Pranamayakosha - Breath Body

Prana, the breath of life, + kośa or kosha, cask, drinking vessel, sheath, treasury.


m. (n. L. ; in class. literature kośa , or koṣa ; fr. √kuś or kuṣ? , related to kukṣí and koṣṭha?) , a cask , vessel for holding liquids , (metaphorically) clouda pail , bucketa drinking-vessel , cupa box , cupboard , drawer , trunkthe interior or inner part of a carriagea sheath , scabbarda case , covering , coverstore-room , store , provisions a treasury , apartment where money or plate is kept , treasure , accumulated wealth (gold or silver , wrought or unwrought , as plate , jewellery , &c )(in surg.) a kind of bandagea dictionary , lexicon or vocabulary[L=56752a poetical collection , collection of sentences[L=56753]a bud , flower-cup , seed-vessel (cf. bīja-) R. Ragh. BhP. Dhu1rtas.[L=56754]the sheath or integument of a plant , pod , nut-shell Ma1rkP.[L=56755]a nutmeg[L=56756]the inner part of the fruit of Artocarpus integrifolia and of similar fruits L.[L=56757]the cocoon of a silk-worm Ya1jn5. iii , 147 Veda7ntas.[L=56758]the membrane covering an egg (in the womb) Sus3r. VarBr2. Ma1rkP.[L=56759]the vulva L.[L=56760]a testicle or the scrotum Sus3r. VarBr2S.[L=56761]the penis W.[L=56762]an egg L.[L=56763](in vedā*nta phil.) a term for the three sheaths or succession of cases which make up the various frames of the body enveloping the soul (these are , 1. the ānanda-maya k° or " sheath of pleasure " , forming the kāraṇa-śarīra or " causal frame " ; 2. the vijñāna-maya or buddhi-m° or mano-m° or prā*ṇa-m° k° , " the sheath of intellect or will or life " , forming the sūkṣma-śarīra or " subtile frame " ; 3. the anna-m° k° , " the sheath of nourishment " , forming the sthūla-śarīra or " gross frame ") Veda7ntas.[L=56764](ifc.) a ball or globe (e.g. sūtra- , a ball of thread L. ; netra- , the eye-ball R. iii , 79 , 28)[L=56765]the water used at an ordeal or judicial trial (the defendant drinks thrice of it after some idol has been washed in it) Ya1jn5. ii , 95[L=56766]an oath Ra1jat. v , 325[L=56767]a cup used in the ratification of a treaty of peace (°śaṃ- √pā , to drink from that cup) Ra1jat. vii , 8 ; 75 ; 460 and 493 ; viii , 283[L=56768]N. of a conjunction of planets VarBr2S.[L=56769]of the 2nd astrological mansion , VarYogay.[L=56770](with Buddh. ) of a collection of gāthā verses Ka1ran2d2. Hcar.(H2) kośa [p= 1325,2] [L=328940]


A Sanskrit-English dictionary: etymologically and philologically ... - Page 314
Sir Monier Monier-Williams - 2005 - 1333 pages - Preview
(am, n., L.; in class, literature koia or kosha; fr. Vkus or kusht, related to kukshl and koshthal), a cask, ... a term for the three sheaths or succession of cases which make up the various frames of the body enveloping the soul (these ...

A practical Sanskrit dictionary with transliteration, ... - Page 75
Arthur Anthony Macdonell - 1924 - 382 pages - Preview
qTtq" kosha, v. qftH kosa. qtt? koshfAa, m. entrails, stomach, abdomen ; n. store-room ; encircling wall ; -agara, n. store-house, .... qHTJ kaush/Aa, a. being in the body ; being in the store-room ; -ya, a. being in the abdomen. ..

A Sanskrit-English dictionary: with references to the best edition ... - Page 222
Theodor Benfey - 1998 - 1145 pages - Preview
Annamaya-, m. the gross body, Vedantas. in Chr. SOS, 12. Jalx-, n. and m. nutmeg , Sucr. 1, 216, 6. Dkarma-, m. the treasury of ... OTCf kosha, see Aof a. JffYF koshtha, I. m. The stomach, MBh. u, 570. II. m. and n. 1. A granary. 2. ...

Pranamayakosha Usage

Meditation for the Love of It: Enjoying Your Own Deepest Experience
Sally Kempton - 2010 - 408 pages - Google eBook - Preview
—KABIR[5] The pranamaya kosha interpenetrates the physical body, running through a lacework of subtle channels (nadis) and carrying energy to all the limbs and organs, giving them power and life. Until kundalini is awakened, ..

The Encyclopedia of Ayurvedic Massage - Page 28
John Douillard - 2004 - 320 pages - Preview
Effects ofAyurvedic Massage on the Pranamaya Kosha (Energy Sheath) Once the physical body has been relieved of gross tension, adequate blood supply has been restored to the musculoskeletal system, and all the srotas are functional, ..

The Splendours And Dimensions Of Yoga 2 Vols. Set - Page 38
R.S. Bajpai - 2002 - 756 pages - Preview
(2) Pranamaya-Kosha (Vital Air Sheath) "The Prana along with the five organs — of action, consists of the five ... The Atman, the Self, is Eternal, of course, owing of this Pranamaya Kosha — the Vital-air-sheath and hence this Pranamaya ...

Yoga Journal - Jan 1989 - Page 78
No. 84 - 104 pages - Magazine - Full view
In Sanskrit the ether- ic body is referred to as the pranamaya kosha. Prana means "life energy." It is also the solar light of the sun. So the pranainaya kosha is a light and energy body, with exactly the same shape as the physical body ...