Sarira - Body, also, that which is easily destroyed or dissolved - the body - bodily frame, solid parts of the body

śárīra [p= 1057,3] [L=213830]
(once in R. m. ; ifc. f(ā). ; either fr. √ śri and orig. = " support or supporter " cf. 2. śaraa and Mn. i , 7 ; or accord. to others , fr. √ ś , and orig. = " that which is easily destroyed or dissolved ") the body , bodily frame , solid parts of the body (pl. the bones) RV. &c

opp. to udaka &c ) MBh. VarBr2S. Pan5cat.

i.e. one's own person Mn. xi , 229



(H1) n.
[L=213831]any solid body (
[L=213832]one's body
[L=213833]bodily strength
[L=213834]a dead body
śárīra--kart [L=213835]
" body-maker " , a father MBh.
(H3) m.
śárīra--karaa [L=213836]
emaciation of the body Mn. vii , 112.
(H3) n.
śárīra--cintā [L=213839]
care of the body (washing one's self &c ) Pan5cad.
(H3) f.
śárīra--ja [L=213840]
(ā)n. produced from or belonging to or performed with the body , bodily Mn. S3is3. VP.
śárīra--ja [L=213841]
(ifc. f(ā).) offspring
śárīra--ja [L=213842]
a son MBh.
śárīra--ja [L=213843]
the god of love , love MBh.
śárīra--ja [L=213844]
sickness L.
śárīra--ja [L=213845]
lust , passion MW.
(H3) mf
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
(H3B) m.
śárīra--tā [L=213847]
the state or condition of a body Sarvad.
(H3) f.
śárīra--tulya [L=213848]
(ā)n. equal to the body , dear as one's own person MBh.
(H3) mf
śárīra--tyāga [L=213849]
abandonment of the body , renunciation of life Va1s.
(H3) m.
śárīra--deśá [L=213852]
a part of the body S3Br.
(H3) m.
śárīra--dhātu [L=213853]
a chief constituent of the body (flesh , blood &c ) MBh.

buddha's body (such as a bone , tooth , a hair , or nail) MWB. 495.
(H3) m.
[L=213854]a relic of
śárīra--dhk [L=213855]
" bearing a body " , a corporeal being Baudh.
(H3) m.
śárīra--nicaya [p= 1058,1] [p= 1057,3] [L=213856]
(accord. to Ni1lak. = śarīrasya sacaya , śar° avasthiti ; prob. w.r. for -niścaya) certainty about the body MBh.
(H3) m.
śárīra--nipāta [p= 1058,1] [L=213857]
collapse of the body , falling down dead Gaut.
(H3) m.
śárīra--nyāsa [L=213858]
casting off the body , death A1past.
(H3) m.
śárīra--pakti [L=213859]
purification of the body MBh.
(H3) f.
śárīra--pāka [L=213861]
" ripening of the body " , decline of bodily strength , decay MW.
(H3) m.
śárīra--pāta [L=213862]
collapse of the body , death VarBr2. Kum. &c
(H3) m.
śárīra--purua [L=213864]
a soul possessed with a body AitA1r.
(H3) m.
śárīra--pradhānatā [L=213865]
the character or nature of the body (°tayā ind. in virtue of the body) Veda7ntas.
(H3) f.
śárīra--baddha [L=213868]
(ā)n. endowed or invested with a body Kum.
(H3) mf
śárīra--bandha [L=213869]
the fetters of the body , being fettered by the body BhP.

(H3) m.
[L=213870]assumption of a (new) body , rebirth
śárīra--bhāj [L=213873]
having a body , embodied L.
śárīra--bhāj [L=213874]
an embodied being BhP.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
śárīra--bhūta [L=213875]
(ā)n. become or being a body MW.
(H3) mf
śárīra--bht [L=213876]
" containing the (future) body " and " endowed with a body " (said of seed and the soul) MBh.
(H3) mfn.
śárīra--bheda [L=213877]
dissolution of the body , death AitUp. Gaut. &c
(H3) m.
śárīra--mātra [L=213878]
the mere body or person , the body only MW.
(H3) n.
śárīra--yaṣṭi [L=213879]
" stick-like body " , a slender body , slim figure Ragh.
(H3) f.
śárīra--rakaka [L=213883]
a body-guard L.
(H3) m.
śárīra--rakā [L=213884]
defence of the body , protection of the person Ragh.
(H3) f.
śárīra--ratna [L=213885]
a jewel of a body i.e. an excellent body , Ma1lati1m.
(H3) n.
śárīra--reaa [L=213886]
hurting or injuring the body , sickness and death A1pGr2.
(H3) n.
śárīra--vat [L=213888]
provided with a body Sarvad.

śárīra--vat [L=213890]
an embodied being MBh.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
śárīra--vattva [L=213891]
the being provided with a body Sarvad.
(H4) n.
śárīra--vimokaa [L=213894]
liberation from body , death Baudh. Mn.
(H3) n.
śárīra--vtti [L=213896]
maintenance of the body , support of life Ragh.
(H3) f.
śárīra--vaikalya [L=213897]
imperfection or indisposition of the body Hit.
(H3) n.
śárīra--śuśrūā [L=213898]
attendance on the body personal attendance Mn. Pan5cat.
(H3) f.
śárīra--śoaa [L=213899]
drying up i.e. mortification of the body Sarvad. Pan5cat.
(H3) n.
śárīra--saskāra [L=213900]
Purification of the body (by the ceremonies at conception , birth , initiation &c ; » sask°) Mn. ii , 26
śárīra--saskāra [L=213901]
decoration or adorning of the person W.
(H3) m.
(H3B) n.
śárīra--sadhi [L=213902]
a joint of the body BhP.
(H3) m.
śárīra--sampatti [L=213903]
health or prosperity of body MW.
(H3) f.
śárīra--sāda [L=213905]
exhaustion of body Ragh.
(H3) m.
śárīra--stha [L=213906]
existing in the body Bhartr2.
(H3) mfn.
śárīra--sthāna [L=213907]
the doctrine about the human body Cat.
(H3) n.
śarīránta [L=213914]
(ifc. f(ā).) the hairs on the body Pan5cat.
(H3) m.
śarīránta---kara [L=213915]
making an end of or destroying the body MBh. Bh. R.
(H4) mfn.
śarīrā* ntara [L=213916]
another body
(H3) n.
śarīrā* ntara---cārin [L=213917]
acting in another body MBh.
(H4) mfn.
śarīrā* rdha [L=213919]
the half of the body Kum.
(H3) m.
śarīrā* vayava [L=213920]
a part of the body , member , limb Pa1n2. 5-1 , 6.

(H3) m.
śarīrā* varaa [L=213921]
" body-covering " , a shield MBh.

(H3) n.
[L=213922]the skin (?)
śarīrā* sthi [L=213923]
bones of the body , a skeleton L.
(H3) n.
śarīraka [L=213924]
a small or tiny body S3is3.

Pan5cat. Ka1d. Katha1s. &c

mc. for śarīra)
śarīraka [L=213926.1]
(ikā)n. ifc.the body Ya1jn5. Hcat.
śarīraka [L=213927]
the soul A.

(H2) n.
[L=213925]a wretched b
(H2B) mf
(H2B) m.
śarīrin [L=213928]
having a body , embodied , corporeal Mn. Ka1v. &c

ifc.) having anything as a body Mn. iv , 243 (cf. kha-s°)


ifc.) exercising one's own bodies BhP.

śarīrin [L=213933]
an embodied being , creature , (esp.) a man Mn. Ya1jn5. MBh. &c
śarīrin [L=213934]
the soul Bhag. Ragh. &c (n. W. )
śarīrin [L=213935]
an embodied spirit MW.
(H2) mfn.
[L=213930]covered with bodies
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.
(H2B) m.