yajñá [L=169220]
worship , devotion , prayer , praise

veda , the latter in post-Vedic literature ; cf. mahā-y°) RV. &c

RV. iii , 30 , 15 ; 32 , 12


ātman L.

MBh. Hariv.

prājāpatya) N. of the reputed author of RV. x , i 30 Anukr.

of a form of viṣṇu Pur.

indra under manu svāyambhuva ib.

ruci and ākūti ib.
yajña [p= 1331,3] [L=338430]

(H2) m.
[L=169221]act of worship or devotion , offering , oblation , sacrifice (the former meanings prevailing in
[L=169222]a worshipper , sacrificer
[L=169225]Sacrifice personified
[L=169229]of a son of
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yaj 1 [p= 839,1] [p= 838,3] [L=169114]
( Dha1tup. xxiii , 33) yájati , °te (1. sg. yajase RV. viii , 25 , 1 ; Ved. Impv. yáki or °va ; pf. iyāja MBh. ; ījé RV. ; yejé [?] AV. cf. Ka1s3. on Pa1n2. 6-4 , 120 ; Ved. aor. ayākīt or ayā ; ayaṣṭa ; Subj. yakat , yakati , °te ; 3. sg. ayakata A1s3vGr2. ; Prec. ijyāt Pa1n2. 3-4 , 104 ; yakīya MaitrS. ; fut. yaṣṭā Br. ; yakyati,°yáte RV. &c ; inf. ṣṭum , ījitum MBh. ; Ved. °ave ; yájadhyai or yajádhyai ; p.p. iṣṭa ind.p. iṣṭvā́ AV. ; iṣṭvīnam Pa1n2. 7-1 , 48 ; -ijya Gr. ; yā́jam AV. ) , to worship , adore , honour (esp. with sacrifice or oblations)  ; 
to consecrate , hallow , offer (with
acc. , rarely dat. loc. or prati , of the deity or person to whom ; dat. of the person for whom , or the thing for which ; and instr. of the means by which the sacrifice is performed ; in older language generally P. of agni or any other mediator , and A1. of one who makes an offering on his own account cf. yája-māna ; later properly P. when used with reference to the officiating priest , and A1. when referring to the institutor of the sacrifice) RV. &c  ; 
to offer
i.e. to present , grant , yield , bestow MBh. BhP.  ; 
A1.) to sacrifice with a view to (acc.) RV.  ; 
to invite to sacrifice by the
yājyā verses S3Br. S3a1n3khS3r. : Pass. ijyate (p. Ved. ijyamāna or yajyamāna Pat. on Pa1n2. 6-1 , 108 ; ep. also pr. p. ijyat) , to be sacrificed or worshipped MBh. Ka1v. &c : Caus. yājáyati (ep. also °te ; aor. ayīyajat) , to assist any one (acc.) as a priest at a sacrifice (instr.) TS. Br.  ; 
to cause any one (
acc.) to sacrifice anything (acc.) or by means of any one (instr.) MBh. R. : Desid. yíyakati , °te (cf. íyakati) , to desire to sacrifice or worship MBh. R. : Intens. yāyajyate , yāyajīti , yāyaṣṭi Pa1n2. 7-4 , 83 Sch. [cf. Zd. yaz ; Gk. γνός , γος ,ζομαι.]
yaj 2 [L=169115]
ifc. ; cf. Pa1n2. 8-2 , 36) sacrificing , worshipping , a sacrificer (» divi- and deva-yáj)
(H1) cl.1 P. A1.
(H2) (
yájatra [L=169126]
(ā)n. worthy of worship or sacrifice , deserving adoration RV. VS. AV.
yájatra [L=169127]
= agnihotrin L.
yájatra [L=169128]
= yāga L.
yájatra [L=169129]
= agni-hotra L.
(H2) mf
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.

(in comp.)
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yajñá--kṛ́t [L=169242]
worshipping , performing as TS. BhP.

viṣṇu) MBh.
yajñá--kṛ́t [L=169244]
N. of a king BhP. (also -kta).
(H3) mfn.
[L=169243]causing or occasioning sacrifice (said of
(H3B) m.
yajñá--kntatrá [L=169245]
pl. the dangers connected with a sacrifice S3Br.
(H3) n.
yajñá--ketu [L=169246]
(yajñá-) giving a sign by a sacrifice RV.
yajñá--ketu [L=169246.1]
N. of a rākasa R.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
yajñá--kratú [L=169248]
sacrificial rite or ceremony , a complete rite or chief ceremony TS. Br. S3rS.

viṣṇu BhP.

the yajña and kratu sacrifice Ra1matUp.
(H3) m.
[L=169249]a personification of
yajñá--gamya [L=169252]
accessible by sacrifice (viṣṇu-kṛṣṇa) Vishn2.
(H3) mfn.
yajñá--gāthā [L=169253]
a memorial verse connected with a sacrifice AitBr. Gr2S3rS.
(H3) f.

(H3) yajñá--karman [p= 839,2] [L=169230]
mfn. engaged in a sacrifice R.
(H3B) yajñá--karman [L=169231]
n. sacrificial rite or ceremony Ka1tyS3r. Mn. &c
(H4) yajñá--kar° mā* rha [L=169232]
mfn. worthy of a sacrifice L.
(H3) yajñá--kalpa [p= 839,3] [L=169233]
mfn. resembling a sacrifice BhP.
(H3) yajñá--kāma [L=169234]
(yajñá-) mfn. desirous of sacrifice or worship RV. &c &c
(H3) yajñá--kāra [L=169235]
mfn. occupied in a sacrifice MBh.
(H3) yajñá--kāla [L=169236]
m. time for sacrifice La1t2y.
the last lunar day in each half of a month L.
(H3) yajñá--kīlaka [L=169238]
m. " sacrifice-post " , the post to which a victim is fastened L.
(H3) yajñá--kṛ́t [L=169242]
mfn. worshipping , performing as TS. BhP.
causing or occasioning sacrifice (said of viṣṇu) MBh.
(H3B) yajñá--kṛ́t [L=169244]
m. N. of a king BhP. (also -kṛta).
(H3) yajñá--kṛntatrá [L=169245]
n. pl. the dangers connected with a sacrifice S3Br.
(H3) yajñá--ketu [L=169246]
mfn. (yajñá-) giving a sign by a sacrifice RV.
(H3B) yajñá--ketu [L=169246.1]
m. N. of a rākṣasa R.
(H3) yajñá--kratú [L=169248]
m. sacrificial rite or ceremony , a complete rite or chief ceremony TS. Br. S3rS.
a personification of viṣṇu BhP.
pl. the yajña and kratu sacrifice Ra1matUp.
(H3) yajñá--gamya [L=169252]
mfn. accessible by sacrifice (viṣṇu-kṛṣṇa) Vishn2.
(H3) yajñá--gāthā [L=169253]
f. a memorial verse connected with a sacrifice AitBr. Gr2S3rS.
(H3) yajñá--ghna [L=169257]
m. " sacrifice-destroying " , N. of a malicious demon R. BhP.
(H3) yajñá--cchāga [L=169258]
m. a goat for a sacrifice Mn.
(H3) yajñá--jña [L=169260]
mfn. skilled in worship or sacrifice Nir.
(H3) yajñá--tati [L=169261]
f. performance of a sacrifice , APra1t.
(H3) yajñá--tanū́ [L=169262]
f. a form of worship or sacrifice. Kaus3.
N. of partic. vyāhṛtis S3Br.
of partic. sacrificial bricks TS.
(H3) yajñá--tantra [L=169265]
n. extension of a sacrifice A1past.
(H3) yajñá--tā [L=169267]
(yajñá-) f. state or condition of a sacrifice MaitrS.
(H3) yajñá--turaṃga [L=169268]
m. a horse for a sacrifice Ma1lav.
(H3) yajñá--tyāgin [L=169269]
mfn. one who has abandoned a sacrifice L.
(H3) yajñá--trātṛ [L=169270]
m. sacrifice-protector , N. of viṣṇu Pan5car.
(H3) yajñá--dakṣiṇā [L=169271]
f. a sacrificial gift or donation , a fee given to priests for performing a sacrifice R.
(H3) yajñá--datta [L=169272]
m. " sacrifice-given " , N. of a man (commonly used in examples = Lat. caius) R. Katha1s. Kan2.
(H3) yajñá--dīkṣā [L=169279]
f. initiation into sacrifice , due performance of a sacrifice Mn. R.