Brahmarandhra-Crown of the head, Brahma’s Crevice

This term is not used in the VBT, but referred to by Lakshmanjoo in his discussion of verse 31

tayāpūryāśu mūrdhāntaṃ bhaṅktvā bhrūkṣepasetunā |
nirvikalpaṃ manaḥ kṛtvā sarvordhve sarvagodgamaḥ || 31 ||

“You fill your whole body up to brahmarandhra with this breath . . . and after doing this, the movement of prana is suspended . . .”
- John & Denise Hughes, Vijnana Bhairava Tantra

brahma--randhra [p= 739,3] [L=146948]
" brahma's crevice " , a suture or aperture in the crown of the head (through which the soul is said to escape on death) Pur. Sin6ha7s. ( RTL. 291) .
(H3) n.

Kashmir Shaivism: The Secret Supreme - Page 113
John Hughes, Lakshman - 2007 - 176 pages - Preview
This force then presses the passage of the skull {brahmarandhra), piercing the skull to move from the body out into the ... And when this brahmarandhra is pierced, then at once you begin to breathe out. You breathe out once for only a ...

The tantric body: the secret tradition of Hindu religion - Page 112
Gavin D. Flood - 2006 - 244 pages - Preview
0 This merges into space (dkdsa), which, in the same way, is inhaled, pervades to the aperture of the absolute (brahmarandhra), dissolves into its mantra, then into the energy of sound (sabdasakti), and is emitted through the aperture ...

The Yoga of delight, wonder, and astonishment: a translation of ... - Page 25
Jaideva Singh - 1991 - 173 pages - Google eBook - Preview
This dharana refers to the rise of Kundalinl which goes in a flash into dvadasdnta or Brahmarandhra (the cakra at the top of the head) and dissolves in it. This is known as cit-kundalinl or akrama kundalinl ie kundalinl that does not ...

Kuṇḍalinī: the energy of the depths : a comprehensive study based ... - Page 30
Lilian Silburn - 1988 - 223 pages - Google eBook - Preview
In lalata, the middle of the forehead, KundalinI discovers the entrance of the brahmarandhra and her journey comes to an end. ... Second, internally, it is the brahmarandhra, "orifice or slit of Brahman," at the crown of the skull, ...
Pratyabhijñahrdayam: the secret of self-recognition - Page 151
Kṣemarāja, Jaideva Singh - 1982 - 187 pages - Preview
When she rises from one-three-fourths of the folds, goes up through susumnd, crosses Lambika and pierces Brahmarandhra, she is known as Ordhva- kundalini, and this pervasion of hers is known as vikasa or visa. ...

Microchakras: Innertuning for Psychological Well-Being
Sri Shyamji Bhatnagar, David Isaacs - 2009 - 368 pages - Google eBook - Preview
It is a projection of Brahmarandhra (also Subtle Field 4 87 known as the “cave of Brahmaa”). Brahmarandhra has three distinct parts. The low- est third is called the “cave of the bumblebee” (Bhramra guhaa). When an aspirant (saadhaka) ...