vi-° bhāva [p= 977,3] [L=198289]
» [p= 978,3]) mf(arī » next)n. (voc. vi-bhāvas) , id. ib.
vi-bhāva [p= 977,3] [L=198307]
vi-bhāva. » above and [p= 978,3].
vi-bhāva 2 [p= 978,3] [L=198416]
(for 1. » under vi-bhā) any condition which excites or develops a partic. state of mind or body , any cause of emotion (e.g. the persons and circumstances represented in a drama , as opp. to the anu-bhāva or external signs or effects of emotion) Bhar. Das3ar. Sa1h. (-tva n.)
978,3] [L=198417]
978,3] [L=198418]
of śiva Pan5car.
(H3) (for 2.
(H1) 1. and 2.
(H2) m.
[p= a friend , acquaintance
[p= N.

vi-bhava [p= 977,3] [L=198262]
» under vi-bhū.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198398]
powerful , rich MBh. xiii , 802
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198399]
being everywhere , omnipresence Kan2.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198400]
development , evolution (with vaiṣṇavas " the evolution of the Supreme Being into secondary forms ") Sarvad.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198401]
power , might , greatness , exalted position , rank , dignity , majesty , dominion R. Ka1lid. VarBr2S. &c (ifc. with loc. , " one whose power consists in " Gi1t. )
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198402]
influence upon (loc.) S3a1n3khS3r.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198403]
(also pl.) wealth , money , property , fortune MBh. Ka1v. &c
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198404]
luxury , anything sumptuary or superfluous Hcar.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198405]
magnanimity , lofty-mindedness W.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198406]
emancipation from existence Inscr. BhP.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198407]
N. of the 2nd year in Jupiter's cycle of 60 years VarBr2S.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198408]
destruction (of the world) Buddh.
vi-bhava [p= 978,2] [L=198409]
(in music) a kind of measure
(H1) &c
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.