Sanskrit Words for Seduction

Seduction is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s great to be seduced by someone we love, or by the beauty of the universe. You need to have your wits about you, though, have all your instincts alert. The Yoga world has always been full of predators – for thousands of years. That’s life.

In English, the word seduce has to do with leading and leading astray.

se·duce (from

–verb (used with object), -duced, -duc·ing. lead astray, as from duty, rectitude, or the like; corrupt. persuade or induce to have sexual intercourse. lead or draw away, as from principles, faith, or allegiance: He was seduced by the prospect of gain. win over; attract; entice: a supermarket seducing customers with special sales.

Origin: 1470–80; < L sēdūcere to lead aside, equiv. to sē- se- + dūcere to lead; r. earlier seduise.

Here are some Sanskrit words connected with “seduction.”

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vi-lobha [p= 986,1] [L=199834]
attraction , delusion , seduction W
vi-lobha [p= 986,2] [L=199879]
» vi-lubh ib.
(H2) m.
(H1) &c

1 kanyakāchala (seduction) 2 kanyakācchala (seduction) 3 kṛtyatā (seduction) 4 dharṣaṇa (seduction) 5 dhruti (seduction) 6 prakara (seduction) 7 prarocana (seduction) 8 pralobha (seduction) 9 bheda (seduction) 10 mohana (seduction) 11 vikārahetu (seduction) 12 vilobha (seduction) 13 vilobhana (seduction) 14 vīci (seduction) 15 strīsaṃgrahaṇa (seduction)
kanyakā-chala [p= 249,1] [L=43084]
beguiling a maiden , seduction Ya1jn5. i , 61.
(H3) n.
kanyakā-cchala [L=43084.1]
beguiling a maiden , seduction Ya1jn5. i , 61.
(H3) n.
ktya--tā [p= 303,3] [L=54618]
seduction from allegiance or alliance Sus3r.
(H3) f.
dharaa [p= 513,1] [L=100537]
offending , hurting , assaulting MW.
dharaa [L=100538]
(ā). assault , outrage , offence , violation , seduction MBh. Hariv. Pan5c. &c
dharaa [L=100539]
overpowering L.
dharaa [L=100540]
copulation L.
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) nf
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
dhrúti [p= 521,2] [L=102283]
misleading , seduction RV. vii , 86 , 6.
(H2) f.
pra-kara 1 [p= 652,3] [L=129800]
» pra-k.
pra-kara 2 [L=129801]
pra-k , p.654.
pra-kara 1 [p= 653,3] [L=129957]
(ī)n. (for 2. » pra-k) doing much or well W.
pra-kara 1 [L=129958]
aid , friendship ib.
pra-kara 1 [L=129959]
usage , custom ib.
pra-kara 1 [L=129960]
respect ib.
pra-kara 1 [L=129961]
seduction ib.
pra-kara 1 [L=129963]
an episodical interlude inserted in a drama to explain what follows Das3ar. (also °rikā Prata1p. )
pra-kara 1 [L=129964]
theatrical dress or disguise W.
prakara 2 [p= 654,2] [L=130139]
(for 1. » pra-k) a scattered heap , heap , multitude , quantity , plenty MBh. Ka1v. &c

prakara 2 [L=130142]
aloe wood , Agallochum L.
(H1) &c
(H1) »
(H2) mf
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2) m.
[L=130140]a nosegay
(H2B) n.
pra-° rocana [p= 689,1] [L=136452]
(ī)n. exciting or inciting to love (as a spell) , seductive Katha1s.
pra-° rocana [L=136456]
stimulating , exciting Ma1lati1m.
pra-° rocana [L=136457]
seduction Prab.
pra-° rocana [L=136458]
praising ChUp. S3am2k. Kap. Sch. Ma1lati1m.
pra-° rocana [L=136459]
illustration , explanation Pan5cavBr.
(H3) mf
(H3B) n.
(H3B) n.
(H3B) n.
(H3B) n.
pra-lobha [p= 690,1] [L=136645]
allurement , seduction Pan5cat. BhP.

(H2) m.
[L=136646]desire , cupidity
bheda [p= 757,2] [L=150901]
» p.766.
bhedá [p= 766,1] [L=152791]
( √ bhid) breaking , splitting , cleaving , rending , tearing , piercing (also pass. the being broken &c ) Ka1tyS3r. Ya1jn5. MBh. Ka1v. &c

cf. rahasya-bh°)

BhP. Sus3r.

Ka1lid. Ba1lar.

cf. śilā-bh° ; du. pudendum muliebre) RV.

Ka1m. MBh. Katha1s.

cf. ardhabh°) Sus3r.

Ka1v. Pur.

S3rS. Up. MBh. &c

RPra1t. Ka1tyS3r. Sa1h.

cf. upā*ya) Mn. Ya1jn5. Ka1m.

instr.) or in (comp.) MBh. Var. Ra1jat.

MBh. S3ak.
766,2] [L=152804]
cf. bhrūbh°)


astron.) a partic. crossing or conjunction of the planets

cf. kuki-bh°)

math.) the hypothenuse of a right-angled triangle

dram.) = sahati-bhedana , or = pro*tsāhana , Sa1h2. ??

phil.) dualism , duality (cf. comp.)

of a man AV.

N. of a people RV.
(H2) &c
(H1) m.
[L=152792]breaking open , disclosing , divulging , betrayal (of a secret
[L=152793]bursting asunder , opening , gaping , parting asunder
[L=152794]bursting forth or out , expanding , blossoming , shooting out , sprouting
[L=152795]a cleft , fissure , chasm (
[L=152796]rupture , breach , hurt , injury , seduction
[L=152797]shooting pain (in the limbs) , paralysis (
[L=152798]separation , division , partition , part , portion
[L=152799]distinction , difference , kind , sort , species , variety
[L=152800]disturbance , interruption , violation , dissolution
[L=152801]disuniting , winning over to one's side by sowing dissension (
[L=152802]disunion , schism , dissension between (
[L=152803]change , alteration , modification
[p= contraction (
[L=152805]evacuation (of the bowels)
[L=152807]one of the ways in which an eclipse ends (
mohana [p= 836,1] [L=168603]
(ī)n. depriving of consciousness , bewildering , confusing , perplexing , leading astray , infatuating MBh. R. &c
mohana [L=168604]
the thorn-apple L.
mohana [L=168605]
N. of śiva R.
mohana [L=168606]
N. of one of the 5 arrows of the god of love Vet.
mohana [L=168607]
of various other authors and men Katha1s. S3ukas. Cat.
mohana [L=168609]
Trigonella Corniculata L.
mohana [L=168611]
a partic. illusion or delusion Sarvad.
mohana [L=168612]
a partic. incantation Katha1s.
mohana [L=168613]
N. of an apsaras Pan5car.
mohana [L=168614]
of a female demon (daughter of garbha-hant) Ma1rkP.
mohana [L=168615]
of one of the nine śaktis of viṣṇu L.
mohana [L=168616]
the being deluded or infatuated , delusion , infatuation , embarrassment , mistake Nir. Bhag. Gi1t.
mohana [L=168617]
stupor , being stupefied Sus3r.
mohana [L=168618]
sexual intercourse Ka1v. Sa1h.
mohana [L=168619]
the act of perplexing , puzzling , bewildering R. Gi1t. Ma1rkP.
mohana [L=168620]
any means employed for bewildering others Das3.
mohana [L=168621]
temptation , seduction W.
mohana [L=168622]
a magical charm used to bewilder an enemy
mohana [L=168623]
the formula used in that process (esp. the hymns AV. iii , 1 , 2) Kaus3.
mohana [L=168624]
N. of a town MBh.
(H2) mf
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
vi-kāra---hetu 2 [p= 954,3] [L=193973]
" cause of perturbation " , temptation , seduction Kum.
(H3) m.
vi-lobha [p= 986,1] [L=199834]
attraction , delusion , seduction W
vi-lobha [p= 986,2] [L=199879]
» vi-lubh ib.
(H2) m.
(H1) &c
vi-° lobhana [p= 986,1] [L=199835]
the act of leading astray , perplexing , beguiling , seduction , temptation Ragh. Kir. Va1s.

dram.) flattery , praise , commendation (e.g. S3ak. i , 17-21, the stanzas containing the king's description of śakuntalā's beauty) Bhar. Das3ar. &c
(H3) n.
vī́ci [p= 1004,3] [L=203444]
(prob. fr. vi 2. añc) going or leading aside or astray , aberration , deceit , seduction RV. x , 10 , 6

m. ( L. ) and f(ī). (ifc. °ci , or °cika) a wave , ripple Ka1v. VarBr2S. &c

N. of a subdivision of a chapter (called pravāha , " river ") Sadukt.

a-vīci) a partic. hell R. ( L. also = sukha , avakāśa , svalpa , alpa , āli , kiraa).
(H1) f.
[L=203446]" wave " as
[L=203447](prob. for
strī́--sagrahaa [p= 1261,2] [L=255113]
the act of embracing a women (criminally) , adultery , seduction Ya1jn5. Sch. ( IW. 261) .
(H3) n.