Apa-Down, away , off , back

ápa [p= 47,3] [L=8961]
(as a prefix to nouns and verbs , expresses) away , off , back (opposed to úpa , ánu , sam , pra)


neg. particle a e.g. apa-bhī , fearless ; or may express deterioration , inferiority , &c (cf. apa-pāha).

Ved. , with abl.) away from , on the outside of , without , with the exception of ([cf. Gk. πό ; Lat. ab ; Goth. af ; Eng. of]).

(H1) ind.
[L=8961.1]down (opposed to
[L=8962]When prefixed to nouns , it may sometimes = the
[L=8962.1](As a separable particle or adverb in
apa- √  [L=9296]
to rob , steal , take or drag away
to remove , frighten away
to put off or away (as garments , ornaments , or fetters)
to extract , take from
to deny
Comm. on Mn. viii , 53. 59  ; 
to except , exclude from a rule
Comm. on RPra1t. : Desid. -ninīati , to wish to remove Comm. on Mn. i , 27.

(H1) to lead away or off
apana (apaana). The downward air, which goes out through the anus. Definition and meaning of apana is extracted from the website of International Sathya Sai Baba Organization.

Also -
apā*  [L=10019]
(opposed to prā*á) , that of the five vital airs which goes downwards and out at the anus

MBh. (in this sense also (am) n. L. )

of a sāman PBr. ??

(H2) m.
[L=10020]the anus
[L=10022]ventris crepitus