Shunya - Empty, void of, space, Heaven

mahāśūnyālaye vahnau bhūtākṣaviṣayādikam |
hūyate manasā sārdhaṃ sa homaś cetanāsrucā || 149 ||

śūnyá [p= 1085,2] [L=220069]
(ā)n. empty , void (with vājin = " a riderless horse " ; with rājya = " a kingless kingdom ") , hollow , barren , desolate , deserted Br. &c

i.e. vacant (as a look or stare) , absent , absentminded , having no certain object or aim , distracted MBh. Ka1v. &c

i.e. possessing nothing , wholly destitute MBh. Katha1s.

R. BhP.

instr. or comp.) , wanting , lacking Ka1v. Katha1s. Pur. Sarvad. non-existent , absent , missing Ka1v. Pan5cat.

R. Ra1jat. Sarvad.

a-śūnya-k , " to effect " , " accomplish ") S3ak. Ratna7v.




śūnyá [L=220083]
a void , vacuum , empty or deserted place , desert (śūnye , in a lonely place) MBh. R. &c
śūnyá [L=220084]
(in phil.) vacuity , nonentity , absolute non-existence (esp. with Buddhists) IW. 83 n. 3 ; 105 , n.4 MWB. 7 n. 1 ; 142
śūnyá [L=220085]
N. of brahma MW.
śūnyá [L=220086]
(in arithm.) nought , a cypher VarBr2S. Gan2it. (cf. IW. 183)
śūnyá [L=220087]
space , heaven , atmosphere L.
śūnyá [L=220088]
a partic. phenomenon in the sky. L.
śūnyá [L=220089]
an earring (» next). [cf. Gk. κενός , κενεός ; Aeol. κέννος.]
śūnya [p= 1086,1] [L=220260]
» [p= 1085,1].
(H2) mf
[L=220072]wholly alone or solitary , having no friends or companions
[L=220073]void of , free from , destitute of (
[L=220074]vain , idle , unreal , nonsensical
[L=220075]void of results , ineffectual (
[L=220076]free from sensitiveness or sensation (said of the skin) , insensible
[L=220077]bare , naked
[L=220078]guileless , innocent
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H1) &c
Shakti and Shâkta: essays and addresses on the Shâkta Tantrashâstra - Page 29
- 1951 - 734 pages - Full view
Shiva in the Yoginihridaya Tantra, says: "Who knows the heart of a woman? Only Shiva knows the Heart of Yogini (the Supreme Shakti)." For this reason the Buddhist Tantrik schools call it Shunya or the Void. This is not 'nothing' but ...
Sir John George Woodroffe

The Dawn of Tantra
, Chögyam Trungpa - 2001 - 112 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Here we have two terms which are of key significance in tantra, shunyata and karuna. The terms are not restricted to the tantric level, ... In this popular language, if a glass had no water in it, it could be called shunya. ...
Herbert V. Guenther

The book of secrets: the science of meditation : a contemporary ... - Page 54
- 1998 - 1152 pages - Preview
Buddha called it shunya. To encounter this shunya, to encounter this void, creates fear. That fear is there. ... Once you encounter your nothingness, once you know that within you are just like a space, shunya, then there will be no ...

Principles of Tantra: Part 2 - Page cxix
- 2003 - 592 pages - Preview
... 1 " The soundless Sat- chit -ananda Brahman is called Shunya'* ( Yogasvarodaya) . ...
Arthur Avalon

Shiva: the wild God of power and ecstasy - Page 238
- 2004 - 296 pages - Google eBook - Preview
The tantric texts, the Agamas, could be read by women as well as men, untouchables as well as twice-born Hindus, by heretics (ie, Buddhists) as well as by the orthodox. ... Since a bodhisattva is “empty” or “void” (shunya), that is, ...
Wolf-Dieter Storl

The Goddess re-awakening: the feminine principle today - Page 81
, Shirley J. Nicholson - 1989 - 280 pages - Preview
In the later Tantric Buddhism, especially the Vajrayana (Diamond Path) which has survived only in Tibet, ... is not shakti but prajna (wisdom), which is equated with shunya, the Void. Prajna is the quiescent, the passive, ...
Shirley Nicholson

Energy: The Spark of Life & Universal Goddess, A Book About Yoga ... - Page 71
- 2006 - 122 pages - Preview
Swara yoga According to the tantric tradition of Swarayoga, it is important to be aware of the significance of ... This indicates the flow of the shunya void swara through sushumna nadi. Sushumna is the pathway through which the energy ...
Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati