Sanskrit Word for Penis: Lola

This is one of 41 words related to penis.

lola [p= 905,1] [L=183073]
(ā)n. moving hither and thither , shaking , rolling , tossing , dangling , swinging , agitated , unsteady , restless MBh. Ka1v. &c

Ka1v. Katha1s.
905,2] [L=183075]
ifc.) eagerly desirous of or longing for (loc. inf. or comp.) Ka1v. Var. &c
lola [L=183076]
the penis Gal.
lola [L=183077]
N. of a man Ma1rkP.
lola [L=183079]
lightning Prab. (v.l.)
lola [L=183080]
" the fickle or changeable one " , N. of the goddess of fortune or lak Pan5car.
lola [L=183081]
of dākāyaī in utpalāvartaka Cat.
lola [L=183082]
of the mother of the daitya madhu R.
lola [L=183083]
of a yoginī Hcat.
lola [L=183084]
of two metres Chandom. Col.
lola [p= 908,2] [L=183732]
&c » p.905 , cols. 1 , 2

(H2) mf
[L=183074]changeable , transient , inconstant , fickle
[p= desirous , greedy , lustful , (
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H1) lolita

see also:

1 kāmalatā (penis) 2 kośa (penis) 3 gula (penis) 4 golaka (penis) 5 jaghanya (penis) 6 tilakālaka (penis) 7 daṇḍa (penis) 8 narāṅga (penis) 9 nāgalatā (penis) 10 nīcāmeḍhra (penis) 11 piṇḍika (penis) 12 puṣkarikā (penis) 13 puṣpikā (penis) 14 pauruṣa (penis) 15 pratolī (penis) 16 pramehaṇa (penis) 17 bhasad (penis) 18 maṇi (penis) 19 mathin (penis) 20 madanāṅkuśa (penis) 21 muṣṭi (penis) 22 meḍhra (penis) 23 meḍhraka (penis) 24 meṇḍhra (penis) 25 lalāmagu (penis) 26 liṅgaja (penis) 27 liṅganāśa (penis) 28 liṅgaśopha (penis) 29 liṅgāgra (penis) 30 lola (penis) 31 vaitasa (penis) 32 śaṅku (penis) 33 śāṅkura (penis) 34 śūnāṇḍameḍhratā (penis) 35 śepa (penis) 36 sevanī (penis) 37 atyūha (penis) 38 avāṃśa (penis) 39 aśvaśiśna (penis) 40 eru (penis) 41 nada (penis)


kā́ma--latā [p= 272,3] [L=48163]
membrum virile , penis L.

Ipomaea (Quamoclit Pennata).
(H3) f.
[L=48164]the plant

kóśa [p= 314,1] [L=56740]
(n. L. ; in class. literature kośa , or koa ; fr. √kuś or ku? , related to kukí and koṣṭha?) , a cask , vessel for holding liquids , (metaphorically) cloud RV. AV. Sus3r.



RV. vi , 47 , 23 AV. xix , 72 , 1 S3Br.


ifc.) MBh. viii , 1733

&c MBh. R. VarBr2S.

AV. ChUp. Mun2d2Up. TUp. Pa1rGr2. BhP.

Mn. MBh. &c

&c ) ib.

surg.) a kind of bandage Sus3r.

&c Ka1vya7d. i , 13 Sa1h.

cf. bīja-) R. Ragh. BhP. Dhu1rtas.



Artocarpus integrifolia and of similar fruits L.

Ya1jn5. iii , 147 Veda7ntas.

Sus3r. VarBr2. Ma1rkP.


Sus3r. VarBr2S.



vedā*nta phil.) a term for the three sheaths or succession of cases which make up the various frames of the body enveloping the soul (these are , 1. the ānanda-maya k° or " sheath of pleasure " , forming the kāraa-śarīra or " causal frame " ; 2. the vijñāna-maya or buddhi-m° or mano-m° or prā*a-m° k° , " the sheath of intellect or will or life " , forming the sūkma-śarīra or " subtile frame " ; 3. the anna-m° k° , " the sheath of nourishment " , forming the sthūla-śarīra or " gross frame ") Veda7ntas.

ifc.) a ball or globe (e.g. sūtra- , a ball of thread L. ; netra- , the eye-ball R. iii , 79 , 28)

Ya1jn5. ii , 95

Ra1jat. v , 325

°śa- , to drink from that cup) Ra1jat. vii , 8 ; 75 ; 460 and 493 ; viii , 283

of a conjunction of planets VarBr2S.


Buddh. ) of a collection of gāthā verses Ka1ran2d2. Hcar.
kośa [p= 1325,2] [L=328940]
(H1) m.
[L=56741]a pail , bucket
[L=56742]a drinking-vessel , cup
[L=56743]a box , cupboard , drawer , trunk
[L=56744]the interior or inner part of a carriage
[L=56746]a sheath , scabbard ,
[L=56747]a case , covering , cover
[L=56748]store-room , store , provisions
[L=56749]a treasury , apartment where money or plate is kept , treasure , accumulated wealth (gold or silver , wrought or unwrought , as plate , jewellery ,
[L=56751]a dictionary , lexicon or vocabulary
[L=56752]a poetical collection , collection of sentences
[L=56753]a bud , flower-cup , seed-vessel (
[L=56754]the sheath or integument of a plant , pod , nut-shell
[L=56755]a nutmeg
[L=56756]the inner part of the fruit of
[L=56757]the cocoon of a silk-worm
[L=56758]the membrane covering an egg (in the womb)
[L=56759]the vulva
[L=56760]a testicle or the scrotum
[L=56761]the penis
[L=56762]an egg
[L=56765]the water used at an ordeal or judicial trial (the defendant drinks thrice of it after some idol has been washed in it)
[L=56766]an oath
[L=56767]a cup used in the ratification of a treaty of peace (
[L=56769]of the 2nd astrological mansion ,
(H2) (in

gula [p= 360,1] [L=66186]
(= gua) raw or unrefined sugar , molasses L.


(H1) m.
[L=66187]the glans penis
[L=66188]the clitoris

golaka [p= 368,3] [L=68018]
a ball or globe BhP. v , 16 , 4 VS. xxxi , 22 Sch. &c

Hariv. 15549

Sa1y. on AitBr. i , 20

= palāśa) Gobh. iv , 4 , 26 S3a1n3khGr2. iv , 19 , 4




Mn. iii , 156 and 174 MBh. iii , 13366

VarBr2. xii , 3 and 19

of a pupil of deva-mitra Va1yuP. i , 60 , 64
golaka [L=68028]
a ball or globe Nya1yam. Sch.
golaka [L=68029]
= go-loka , Tantr.
golaka [L=68031]
(used for playing) HParis3.
golaka [L=68032]
the jujube Gal.
golaka [L=68033]
for godhikā q.v.
(H2) m.
[L=68019]a ball for playing with
[L=68020]glans penis
[L=68021]a kind of pease (
[L=68023]a globular water-jar
[L=68024]a kind of dish
[L=68025]a widow's bastard
[L=68026]the conjunction of all the planets in one sign
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.

jaghanyá [p= 408,3] [L=76433]
(ā́)n. (g. dig-ādi ; in comp. Pa1n2. 2-1 , 58 ; ifc. g. vargyā*di) hindmost , last , latest AV. vii , 74 , 2 VS. TBr. AitBr. &c

MBh. &c

Hariv. 5817 R. ii Pan5cat. BhP. vii , 11 , 17
jaghanyá [L=76436]
N. of the attendant of the model man mālavya VarBr2S. lxix , 31 ff.
jaghanyá [L=76437]
the penis L.
jaghanyá [L=76440]
with √k , to leave behind Hariv. 3087.
(H2) mf
[L=76434]lowest , worst , vilest , least , least important
[L=76435]of low origin or rank , (m.) man of the lowest class
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.

tíla--kālaka [p= 448,1] [L=85226]
a mole Sus3r. i f. , iv Pa1n2. 3-2 , 52 Pat. ; 53 Ka1s3.

of a disease of the penis Sus3r. ii , 14 , 16 ; iv , 21 , 16
tíla--kālaka [L=85228]
having a mole L. Sch.
(H3) m.
(H3B) mfn.

daṇḍá [p= 466,2] [L=89571]
( = δένδρο-ν -v , hence cognate with dā́ru and √ d) (n. [cf. iku-] g. ardharcā*di) a stick , staff , rod , pole , cudgel , club RV. &c (staff given at investiture with the sacred thread S3Br. &c ; " penis [with vaitasá] " , xi , 5 , 1 , 1 ; " trunk " » śuṇḍā- ; " arm " or " leg " » dor- , bāhu- ; " tusk " » daṃṣṭrā-)

cf. iku- , ud- , khara-) MBh. ii , 2390

&c ) AitBr. S3Br. &c


» mahādaṇḍa-dhara

S3a1n3khS3r. xvii


cf. °ā*hata) L.

hastas) VarBr2S. xxiv , 9 Ma1rkP. il

of a measure of time (= 60 vi-kalās) BrahmaP. ii VarP. BhavP.

of a staff-like appearance in the sky (" N. of a planet " L. ; cf. -bhāsa) VarBr2S.

of a constellation , xx , 2 VarBr2. Laghuj.

cf. -vyuha) L.

cf. -pāta)

cf. nyasta-) , application of power , violence Mn. vii f. MBh.

gen. or in comp.) , control , restraint (cf. vāg- , mano- , kāya- [karma- Ma1rkP. xli , 22] ; tri-daṇḍin) Subh.

kośa- , du " treasure and army " Mn. ix , 294 MBh. Kir. ii , 12) Mn. vii Ragh. xvii , 62
466,2] [p= 466,3] [L=89571.38]
Ta1n2d2yaBr. xvii , 1 Mn. MBh. &c (cf. guptá & ha-)
466,3] [L=89571.40]
daṇḍá [L=89571.42]
a horse L.
daṇḍá [L=89571.44]
Punishment (son of dharma and kriyā VP. i , 7 , 27 Ma1rkP. l)
daṇḍá [L=89571.46]
yama L.
daṇḍá [L=89571.48]
śiva MBh. xii , 10361
daṇḍá [L=89571.50]
N. of an attendant of the Sun iii , 198
daṇḍá [L=89571.52]
(g. śivā*di and śaunakā*di) N. of a man with the patr. aupara MaitrS. iii , 8 , 7 TS. vi , 2 , 9 , 4
daṇḍá [L=89571.54]
of a prince slain by arjuna (brother of -dhara , identified with the asura krodha-hant) MBh. if. , viii
daṇḍá [L=89571.56]
of a rakas R. vii , 5 , 39
daṇḍá [L=89571.58]
» °oaka
daṇḍa [p= 1328,3] [L=333220]
(H1) m.
[L=89571.04]a stalk , stem (of a tree ;
[L=89571.06]the staff of a banner , 2079 ; iv , xiv
[L=89571.08]the handle (of a ladle , sauce-pan , fly-flap , parasol
[L=89571.10]the steam of a plough
[L=89571.12]" a mast "
[L=89571.14]the cross-bar of a lute which holds the strings
[L=89571.16]the stick with which a lute is played
[L=89571.18]a churning-stick (
[L=89571.20]a pole as a measure of length (= 4
[L=89571.28]a form of military array (
[L=89571.30]a line (
[L=89571.32]a staff or sceptre as a symbol of power and sovereignty (
[L=89571.34]power over (
[L=89571.36]embodied power , army (
[p= the rod as a symbol of judicial authority and punishment , punishment (corporal , verbal , and fiscal ; chastisement and imprisonment , reprimand , fine)
[p= pride
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H2) (in

narā* ga [p= 529,2] [L=104172]
" man-member " , the penis L.
narā* ga [L=104173]
eruption on the face L. (cf. naraga)
narā* ga [L=104174]
(ī)n. having a human body (also -ka) Hcat.
(H3) mn.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) mf

nāgá--latā [p= 533,2] [L=105104]
Piper Betle Ba1lar.


of a woman Ra1jat.
(H3) f.
[L=105105]the penis

nīcā́--mehra [p= 565,3] [L=111342]
one whose penis hangs low Ta1n2d2Br. La1t2y.
(H3) m.

piṇḍika [p= 626,1] [L=123919]
the penis Lin3gaP.
(H2) n.

pukarikā [p= 639,1] [L=126877]
a kind of disease (formation of abscesses on the penis) Sus3r.

of a woman Das3.
(H2) f.

pupikā [p= 640,2] [L=127236]
the tartar of the teeth L.
pupikā [L=127237]
the mucus of the tongue. Gal.
pupikā [L=127238]
the mucus of the glans penis or urethra L.
pupikā [L=127239]
the last words of a chapter (which state the subject treated therein) L.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.

pauruá 1 [p= 651,2] [L=129559]
(ī)n. (fr. purua) manly , human S3Br. MBh. &c

purua RPra1t. Mn. MBh. &c

pauruá 1 [L=129562]
a weight or load which can be carried by one man Mn. viii , 404 ( Kull. )
pauruá 1 [L=129563]
N. of a rākasa VP. (v.l. paurueya)
pauruá 1 [L=129565]
a period of 3 hours (= yāma) HParis3.
pauruá 1 [L=129566]
manhood , virility (opp. to strītva) R.
pauruá 1 [L=129567]
manliness , manly strength or courage or deed , valour , heroism MBh. Ka1v. &c
pauruá 1 [L=129568]
force (opp. to buddhi , " intellect ") Katha1s.
pauruá 1 [L=129569]
a man's length VarBr2S.
pauruá 1 [L=129570]
a generation A1s3vS3r. Ma1rkP.
pauruá 1 [L=129571]
semen virile L.
pauruá 1 [L=129572]
the penis Sus3r.
pauruá 1 [L=129573]
a sun-dial L.
paurua 2 [L=129576]
ddhi form of purua in comp.
(H1) mf
[L=129560]belonging or sacred to
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H1B) n.
(H2) v

pra-tolī [p= 674,2] [L=133781]
a broad way , principal road through a town or village (ifc. °līka) MBh. Ka1v. &c

(H1) f.
[L=133782]a kind of bandage applied to the neck or to the penis

pra-° mehaa [p= 686,2] [L=135928]
causing flow of urine Kaus3. (others °mehana n. " the penis ") .
(H3) mfn.

bhasád [p= 750,1] [L=149292]
( Un2. i , 129) the hinder or secret parts , (esp.) pudendum muliebre RV. AV. VS. Br. Gr2S3rS. (°sat-tás ind. on or from the posteriors ; down to the posteriors)

= li*gra) Mahi1dh.

750,2] [L=149295]
= kaipradeśa) A1pS3r. Sch.

ā) , down the region of the hips ( L. also " flesh ; a piece of wood ; a float , raft ; a sort of duck ; the sun ; a mouth ; time ") .
bhasad [p= 750,3] [L=149415]
» col.1.
(H2) f.
[L=149293]glans penis (
[L=149294]Mons Veneris
[p= the region of the hips (
(H1) &c

maí [p= 774,3] [L=154592]
(f(i) only L. ; f(ī). Sin6ha7s. ; maī*va = maī [du.] iva Naish. ) a jewel , gem , pearl (also fig.) , any ornament or amulet , globule , crystal RV. &c



of the jewel-lotus prayer MWB. 37 2




L. (cf. kaṇṭha-m°)

= maí-bandha) L.


of a nāga MBh.

skanda (associated with su-mai) ib.


yuyudhāna ib. (in Hariv. v.l. i)

kinaras , Ka1ran2d2.

tattva-cintāmai and siddhānta-śiromai).[cf. Gk. μάννος , μόννος ; Lat. monile ; Germ. mane , Ma1hne ; Eng. mane.]
(H1) m.
[L=154593]a magnet , loadstone
[L=154594]glans penis
[L=154597]the hump (of a camel)
[L=154598]the dependent fleshy excrescences on a goat's neck
[L=154599]thyroid cartilage
[L=154600]the wrist (
[L=154601]a large water-jar
[L=154603]of a companion of
[L=154604]of a sage
[L=154605]of a son of
[L=154606]of a king of the
[L=154607]of various works and a collection of magical formulas (also abridged for

mathin [p= 777,2] [p= 777,1] [L=155209]
(strong stem , mánthan , older mánthā ; middle mathín or mathí [q.v.] ; sg. nom. mánthās acc. mánthām [for mantkānam » manthāna under √ manth] ; instr. mathā́ du. mathíbhyām pl. mathíbhyas &c [cf. pathin and Pa1n2. 7-1 , 83 &c ] ; for mathīnā́m » mathi above ) a churning-stick , any stick or staff for stirring or churning RV. &c
777,2] [L=155210]


(H2) m.
[p= the penis
[L=155211]a thunderbolt

madanā* kuśa [p= 778,3] [L=155566]
the penis L.

(H3) m.
[L=155567]a finger-nail

muṣṭí [p= 824,2] [L=165905]
stealing , filching W.

orig. " the hand closed to grasp anything stolen ") RV. &c

S3Br. &c

partic. measure (= 1 pala) S3a1rn3gS.

&c ) Ka1v. Katha1s.


Mahi1dh. on VS. xxiii , 24.
(H2) mf.
[L=165906]the clenched hand , fist (perhaps
[L=165907]a handful
[L=165909]a hilt or handle (of a sword
[L=165910]a compendium , abridgment
[L=165911]the penis (?) ,

hra [p= 832,2] [L=167761]
or ( L. ) m. (fr. √1. mih tra) membrum virile , penis AV. &c
hra [L=167761.1]
a ram L.
(H1) n.
(H1B) m.

mehraka [L=167768]
the penis L.

(H2) m.
[L=167769]a ram

meṇḍhra [L=167773]
the penis BhP.

(H3) m.
[L=167774]a ram

lalā́ma--gu [p= 898,2] [L=181807]
lalā́ma-) m. a facetious term for the penis VS.
(H3) (

liga--ja [p= 902,1] [L=182506]
(mucus) secreted on the penis Gal.
(H3) m.

liga--nāśa [L=182521]
loss of what is characteristic or of the real essence S3vetUp. ( S3am2k. )

partic. disease of the eyes (loss of vision from cataract &c , considered to be a discolouration of the pupil) Sus3r. S3a1rn3gS.

(H3) m.
[L=182523]loss of the penis

liga--śopha [L=182567]
swelling on the penis L.
(H3) m.

li* gra [p= 902,2] [L=182572]
the end or glans of the penis L.
(H3) n.

lola [p= 905,1] [L=183073]
(ā)n. moving hither and thither , shaking , rolling , tossing , dangling , swinging , agitated , unsteady , restless MBh. Ka1v. &c

Ka1v. Katha1s.
905,2] [L=183075]
ifc.) eagerly desirous of or longing for (loc. inf. or comp.) Ka1v. Var. &c
lola [L=183076]
the penis Gal.
lola [L=183077]
N. of a man Ma1rkP.
lola [L=183079]
lightning Prab. (v.l.)
lola [L=183080]
" the fickle or changeable one " , N. of the goddess of fortune or lak Pan5car.
lola [L=183081]
of dākāyaī in utpalāvartaka Cat.
lola [L=183082]
of the mother of the daitya madhu R.
lola [L=183083]
of a yoginī Hcat.
lola [L=183084]
of two metres Chandom. Col.
lola [p= 908,2] [L=183732]
&c » p.905 , cols. 1 , 2.
(H2) mf
[L=183074]changeable , transient , inconstant , fickle
[p= desirous , greedy , lustful , (
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H1) lolita

vaitasá [p= 1021,3] [L=206877]
(ī)n. (fr. vetasa) made of or peculiar to a reed (°sī vtti , " reed-like action " i.e. yielding to superior force , adapting one's self to circumstances) TS. Br. Ka1tyS3r. &c
vaitasá [L=206878]
or n. a basket made of reed Ka1tyS3r.
vaitasá [L=206879]
(met.) the penis AV.
vaitasá [L=206880]
Rumex Vesicarius L.
vaitasá [L=206881]
Calamus Fasciculatus W.
(H1) mf
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.
(H1B) m.

śaku 1 [p= 1047,1] [L=211463]
(for 2. » col.2) fear , terror W.
śa 2 [p= 1047,2] [L=211471]
(of doubtful derivation) a peg , nail , spike RV. &c



fig. applied to the " sting " of sorrow , pain &c ; cf. śankā- , śoka-ś &c ) Hariv. Ka1v. Ra1jat.

partic. weapon or any weapon L.





astron.) the sine of altitude , S3u1ryas.

partic. high number , ten billions (compared to an innumerable collection of ants) MBh. R.

Govardh. ?? ( L. also the penis ; poison ; Unguis Odoratus ; a partic. tree or the trunk of a lopped tree ; a partic. fish [accord. to some " the skate fish "] or aquatic animal ; a goose ; a measuring rod ; a rākasa ; N. of śiva ; of a gandharva attendant on śiva ; of kāma ; of a nāga ; = aśa)

of a man g. gargā*di

dānava Hariv.

vṛṣṇi (son of ugra-sena) MBh. Hariv. Pur.

kṛṣṇa Hariv.

= śakuka q.v.) Cat.

śa 2 [L=211489]
N. of a sāman A1rshBr.
(H2) m.
(H1) m.
[L=211472]a stick
[L=211473]a stake , post , pillar
[L=211474]an arrow , spear , dart (
[L=211476]the pin or gnomon of a dial (usually twelve fingers long)
[L=211477]a kind of forceps (used for the extraction of a dead fetus)
[L=211478]the fibre or vein of a leaf.
[L=211479]the measure of twelve fingers
[L=211482]the clapper of a bell ,
[L=211484]of a
[L=211485]of a
[L=211486]of a son of
[L=211487]of a poet (
[L=211488]of a. Brahman
(H1B) n.

śākurá [p= 1063,1] [L=215038]
(applied to the penis) AV.
(H2) m.

śūnā* ṇḍa-mehra-tā [p= 1085,1] [L=220068]
swollen condition of the testicles and penis ib.
(H3) f.

śépa [p= 1088,2] [L=220813]
(said to be fr. √1. śī , and connected with śiva and √ śvi) the male organ , penis RV. AV. VS. TS.

cf. paru-cchepa , śu-na-śepa) RV. [cf. Lat. cippus.]
(H1) m.
[L=220814]a tail (

sevanī 2 [p= 1247,2] [L=252356]
a needle L.
sevanī 2 [L=252357]
a seam L.
sevanī 2 [L=252358]
a suture or peculiar , seam-like union of parts of the body (seven in number , viz. five of the cranium , one of the tongue , and one of the glans penis) Br. Sus3r.
sevanī 2 [L=252359]
a kind of small jasmine L.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.
(H2B) f.

aty-ūha [p= 17,2] [L=3495]
excessive deliberation

aty-ūha [p= 1310,1] [L=302630]
(also) the penis of an elephant, L.
(H2) m.
[L=3496]a gallinule , a peacock
(H2) m.

avā* śa [p= 1317,2] [L=315210]
the penis, Sa1mavBr.
(H2) m.

aśva--śiśna [p= 1318,1] [L=316423.6]
a horse's penis, Ka1tyS3r.
(H3) m.

éru [p= 232,1] [L=40148]
(fr. ā-īr) = gant T. (?) AV. vi , 22 , 3.
éru [p= 1323,2] [L=325520]
accord. to some, "the penis").
(H1) mfn.
(H2) (

nadá [p= 526,1] [L=103309]
a roarer , bellower , thunderer , crier , neigher &c (as a cloud , horse , bull , met. a man , i , 179 , 4 ) RV.

of RV. viii , 58 , 2 (beginning with nadam) S3Br. S3a1n3khS3r.

ifc. ind(-nadam). ; cf. nadī) Mn. MBh. &c

nadá [p= 1329,2] [L=334630]
accord. to some also, "the penis").
(H2) m.
[L=103311]a river (if thought of as male
(H2) (