavering or tottering , steady
[L=255711]unfluctuating , durable , lasting , permanent , changeless
[L=255712]stern , relentless , hard-hearted
[L=255713]constant , steadfast , resolute , persevering (
[L=255714]kept secret
[L=255715]faithful , trustworthy
[L=255716]firmly resolved to (
[L=255717]settled , ascertained , undoubted , sure , certain
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H1) &c