Vismi - wonder, to be surprised, astonished

This word is not used in the VBT itself, but this is sometimes referred to as “the yoga of wonder, surprise, and astonishment.”

vi- √ smi [p= 1002,2] [L=202985]
-smayate (mc. also P.) , to wonder , be surprised or astonished at (instr. loc. , or abl.) S3Br. &c  ; 
to be proud of (
instr.) Mn. iv , 236 : Caus. -smāyayati , or -smāpayati , °te (cf. Pa1n2. 1-3 , 68 ; vi , 1 , 57) , to astonish , surprise MBh. Ka1v. &c : Desid. of Caus. » vi-sismāpayiu.
(H1) A1.
ví--smaya [p= 953,1] [L=193712]
(for 2. » vi-smi) free from pride or arrogance BhP. S3is3.
vi-smaya 1 [p= 1002,2] [L=202986]
(for 2. » [p= 953,1]) wonder , surprise , amazement , bewilderment , perplexity (in rhet. one of the sthāyi-bhāvas q.v.) MBh. Ka1v. Das3ar.

Mn. BhP.


(H3) mfn.
(H2) m.
[L=202987]pride , arrogance
[L=202988]doubt , uncertainty
vi-sma° * kula 1 [L=202993]
filled with astonishment or wonder MBh.
(H3) mfn.
vi-sma° * nvita 1 [L=202993.1]
filled with astonishment or wonder MBh.
(H3) mfn.
vi-sma° * viṣṭa 1 [L=202993.2]
filled with astonishment or wonder MBh.
(H3) mfn.
vi-° smayana [L=202995]
astonishment , wonder Cat.
(H3) n.
vi-° smiti [L=203016]
astonishment , wonder , surprise ib.

(H3) f.
Sri Bhakti rasamrta-sindhu: Part 1 - Page 335
- 2010 - 353 pages - Preview
This disposition is called vismaya or wonder. In this state the symptoms are widening of the eyes, uttering words like 'very good very good,' and ... The relation of vismaya to vismaya-rati is the same as hdsa to hasa-rati" yatha ...

David Bruce Hughes
Coleridge and the Indian Theory of Rasa - Page 58
- 2004 - 158 pages - Preview
He succeeds in it and becomes able to arouse the Dominant Emotion of Amazement ( Vismaya) in the heart of the readers - who are its Subjects ( Ashrayas). The unnatural description of nature and the dark chilly night are the Exciting ...

Semiotica Indica: encyclopaedic dictionary of body-language in ...: Volume 2
Minu Kashyap
Hira Lal Shukla - 1994 - 683 pages - Snippet view
Vismaya is to be represented by (the anubhavas such as) wide opening eyes, looking with fixed gaze, horripilation, ... The gait in Vismaya is also typical. NS records that the middling and inferior characters should have quick steps in ...

Glimpses of Indian poetics - Page 134
Satya Deva Caudharī - 2002 - 243 pages - Preview
The permanent emotion vismaya— combined with vibhdva, etc.— is being manifested in the form of adbhuta rasa. The process of such manifestation of the adbhuta rasa is exactly the same as in the case of the other rasas. ...