Antahkarana-Inner Apparatus

Antah - inner; karana - tool or instrument


antá--koa [p= 43,1] [L=7989]
the inner corner.




antá--pāla [L=8007]
one who watches the inner apartments of a palace R.




antá--sāra [p= 43,2] [L=8037]
having internal essence
antá--sāra [L=8038]
internal treasure , inner store or contents.


(H3B) m.


antar--avayava [L=8055]
an inner limb or part.




kāraa 1 [p= 274,2] [L=48528]
cause , reason , the cause of anything (gen. , also often loc.) Ka1tyS3r. MBh. Mn. &c

phil. i.e. that which is invariably antecedent to some product cf. samavā*yi-k° , asamavā*yi-k° , nimitta-k°)

Ya1jn5. iii , 148 Bhag. xviii , 13


Mn. MBh. &c

Ragh. xvi , 22 &c

MBh. xii , 12070

Katha1s. cxii , 178






kāyasthas W.
kāraa 2 [p= 274,3] [L=48605]
killing , injury L.


[L=48529]instrument , means
[L=48530]motive origin , principle
[L=48531]a cause (in
[L=48532]an element , elementary matter
[L=48533]the origin or plot of a play or poem
[L=48534]that on which an opinion or judgement is founded (a sign , mark ; a proof ; a legal instrument , document)
[L=48535]an organ of sense
[L=48536]an action
[L=48537]agency , instrumentality , condition
[L=48538]" the cause of being " , a father
[L=48539]" cause of creation " , a deity
[L=48540]the body
[L=48541]a kind of musical instrument
[L=48542]a sort of song
[L=48543]a number of scribes or
(H2) n.

The secret of the three cities: an introduction to Hindu Śākta ... - Page 87
Douglas Renfrew Brooks, Bhāskararāya - 1990 - 307 pages - Preview
... different than the inner mental process (antahkarana); when the obstacles of the inner mental process are removed and the experience of Brahman [is obtained] , what else remains [for one to achieve]?80 Srividya and Tantric Theology: ...

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  4. antahkarana, the inner psychic apparatus ; dikcari is connected with the bahiskarana, the outer senses; ...
    Khecari is connected with the pramdtd, the empirical subject, the limited experient; gocari is connected with his
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  9. antahkarana (the ... First, we will examine antahkarana. Literally, it means the inner instrument (the psychic apparatus of the individual). ...
    The Tattvas of Mental Operation Buddhi, Ahamkdra, and Manas (14-16) Prakrti differentiates into
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  14. antahkarana. Antahkarana or the psychic apparatus is the sphere of gocarl saktis. Dikcarl — Dikfu disasu bahyabhumisu caranti iti dikcaryah. Those saktis that function in dik or outer ...
    The word go symbolizes buddhi-ahamkaramanobhumi ie
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  19. antahkarana, the inner psychic apparatus. One who is identified with the psychic ... But the yogi who is completely detached not only from antahkarana but also from the entire subtle mechanism of ...
    Pleasure and pain are experiences of
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  24. the soul identify with the three tattvas constituting the antahkarana. Inner work is then a matter of recognizing ... In his introduction to the Siva Sutras, Jaideva Singh describes in his introduction to this text the most advanced ...
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  29. antahkarana prior to its gross manifestation. MadhyaSakti : Samvit-iakti ...
    Madhyadhama : Susumna, also known as brahmanadt. Madhyama-pada : the central or middle state. Madhyama : Sabda in its subtle form as existing in the mind or
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  34. antahkarana ...
    process is in the form of nada), pasyanti (vak-sakti, going forth as seeing, ready to create in which there is no difference between vacya (object) and vacaka (word), madhyama (iabda) in its subtle form as existing in the
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  39. antahkarana) . They are called manas, buddhi and ahamkara. The last segment is responsible for the ego-feeling. ...
    Yoga Psychology recognizes three main segments of the mind, which together constitute the ' internal organ ' (
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  44. antahkarana (the inner instrument) consisting of manas, buddhi, and aharhkara. Manas, buddhi and aharhkara together with the five tanmatras form a group of eight which is known as puryastaka. ...
    He has also the psychic apparatus known as

Mahanirvana Tantra: Tantra of the Great Liberation - Page 20
author - Full view
... the five organs of perception (jnanendriya), the fourfold antahkarana or mental self (Manas, Buddhi, Ahangkara, ... The present Tantra, however, speaks of a fifth or hybrid class (samanya), resulting from intermixture between the ...

Principles of Tantra: Part 2 - Page xliii
Arthur Avalon - 2003 - 592 pages - Preview
The Lord has no such Sukshma Sharira which may serve as the instrument by which a Sthula body functions ; for it must be borne in mind that without Prana (the vital principle) and Antahkarana (the mind and the sensorium) a physical body ...

The Encyclopedia of Religion: Volume 16
Mircea Eliade, Charles J. Adams - 1987 - 8000 pages - Snippet view
But in Samkhya and Advaita Vedanta, the word antahkarana represents a triad: it is used to mean not merely the manas but also the buddhi and the ego. In Yoga, antahkarana is called citta. Incarnation and Liberation: Tantra Philosophy. ...
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