Chalasane-Rocking, rotating, motion - also movement and phrases in a raga

calāsane sthitasyātha śanair vā dehacālanāt |
praśānte mānase bhāve devi divyaugham āpnuyāt || 83 ||

calana [L=72636]
(ā)n. moving , movable , tremulous , shaking Pa1n2. 3-2 , 148 KapS. i , 129 Sch.

Gaut. viii , 2

xxii , 26
calana [L=72639]
a foot L.
calana [L=72640]
an antelope L.
calana [L=72641]
shaking motion , shaking , trembling Pa1n2. 1-3 , 87 ; iii , 2 , 148 R. v , 36 , 21 Pan5cat. &c
calana [L=72642]
" motion " , action , function Veda7ntas. Tarkas.
calana [L=72643]
walking about , wandering , roaming MBh. xii , 3708
calana [L=72644]
turning off from (abl.) , iii , 1319
calana [L=72645]
(a- neg.) Katha1s. ic , 8 and Sa1h. iii , 53
calana [L=72646]
the being disturbed Sarvad. iii , 174
calana [L=72648]
the rope for tying an elephant L.
(H2) mf
[L=72637]moving on feet
[L=72638]wanton (a woman) ,
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
The dictionary of Hindustani classical music - Page 28
- 2000 - 193 pages - Preview
Both Calana and Cala have been derived from the same root meaning 'To move', yet their musical applications are ... Calana Literally it means 'Movement' or 'The way of moving'. Musically it means (1) convention in using notes in a ...
Vimalakānta Rôya Caudhurī

The serpent power: being the Ṣaṭ-cakra-nirūpana and ... - Page 207
, Sir John George Woodroffe, Pūrṇānanda - 1974 - 529 pages - Preview
Sakti-calana employs the latter Mudra, which is repeated until Vayu manifests in the Susumna. Sakti-calana is the movement of the abdominal muscle from left to right and right to left; the object being to arouse Kundalini by this ...
Arthur Avalon

Foundations of Indian Psychology - Page 366
- Preview
They are as follows: 1. Bhavanga: Passive state of mind 2. Bhavanga-calana: Vibrated passive state of mind ... Bhavanga-calana: When an object enters in the range of a cognitive sense, it creates a simple vibration in the smooth flow of ...
Cornelissen R. M. Matthijs

Hindustani music: a tradition in transition
- 2005 - 432 pages - Snippet view
It seems legitimate, therefore, to accept a raga's calana [skeletal phraseology] as a superior alternative. The calana is a set of phrases, generally arranged in ascending and descending formation. Most ragas can be adequately ...
Deepak Raja

Specific principles of Kashmir Śaivism
- 1997 - 198 pages - Snippet view
If spanda means calana or movement, why add kincit (a little) to it? If it is really movement, it should be accepted as ... Therefore, littleness cannot change the basic character of calana. On the other hand, if it is not a movement , ...
Balajinnātha Paṇḍita

Brahma vidya abhyasa: or, Reality and the method to trace it: Volume 1
- 1970 - Snippet view
anywhere only when a movement or chalana precedes It. The chalana may be either external and visible, or internal and invisible. Therefore, chalana (movement or vibration) and vikara (reaction) are inter-allied. ...
Bhoomananda Tirtha (Swami.)

The Golden Triangle - Page 234
- 1998 - 288 pages - Preview
Table 3 Tantrik Terms of Vibration Vibration or spanda is used to describe the manifested sensations associated with ... flutter bhramavega: to whirl, flutter with intense energy and rate chalana: slow vibration chalattd: tremor (as of ...
Robert Lester Peck

Kundalini yoga
- 1971 - 272 pages - Snippet view
Chitta has two causes for its existence, viz., Vasanas or subtle desires and the vibration of Prana. 4. If one of them is controlled, the result is, both of them are controlled. 2. Mitahara, Asana and Shakti-Chalana 5. ...
Sivananda (Swami.)

Path of fire and light: advanced practices of yoga - Page 137
, Rama (Swami) - 1988 - 156 pages - Preview
This is produced by uttering the sound "ah" as low in the throat as possible, vibrating the palate, ... To complete murchha, shakti chalana must be practiced with it. Kevala Kumbhaka. In this practice the full length of the breath is ...
Swami Rama

calita [L=72659]
shaking , tremulous , unfixed MBh. &c

MBh. Su1ryas. iii , 11

e.g. sa calita , " he started off " Pan5cat. Gi1t. iii , 3 Hit. )

Vet. iii , 1÷2 (v.l.)


&c ) Hariv. 5669 R. &c

abl.) Ya1jn5. i , 360 Bhag. vi , 37
calita [L=72666]
unsteady motion (of eyes) Bhartr2. i , 4.
calita [L=72673]
(H2) mfn.
[L=72660]one who has moved on
[L=72661]gone , departed (
[L=72663]being on the march (an army)
[L=72664]moved from one's usual course , disturbed , disordered (the mind , senses , fortune ,
[L=72665]caused to deviate , turned off from (
(H2B) n.
(H1) &c