padá [p= 583,1] [L=115214]
(rarely m.) a step , pace , stride

RV. &c (padena , on foot ; pade pade , at every step , everywhere , on every occasion ; trīi padāni viṣṇo , the three steps or footprints of viṣṇu [i.e. the earth , the air , and the sky ; cf. RV. i , 154 , 5 Vikr. i , 19], also N. of a constellation or according to some " the space between the eyebrows " ; sg. viṣṇo padam N. of a locality ; pada-,padāt pada-gam or √cal , to make a step move on ; pada-k , with loc. to set foot in or on , to enter ; with mūrdhni , to set the foot upon the head of [gen.] i.e. overcome ; with citte or hdaye , to take possession of any one's heart or mind ; with loc. or prati , to have dealings with pada ni-dhā with loc. , to set foot in = to make impression upon ; with padavyām , to set the foot on a person's [gen. or ibc.] track , to emulate or equal ; padam ni-bandh with loc. , to enter or engage in)

MBh. Katha1s. Pur.

RV. &c (padam ā-tan , to spread or extend one's position ; padāt padam bhrāmayitvā , having caused to wander from place to place)

gen. or comp.) Ka1v. Pan5c. &c


cf. dvi- , tri-)



÷2 or 1÷3 or 3÷7 of a prakrama) Ka1tyS3r.

m. L. )

RV. &c
583,2] [L=115227]
taddhitas Pa1n2. 1-4 , 14 &c

pada-pāha Pra1t.

N. of the P. and A1. Cat.




L. [cf. Gk. πέδον ;Lat. peda ; op-pidum for op-pedum.]
pada [p= 1330,1] [L=335490]
(H2) n.
[L=115215]a footstep , trace , vestige , mark , the foot itself.
[L=115216]a sign , token , characteristic
[L=115217]a footing , standpoint
[L=115218]position , rank , station , site , abode , home
[L=115219]a business affair , matter , object or cause of (
[L=115220]a pretext
[L=115221]a part , portion , division (
[L=115222]a square on a chess-board
[L=115223]a plot of ground
[L=115224]the foot as a measure of length (= 12 or 15 fingers' breadth , or 1
[L=115225]a ray of light (
[L=115226]a portion of a verse , quarter or line of a stanza
[p= a word or an inflected word or the stem of a noun in the middle cases and before some
[L=115230]any one in a set of numbers the sum of which is required
[L=115231]a period in an arithmetical progression
[L=115232]a square root
[L=115233]a quadrant
(H2) (in