Pinda - Heap, Collection

ṇḍa [p= 625,2] [L=123763]
(rarely n.) any round or roundish mass or heap , a ball , globe , knob , button , clod , lump , piece (cf. aya-. , sa- &c ) RV. (only i , 162 , 19 and here applied to lumps of flesh) TS. S3Br. &c

esp.) a ball of rice or flour &c offered to the pits or deceased ancestors , a śrāddha oblation ( RTL. 293 ; 298-310) Gr2S3rS. Mn. MBh. &c

MBh. Ka1v. &c

Ragh. S3am2k. Vajracch.

Ma1lati1m. v , 16


partic. part of a house L.

ṇḍa [L=123772]
(du.) the fleshy parts of the shoulder situated above the collar-bone MBh.
ṇḍa [L=123773]
(du.) the two projections of an elephant's frontal sinus L.
ṇḍa [L=123774]
the embryo in an early stage of gestation L.
ṇḍa [L=123775]
a partic. kind of incense Var. (" myrrh " or " olibanum " L. )
ṇḍa [L=123776]
meat , flesh L.
ṇḍa [L=123777]
alms Ma1lati1m. (cf. -pāta below)
ṇḍa [L=123778]
Vangueriya Spinosa L.
ṇḍa [L=123779]
quantity , collection L.
ṇḍa [L=123780]
(in arithm.) sum , total amount
ṇḍa [L=123781]
(in astron.) a sine expressed in numbers
ṇḍa [L=123782]
(in music) a sound , tone
ṇḍa [L=123783]
N. of a man g. naā*di
ṇḍa [L=123784]
( L. ) iron
ṇḍa [L=123785]
ṇḍa [L=123786]
fresh butter
(H2) m.
[L=123764]a roundish lump of food , a bite , morsel , mouthful
[L=123766]food , daily bread , livelihood , subsistence
[L=123767]any solid mass or material object , the body , bodily frame
[L=123768]the calf of the leg
[L=123769]the flower of a China rose
[L=123770]a portico or
[L=123771]power , force , an army
(H2B) m.
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